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How to Market a Pizza Shop

Looking to market your pizza shop effectively? We’re sharing methods to help.

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As you develop your pizza shop marketing strategy, there’s good news for you: 93% of people eat pizza at least once a month – and these numbers aren’t changing anytime soon. As you build out your marketing strategy, focus on customer experience. That is, building, maintaining, and expanding your community. 

Creating strong customer relationships will set you apart from the competition. And the best place to start is developing your restaurant marketing strategy. Effective marketing — through campaigns, community engagement, digital channels, advertising, and more — can make an immense difference in building and growing your business. 

Here are some pizza shop marketing ideas to try out at your restaurant. 

Restaurant Marketing Plan

Restaurant Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan that'll drive repeat business with this customizable marketing playbook template and interactive calendar.

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Employ Social Media Marketing

Social media has dramatically changed things in the past decade. It affects the way we interact with one another, and the way companies in every industry conduct business and connect with their customers. This is especially true for restaurants. This is why having a social media presence is no longer an option — it’s a necessity.

As a baseline, you should have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account (and add in TikTok if you’re feeling creative!). Focus on building your accounts to reflect your business and tell your brand story, while communicating and relating to your customers. You can even add in some paid advertising if you’re up for it.

Learn more about building your social presence with Toast’s Restaurant Social Media Guide here.

Create Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns can have a huge impact. A recent study showed that those who receive direct mail purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t get that same piece of direct mail. It can be basic. A coupon or promotion is an effective and inexpensive option for a direct mail campaign. 

Use Point of Sale Loyalty Programs

Your loyalty program is a powerful marketing tool for distributing promotional coupons and digital stamp cards, and encouraging repeat visits. Take advantage of that customer loyalty and encourage your guests through meaningful incentives. 

Beyond promotion, loyalty programs are also a tool for gathering customer data, like email addresses and phone numbers (more on this later!). With Toast, you’ll automatically grow your email list when new guests opt to sign up for your loyalty program. This type of technology streamlines your guest engagement, allowing you to further engage your customers with your email newsletter or other marketing efforts. 

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Encourage Reviews From Customers

Review websites are often the first places a prospective customer will look up your business. Your reputation on these sites can make or break their decision on whether or not to visit.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Yelp, Google, and your Facebook page. Ask if they would take the time to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Clearly, you’ll want to court customers you know are your biggest champions. Read more about growing your restaurant reviews here. 

Run Targeted PPC Ads on Search Engines to Increase Exposure

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, allows you to target certain keywords, and display your restaurant advertisement alongside the search results. For an effective PPC advertising campaign, you’ll want to target based on your location, cuisine, service model, or other factors that would make you a good match for that potential customer. 

Learn more about developing paid advertising campaigns here. 

Sponsor Local Organizations like Youth Groups and Community Sports Leagues

If you’re located in a smaller community, sponsoring local groups and events are great ways to get your name out there, and build excitement for your restaurant. You’ll demonstrate to customers that you are involved with and care about the greater community. Learn more about community involvement here. 

Utilize Text Message Marketing

A recent study showed that text message marketing offers a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery, making it an extremely effective promotional tactic. 

You can use text messages to promote specials, offer promotions, encourage repeat visits, or even drive more traffic to your online ordering or social media. 

Sell Merchandise    

Everyone loves merch. Offering comfy sweatshirts and t-shirts with your logo in-store (and online too if you’re able!) acts as a walking advertisement for your restaurant. You could even sell food like frozen pizzas or a famous dip.

For more restaurant marketing ideas, check out our restaurant marketing plan.

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