Enterprise POS Systems For Restaurants

Toast POS systems for enterprise are designed for franchises and restaurant groups.
Features that allow access and reporting for multiple locations.



Manage  All Locations at Once

Maintain a consistent experience between all restaurants. Toast allows you to view sales overall and drill down into each restaurant, make menu changes with prices with master menu management, and manage jobs easily with master job management.


Customizable Hardware & Software
Toast hardware is built to withstand the restaurant environment and software features include analytics, inventory, and labor tools, as well as integrations .

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The Flexibility Your Franchise Needs

One Platform for All Your Restaurant Needs

Save money with Toast’s integrated online ordering system, digital gift cards program, loyalty program, and inventory management.

Offer Discounts From One Centralized Platform  

With Toast’s Discount Engine, you can offer time-activated discounts, item-based discounts, BOGO discounts and even custom promos across all restaurants.  

Give Your Managers and Franchisees a Say

Restaurant management teams can track operations, personnel, and customer issues in Toast’s Manager Log, an effective communication tool for enterprise restaurants.



Automate Your Restaurant Reporting

We’ll Send You A Nightly Summary Email

Busy lifestyle? No worries. We’ll send you a nightly summary email with total sales, total orders, total guests, average sales amount per order, labor cost percentage, and more.

Compare Different Locations

With Toast's POS solutions, compare employee productivity, sales of specific items, and other key metrics between multiple locations or groups of locations to gain actionable insights.

Log On for a Real-Time Snapshot

Track sales across the entire business or drill down to specific locations or groups of locations and view data in real-time.

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"We were looking for a company with whom we could build a relationship. We evaluated dozens of companies, but we felt almost immediately that the best partnership was with Toast. It was Toast’s attention to detail, transparency, and the commitment they showed to the partnership that stood out to us."

- Paul Zarmati, Director of IT, Bareburger

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The Many Benefits of The Cloud

Always Secure

Because Toast is a cloud-based POS solution, credit card data is never transmitted or stored unencrypted on Toast devices or on the Toast servers, so Toast customers are not at risk of experiencing or being held accountable for on-site data breaches.

 Always Updated

Stop interrupting service for your point of sale provider. With Toast, monthly upgrades to the system, which always have the latest security measures in place, are made seamlessly, overnight or in the back-end, so you can continue service without a hitch.

 Always Online

If your wifi ever does go down, Toast is capable of functioning fully in offline mode. Say goodbye to the days of stressing out about your internet connection: in offline mode, you can still take orders, process credit cards, and open cash drawers easily.

"The Toast system is very intuitive to what we need. It was able to reduce the number of inputs that a cashier had to put in, adding up to a quicker dining experience within the restaurant. It was also very fast for training. Because it’s simpler and quicker, our employees were able to pick it up in less time than they were for our previous system."

– Jeff Jacobson, COO, Costa Vida

More Than a Point of Sale Company

When You Win, We Win

Customer success is in our DNA here at Toast. We’ll walk in your shoes for a few days, and learn everything we can about creating the best possible restaurant management solution for your business.

By Your Side Every Step of the Way

As you’re starting up with Toast, we’re with you every step with field services reps, technical account managers, and program managers. We’ll even help empower your best managers to become Toast experts with a playbook and training program unlike any other.

U.S.-Based 24/7/365 Emergency Support

Our credentialed team versed in restaurant operations, will offer you support any time you need it. Plus, with cloud-based monitoring, we’ll be able to anticipate challenges and execute solutions without impacting your restaurant operations.


POS Solutions Built for Your Needs

pos hardware


Terminal Bundle

The Toast POS terminals are commercial-grade and built for the restaurant industry. They are highly customizable to your specific concept.

Restaurant Kiosks

Reduce your wait times by setting up several kiosks from which customers can order exactly what they want, when they want.

Handheld Tablets

These handheld tablets fire orders instantly to the kitchen and allow for tableside ordering and payments or for busting the line in a busy quick-service environment.

Kitchen Display

Route orders to specific screens, track tickets and fulfillment times, and completely customize your setup with an integrated wall-mounted kitchen display screen.

enterprise pizza pos

"A rapidly growing restaurant franchise is like the Wild West for an operations team and menu items, discounts and pricing needs to be consistent for all locations while allowing the franchisees autonomy to make necessary changes... The truth is, Toast is exactly what I would build if I could build a POS system myself."

Rich Long, Director of IT, Pieology

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