The future of the POS is in your hand.

ToastGo®: A fully integrated handheld POS system designed and built for restaurants.

ToastGo®™ Handheld POS System for Restaurants

Revolutionize Your Restaurant With ToastGo®


Serve more guests and increase revenue.

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Connect your entire restaurant in real time.

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Deliver amazing guest experiences more efficiently.

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Improve throughput and table turn time with ToastGo®.

Handheld POS
Take and instantly send orders to the kitchen from anywhere in the restaurant.

Built-in Mag Strip and EMV Credit Card Reader
Take payments from wherever you need to, whether you're linebusting or turning a table.

Spend more time with your guests
Servers using ToastGo® saved 2000 steps over the course of one shift, allowing them to spend less time running back and forth to the kitchen and more time with guests.


Nothing gets lost in translation when your front and back of house are in sync.

Real-time menu updates
Know exactly what's in stock and keep updated on the latest specials.

KDS order notifications
Fulfilled dishes on the KDS notifies servers using ToastGo® on the floor so food is served when it's hot and fresh.

Seamless BOH connection
Decrease your voids and comps by communicating directly with your kitchen.


Reliably power an entire shift with a handheld designed with your team in mind.

40% longer battery than iPad systems.

Slim Profile
Weighs less than 1 pound and fits in an apron pocket.

Restaurant Grade
Resistant to drops and spills.


Spend more time on the floor personalizing your guests' experiences.

Menu Item Detail
Enhanced visibility into ingredients, allergens, or wine pairings so your staff can make the perfect recommendation.

Digital signature and receipts
So guests can checkout the way that's easiest for them.

Real-time feedback
Capture details on guests' experiences before they leave the restaurant.

Success Stories

Today’s largest, fast-growing restaurant brands choose Toast

Odd Duck
“Our turn times dropped dramatically with ToastGo® equating to an extra half million dollars in annual sales. And with more tables come more tips: servers each take home about $7,000 in additional gratuities per year.”
Cory Neel Odd Duck

Cory Neel
General Manager

Odd Duck Logo

Toast Point of Sale Platform

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Why Toast

The Point of Sale Platform Powering the Most Successful Restaurants

hardware bundle
  • Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business

  • Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to grow your customer list

  • Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down

  • Simple, flat rate payment processing for all transactions

  • Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time

  • Beautifully designed hardware that withstands rigors of the restaurant environment

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