Food Truck POS System

Serve higher volumes with a fast, reliable food truck POS system that simplifies ordering and helps bust your lines.

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Manage Your Menu On The Go

Make quick changes to a menu items price, ingredients, and more from anywhere with an internet- connected device. Plus, view detailed reporting on menu items, and engineer your most profitable food truck menu.


Customize Your System

You know what workflows are best for your food truck. Whether you need expo screens, kitchen display systems, or optimized menu buttons, we’ve got you covered; we can customize the Toast POS to your specifications.

Improve Throughput by 15%

Payments at your food truck just got faster. Just flip the terminal to face the customers, and they can pay, tip, and sign all on the tablet. Plus, they can opt for digital or text receipts, speeding up your whole process.  


"Our menu changes all the time, from day to day on the food truck. We run specials, we make small tweaks to dishes, and it’s really helpful to be able to track a certain item in a certain day, or week, or even down to the hour or by the server.”  - Irene Li, Mei Mei

Top Food Truck POS Features 



Quick Edits

In the food truck environment, we know that a situation can change very quickly; your staff needs to be adaptable. The Toast system's Quick Edit Mode allows staff members with the appropriate permissions to make changes on the fly. They can also note the number of servings left before an item will become 86’d. This starts a countdown that updates in real-time as servers add the item to their tickets and fire them to the kitchen. Once the countdown reaches zero, it will update the item to show it is out of stock.

Offline Mode

As you traverse around the world in your food truck, there’s a small chance your Internet connection could become unstable. Luckily, Toast is capable of functioning fully in offline mode, allowing you to still take orders, print receipts, open cash drawers, and even process credit cards.

Mobile POS for Line Busting

There’s a long line at your food truck, and people are starting to walk away. What do you do? Just power up your mobile POS tablet and walk over to the line, taking orders directly from the handheld right in the line instead of at the counter. What makes you different from the other food trucks in your space? You’re more efficient.

Advanced Reporting

Quickly check your daily sales numbers or drill down to identify more specific insights about your food truck. From sales exception reports to product mix reports, labor percentage reports to customer management reports, all your data updates in real-time and is accessible anytime, from anywhere.



Revenue-Driving Add-Ons to Your Food Truck POS


Recommended Food Truck POS Android Hardware

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10” Elo Terminal

Our POS systems are built on Android, meaning hardware is more durable and more reliable… And more cost-effective.


8” Handheld Tablet

These tablets fire orders instantly and are perfect for line busting at your popular food truck.

APG Cash Drawer

Keep your money on the truck totally secure. The Toast system keeps track of all the cash that passes through the cash drawer and offers “blind closeout” capabilities.

Meraki Router

Our recommended routers broadcast wirelessly up to 1,000 square feet, so your food truck is safe in the cloud.