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Inside, outside, drive-through, curbside - Toast Go® mobile handhelds are fast, safe, flexible and ready to help your business adapt.

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See how Toast Go® has increased sales by 20% at O'Maddy's Irish Grille

Toast Go®™ Handheld POS System for Restaurants

Whether you’re fulfilling orders curbside, pivoting to order at the counter, or open for patio service, Toast Go® helps you do it more efficiently. Here's how...

Over Shoulder Toast Go®

Offer curbside payment along with curbside pickup

Let guests pay without getting out of their cars:

  • Offer no touch pay, so your guest’s credit card never leaves their hands

  • Whether you’re offering takeout or pickup, bring the POS right to your guests to order and pay

  • With digital receipts there’s no pen or paper to touch

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“We’re taking orders curbside right out of the car with Toast Go®. The order goes straight to the kitchen and we take payment on the spot.”

Jax Bell, GM at Hawaiin Bros. Island Grill, Kansas City, MO

Server Toast Go®

Simplify kitchen operations to reduce unnecessary contact and streamline service

When each employee is assigned their own Toast Go® mobile handheld, it’s like an extra terminal they can take anywhere.

  • Cut down wait times and crowded lines by taking orders before guests get to the counter

  • Minimize human touch points by reducing your team’s shared use of terminals

  • Notify the FOH when an order is ready with alerts sent straight from Toast KDS to Toast Go®

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"When guests walk in we’re ready to greet them with a Toast Go™. When they order we ask for a phone number which allows us to notify them when their food is ready."

John Myers, General Manager

Server Toast Go®

Reduce labor costs while retaining your best employees

With increased efficiency, you can serve more guests with fewer staff.

  • More guests per server = more tips, keeping your best staff happy

  • On-screen tip suggestions increase tips even further, which makes holding onto your best employees easier

  • No one has to waste time manually entering tips since they go straight to the system

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"The servers can handle more tables now, so I can staff one fewer server per shift, which saves us around $50 a day."

David Balanson, COO of Whisknladle, San Diego, CA

Toast Go® Server and Customer

Designed to facilitate a stellar guest experience - not get in the way of it

When servers don’t have to walk to a terminal to fire orders, magic happens:

  • Servers spend more time taking care of guests instead of running back and forth

  • Fewer mistakes get made since servers don’t have to remember orders or write them down

  • No more long lines at terminals or tickets flooding the kitchen at once, so BOH doesn’t get overwhelmed

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"Toast Go has dropped our ticket time by 30-40%... and has helped us reduce our voids by over 70%."

Ryan E, Suviche, Miami, FL

Built to handle everything your restaurant can throw at it

14 Hours of Battery Life

Lasts a full day of service.

EMV Chip Reader

Protects you from chargebacks.

Offline Mode

Take payments even if your internet goes down.

Drop Test

Forget about cracked screens.

Water Resistant

So spills won't force you to replace it.

Slim Profile

Weighs less than one pound and fits in an apron pocket.

Would Toast Go® work at a restaurant like yours?
Chances are, it already is.

Full Service

Fast Casual


Bar / Tap Room


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"We’re down to a 0.5% comp rate on a regular basis, which can turn a $300 comp on a busy night to $50."

Dan Gonzalez

General Manager, Casa Rio
San Antonio, TX

Mr Sandwich Hero White Curve Divider

"With Toast Go®, we’re able to help our customers get their orders processed as soon as possible by taking their orders as they come in."

Charlie Lopez

Marketing, Mr. Sandwich
Whittier, CA

Casa Rio White Curve Divider

"We use handhelds to jump through the line and take orders before people get to the counter. The average ticket time during our rush is about 8.5 minutes, which is much better than it was with our pen-and-paper system."

Will Goodwin

Owner, Spoken Cafe
Chicago, IL

Lakewood Brewing Company Hero White Curve Divider

"Toast Go® has been key for operations. We take orders on handhelds in the beer garden and use them at the bar to expedite the process when we hit a rush."

Jeremiah Wallis

Salse Director, Lakewood Brewing Company
Garland, TX

Via 313 Hero White Curve Divider

"We’re doing at least two extra turns per night per location. That equates to roughly $10,000 in extra revenue per week. Toast ended up paying for itself."

Brandon Hunt

Co-Owner, Via 313 Pizzeria
Austin, TX

See How You Can Reduce Costs and Drive More Sales with Toast Go® and the Toast Platform

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