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Best Boston Bloggers

15 Best Boston Food Blogs in 2024

Tessa ZuluagaAuthor


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Boston is known for its rich history, iconic landmarks, and, of course, its delectable cuisine. With an array of options from classic seafood dishes to trendy fusion fare, it's no wonder why the city attracts foodies from all over. To help you navigate the best bites in town, we've rounded up 15 of the top food blogs in Boston. Get ready to take a culinary tour of Beantown with some of the best food blogs in the business.


  2. The Food in My Beard

  3. Edible Boston

  4. The Food Lens

  5. Confessions of a Chocoholic

  6. Bites of Boston

  7. Cooking with Books

  8. We Are Not Martha

  9. Pop.Bop.Shop.

  10. Off the Beaten Path Food Tours

  11. Boston Foodgram

  12. Boston Food Truck Blog

  13. Eater Boston

  14. Taste of Massachusetts

  15. Dig Boston

Most up-to-date news and events - is a digital marketing network that connects chefs, diners, and brands through a shared passion for food and drink. has a very up-to-date News & Events section that includes a breakdown of deals and events happening each day of the week in the Boston dining scene. Get ready to fill up your calendars!

Most unique recipes - The Food in My Beard

The Food in My Beard blog specializes in comfort food mash-ups and cuisines that usually aren’t paired together. For example, Dan features a Clam chowder hot dog recipe! On his website, you can find recipes for everything from Italian sub burgers to ramen dogs. Want a unique recipe? This is the blog for you.

Best seasonal food guides - Edible Boston

Edible Boston’s publications and website are resources for finding out what’s new and available locally. They highlight what ingredients are currently in season, so Bostonians can cook using only the best and most fresh. For example, in January they have a winter guide featuring entrees like Porchetta-Style Bone-In Pork.

Best of “the best” - The Food Lens

The Food Lens is an online resource that helps readers discover the best food, drink, and events in Boston. The content isn’t crowd-sourced; instead, it’s highly curated by a small team of experts who call this city home. This website features guides of “the best…” in Boston which includes the best brunch, veggie burgers, and even the best restaurants by location. The Food Lens is your best guide to Boston’s BEST restaurants and bars.

Best Filipino recipes - Confessions of a Chocoholic

Confessions of a Chocoholic is written by Bianca Garcia, a Boston-based, Filipino dessert-lover. From Filipino chicken adobo to ube rice crispies, Confessions of a Chocoholic has your cravings covered. In addition to these delicious recipes, Bianca keeps an ongoing list of restaurant reviews in the Boston area.

Tastiest food tours - Bites of Boston

Discover Boston, one bite at a time, with Bites of Boston food tours. Bites of Boston offers walking food tours so you can experience Boston’s most vibrant and delicious neighborhoods. Some of their most popular tours include:

  • Sweet & Savory South End

  • Classic Bites of Boston

  • Chinatown’s Culture & Cuisine

  • Allston Arts & Eats

A food tour is a great way to discover different cuisines while sight-seeing a new area, all in the same day. We 10/10 recommend it.

Best Martha's Vineyard guides - Cooking with Books

Cooking with Books is a Martha’s Vineyard-based blog that was started in February 2011 by Marnely Murray. Her blog features her own rendition of a Boston staple: the Boston cream pie. What makes this recipe so special is the use of Marnely’s mother’s Dominican Vanilla Cake recipe as the base. What more could you ask for?

Best Starbucks Dupe Recipes - We Are Not Martha

We Are Not Martha was started in 2008 by Sues, who has been living in Boston her entire life. The focus of this blog is to create a more affordable version of Martha Stewart’s recipes and lifestyle. Sues also features plenty of Starbucks “copycat” recipes, so you can enjoy your grande Pistachio Cream Cold Brew without the long drive-through lines.

Most likely to dine out - Pop.Bop.Shop.

Molly started Pop.Bop.Shop in 2009 as a New Year’s resolution and has been thriving ever since. She writes her restaurant reviews in a “dining out”, “sip”, or “explore”  format and has covered much of the Boston area. There are over 700 restaurant reviews on Molly’s blog, so be sure to check them out!

Best vegan food tour - Off The Beaten Path Food Tours 

Off The Beaten Path Food Tours' mission is to share delicious food, support local businesses and entrepreneurs, and highlight the rich cultural history of off-the-beaten path destinations in Massachusetts. They offer a variety of food tours, and even an option for a private tour. Off The Beaten Path currently features a vegan food tour in Jamaica Plain that’s all about vegan chocolate.

Most Insta-worthy food - Boston Foodgram

Boston Foodgram is a marketing platform that highlights Boston's best restaurants, food, and drinks through high-quality, colorful, and whimsical photographs. Boston Foodgram is primarily a foodie Instagram account, but the owner, Emily Chan, also writes a blog. Follow Boston Foodgram to find all the Insta-worthy restaurants in Boston.

Most likely to turn you into a foodie - Boston Food Truck Blog

The Boston Food Truck Blog was started by Megan in order to sample, document, and review numerous food trucks throughout Beantown. The torch has since been passed to Anna Chang and her partner, Dewey, both long-time foodies and fellow food truck connoisseurs. Boston Food Truck Blog reviews food trucks in the Boston area, causing your mouth to water and your stomach to rumble.

Best restaurant map of the city - Eater Boston

You already knew Eater Boston was going to make an appearance on our list! Eater has excellent Boston restaurant guides, reviews, and recommendations. Eater specializes in interactive maps, so you have a visual of where in the city you might be dining. Make sure you check out their article, The 38 Essential Restaurants in Boston, to get a well-rounded selection of some incredible cuisines.

Best for family fun - Taste of Massachusetts

If you’re looking for dining recommendations in areas all over Massachusetts and not just Boston, Taste of Massachusetts is the blog for you. This blog highlights restaurants and activities all over Massachusetts for a great family or date night. Make sure to check out their article on the Best 11 Spots for Apple Cider Donuts to get excited for fall!

Best Boston beer updates - DigBoston is a product of DigBoston, Boston’s “always witty and never dull” guide to nightlife and events. Check out their “Boston Better Beer Bureau”, where you can find articles about different breweries around the city. With DigBoston, you can stay in the loop about Boston beer events and discover all things IPA. 


The food blogging scene in Boston is thriving. The city has no shortage of talented writers and photographers showcasing its diverse culinary offerings. Whether you're a local looking for new dining experiences, or a visitor looking to try the best of what the city has to offer, these 15 food blogs are sure to provide inspiration and guidance. So, bookmark their sites, follow them on social media, and get ready to indulge in the delicious world of Boston cuisine. Bon appétit!

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