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Ready to invest in your restaurant's success? So are we. For eligible customers, we offer cash advances with a repayment plan that flexes automatically with your business's cash flow, so you can grow your business without worrying about another bill.

Toast Capital: restaurant financing

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Fast application process so you can put your capital to work quickly.

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Simple-to-understand offers with no hidden fees.

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Toast Capital

Spend less time filling out bank applications, and more time doing what you love.

Quick response time
Complete the Toast Capital application in seconds and get approved within the next business day.

Funding in 24 hours
If you're eligible, we will deposit your funding the next day.

Flexible use of funds
Capital to help you improve your space, add a new location, manage the busy season, or any other business need.

Toast Capital

Our transparent funding flexes with your business in your busy and slow seasons.

Zero-interest funding
The only fee is the upfront one, so whether you pay back in 9 or 18 months there's no additional interest

Offers based on your business
Get better rates based on how your business is growing right now, not what's happened in the past.

Automated repayment
A fixed percent of your daily credit card sales are used to pay back the advance, so you can focus on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is Toast Capital?

Answer: Toast Capital connects Toast restaurants with funding to meet their needs and fuel their growth without any compounding interest or personal guarantees. See below for more information on cost. Applying takes minutes, and funds are deposited as soon as the next business day, giving you access to funding when you need it.

Question: Toast Capital offers Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). What are some of the differences between an MCA and a loan?

Answer: With an MCA, Toast Capital purchases a portion of your restaurant’s future credit card sales in exchange for up front cash. A fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales processed through Toast will be held back until Toast Capital has received the full amount of the MCA plus a fixed cost called a factor rate (see below).Loans are extensions of credit that are typically repaid monthly over a fixed period of time. Unlike Toast Capital MCAs, loans may also accrue compounding interest, include a lengthy application process, and/or require personal guarantees or collateral.

Question: How much does it cost? Is there a fee?

Answer: When you receive an MCA from Toast Capital, we offer the funds at a fixed cost called a factor rate, which is a percentage of the total amount of funds you receive. The cost of funds is unique to your business and is tailored for your restaurant based on your account history with Toast, including your sales history, and other information about your restaurant. As an example, if you receive an offer for a $10,000 Toast Capital MCA with a total repayment amount of $11,500, your cost of funds is $1,500 (a 1.15 factor rate).

Question: How do I make payments?

Answer: Your payments happen automatically--because you are a Toast customer, Toast will hold back a percentage of your daily credit card sales and apply the funds to your outstanding balance, so you never have to worry about keeping track of another bill. As part of your Toast Capital offer, we will provide you with your holdback rate -- the percentage of daily credit card sales that we will hold back until your total MCA is paid in full. The amount that you pay each day flexes with your daily sales. On days when your credit card sales are high, your dollar amount held back will be higher. On days where your sales are lower, your dollar amount held back will also be lower.

Question: How is eligibility determined?

Answer: Toast Capital is currently in pilot with select customers. We consider a number of factors when evaluating customers for a Toast Capital offer, including, but not limited to: time in business, sales history (credit card sales only), and history as a Toast customer. We require a minimum of nine months on the Toast Platform for your restaurant to be evaluated. If you are eligible for a Toast Capital offer after nine months on the platform and are selected to be a part of the pilot program, you will receive an email notifying you that there is an offer in your dashboard.

Question: Can I renew my Toast Capital MCA?

Answer: If you have an existing Toast Capital MCA, you must pay that amount in full before you can renew your MCA. If your MCA is fully paid, you can submit a new funding request through your dashboard if you don’t have an offer already available to you.

Question: How can I use my Toast Capital funds?

Answer: Funding from Toast Capital must be used to invest in or manage your restaurant. Some Toast customers have leveraged Toast Capital to address their working capital needs – for example, repairing damaged restaurant equipment or property, or hiring additional staff during the busy season. Others have leveraged Toast Capital to invest in their business growth by opening a new location or renovating their existing space. The Toast Capital agreement clearly defines appropriate and inappropriate use-cases for funding.

Question: Do I have to provide a personal guarantee?

Answer: A Toast Capital MCA does not require a personal guarantee, and it will never impact your credit score.

Success Stories

Why Restaurateurs Choose Toast

Odd Duck
“Our turn times dropped dramatically with Toast Go equating to an extra half million dollars in annual sales. And with more tables come more tips: servers each take home about $7,000 in additional gratuities per year.”
Cory Neel Odd Duck

Cory Neel
General Manager

Odd Duck Logo
"Guests don't stay at one bar; they move from space to space. With Toast, a guest can open a tab at any of our three bars and any bartender can enter information for them."
Drink Ezra Star

Ezra Star
General Manager

“Without Toast, it would be much harder to do the volume we see at lunch. We might do 100 to 200 tickets over the course of a couple hours. Kitchen display screens have helped us achieve that level of service."
Brad Gillis

Brad Gillis

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