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By: Ambrosio Cantada September 19, 2017

The History of McDonald's: A Pioneer in Food, Tech, and Franchises

Restaurant Management  |  Industry News & Trends

Last week on the Toast Blog, we highlighted some of the relevant trends impacting the fast food industry, so we..

By: Megan Wenzl September 15, 2017

Why Some Restaurants are Offering All-Day Dining (& Why You Should Too)

Restaurant Management  |  Industry News & Trends  |  Menu Management

Brunch is an experience.

And it’s an experience that is so fixed in our culture that there are even books about its..

By: Nik Kreinberg September 14, 2017

Google Analytics for Restaurants: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Restaurant Technology  |  Restaurant Marketing

If your restaurant has a web page, web site, or online ordering portal, you need to have Google Analytics on your..

By: AJ Beltis September 12, 2017

5 Restaurant Management Tips We Learned From Deena Marlette

Restaurant Management

In the newest episode of The Garnish Podcast, we sat down with career restaurateur Deena Marlette, General Manager..