Support Staff in Need With an Employee Emergency Fund

Logan Hoffstetter, owner of 1894 Lodge, and his team recently created an employee emergency fund available to staff who might be going through a trying time where a few extra dollars could really lighten the load. 

“I need you here to do your job,” says Logan. “There's so many times in the last four or five years where my car won't start or I've got a flat tire or whatever. So we kind of used that employee fund to help with our employees’ car issues or rent issues. Nobody should ever get their electricity shut off. I don't care what the situation is. We're in a day and age where somebody should be able to help somebody to keep their electric on. It's not expected to be paid back, but it's crazy how when you don't expect it to be paid back, it gets paid back.” 

Logan knows that if his staff can trust him for support, he can trust his staff to stick with him.

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