Restaurant POS System
Built Exclusively for Your Concept 

Here at Toast, we believe that running a restaurant is one of the toughest jobs ever.
That’s why we built a restaurant POS system from the ground up solely
focused on making that job easier, helping your foodservice business grow.

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How a POS System for Restaurants Helps Your Business Grow

 See how these smart restaurateurs use point of sale systems to improve every aspect of their foodservice business.


Increase Sales 20%

“I said 'Okay, that's the most volume I'm going to be able to get out of that kitchen, out of that building, out of that number of seats.' Then Toast came along, and that number's up 20%.”

- Joe Guenther, Owner, O'Maddy's


Increase Tips 3X

“The first thing our customer sees when we turn around the terminal to face them is a prompt. Our tips have increased by three times the amount of what we used to get."

-  Bella Wattles, Manager, Paris Creperie


Save 1000s of Dough

“When it comes to Toast, at the end of the day, I've saved money. I've got a more efficient system that's better for the staff and the customers.”

- Matt Frey, Owner, Bub’s Burgers

What Exactly is a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

When shopping for a new restaurant POS system, it's important to know these top features. 

Durable Restaurant POS Hardware

Use hardware that won’t break in the fast-paced restaurant environment.

Flexible to Your Concept

Personalize your POS experience with custom buttons, menus, and reports.

pos system for restaurants

Always On

Serve more guests faster with a system that will never let you down.

Why Thousands of Restaurants Choose Toast

Looking for a POS system for restaurants? Click through to learn top restaurant point of sale features for each concept.  

Full-Service Restaurants Boost Sales with Restaurant POS

Swipe, Tap, Split Checks, Seat Guests

Servers and hosts alike say that Toast is easy to use and fast to learn, so managing the front of the house is a breeze.

Improve Table Turn Time

With mobile POS tablets that send orders right to the kitchen display screen, Toast helps both front of house and back of house stay in sync.

Never Lose an Order

With a reliable offline mode that lets you take orders even without the Internet, Toast is the most trustworthy pos system for restaurants.

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"Before Toast, I'd never had my expectations completely met when it came to the type of support we received. The level of ownership that Toast has taken over our success is something I've never seen from any other restaurant technology company."

- Ben Kaplan, Director of Operations, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Fast Casual Restaurants Build Loyalty with Mobile POS

Order Rapidly with Smart Modifiers

Organize and color-code your menu the way you want to, so cashiers and servers can give customers exactly what they’re looking for - fast.

Attract More Loyal, Repeat Customers

As an all-in-one restaurant POS system, Toast helps bring customers back for seconds with online ordering, loyalty programs, gift cards, and kiosks.

Swipe Credit Cards Faster Than Ever Before

No more waiting for guests' orders to process. Toast’s lightning-fast credit card processing makes your line speed up.

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"I hate lines. I wanted to cut the line down as much as possible. There are no excuses here in New York City. On game day, you have to perform or you're out. The fact that the Toast team was there for us, I immediately knew that this was the right company.

- Pat LaFrieda III, Owner, Pat LaFrieda

Bars and Nightclubs Serve Patrons Faster with Cloud POS

mobile pos

Bar Inventory Made (Extremely) Easy

Spend less time at the point of sale and more time at the bar by being able to add new drinks or ‘86 others with the tap of a button.

Smart Cash Management Makes Theft Impossible

Lock down the cash drawer and make the closeout process unavoidable. Plus, watch bar inventory closely for employee or customer theft.

Call Any Time (Literally) with 24/7/365 Support

We’re at your beck and call, whether you’re doing liquor inventory in the morning after a busy night, or you’re facing a giant crowd of bar-goers at 2 a.m.

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"Inventory management is one of the most important things we use. I can get in and switch out a beer without shutting down the whole system. The ability to do that in seconds, not minutes or hours, is crucial. We can keep operating while making adjustments."

- Jeremiah Wallis, Sales Director, Lakewood Brewing Company

Pizzerias Multiply Online Ordering Sales with All-in-One POS

Customize Toppings and Half-Pizzas

With Toast’s flexible menu software, you can handle all sorts of toppings and modifiers to make a completely customized pizza for guests.

Send Phone & Online Orders Directly to the Kitchen

With built-in online ordering system and smart kitchen display systems, no order goes unnoticed - and you don’t ever need to pay commission per order again.

Access All Your Data in the Cloud

Toast will collect all your customer, sales, and inventory data in the cloud so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making decisions.

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pizza pos

"Toast sets us up for success because our online orders come in exactly like an in-store order, and our cashiers don’t have to learn or manage anything new. Likewise, our guests can order their perfect Pieology pizza wherever they are, as well as having the opportunity to enjoy an easy to use online ordering experience.”

- Rich Long, Director of IT, Pieology

Enterprise Restaurants Partner With a Company That Cares


restaurant reporting


Commit to Innovation in a Fast-Paced Industry

In this fast-paced industry, your enterprise or franchise should partner with a forward-thinking restaurant technology company. 

Consolidate All Your Restaurant Software Into One 

Report on restaurant sales, loyalty programs, gift cards, online ordering, inventory, menu engineering, and more within one easy-to-use system. 

Key Restaurant API & Business Integrations 

Toast works with several restaurant software companies, a few of which are listed below, so you can use Toast with your favorite restaurant tools.

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Toast has partnered with Compeat in order to give restaurateurs powerful business insights and help make their restaurants run smoother.

restaurant online ordering

Toast and Chowly partner to deliver data from restaurant aggregators directly into your Toast Tablet.

restaurant mobile payments

The mobile wallet service can be used with Toast’s point of sale tablets, allowing guests to slim down their wallet.



Incentivio is a cloud-based  marketing platform that allows restaurants to create highly personalized relationships with their customers. 

"We were looking for a company with whom we could build a relationship. We evaluated dozens of companies, but it was Toast’s attention to detail, transparency, and the commitment they showed to the partnership that stood out to us."

- Paul Zarmati, Director of IT, Bareburger

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