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Be Honest in Your Job Postings

This post was last updated on Nov 13, 2019.

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To recruit your next great restaurant employee, you need to sell them on why your restaurant is *the* place to work. You also need to be honest about what it's like to work with you,  and this is where you can differentiate yourself. 

The labor market is tight for hiring restaurateurs right now, and most employers are talking up staff benefits, team culture, and employee perks in their job descriptions. Candidates expect to see this level of promotion. So, to stand out from the competition and to make sure you're attracting the right candidates, be transparent about what you can offer. 

Outline how much you pay and highlight any benefits you provide your staff. Ideally, you can pay a bit (or a lot) above average, but even if you pay what’s normal in the industry, transparency saves you time and shows prospective employees you’re an open book. If you do profit-sharing with your back-of-house employees, shout it loud and put it at the top of the job description, because that’ll make you a differentiated employer. Even if healthcare benefits are out of reach for your business, consider providing commuter benefits or gym memberships, and highlight those in your job posting.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Write great restaurant job descriptions with this job description template, a customizable Word doc that outlines responsibilities, requirements, and more.

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