Toast Products Built for Back Office Operations

Simplify your back office operations. Get the visibility you need to run your business better.

Toast Products Built for Back Office Operations

Efficient, intuitive tools for restaurant operators.

With Toast you can streamline all of your operations in no time, now a single platform can power your reporting, labor and payroll, and location management.

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Toast reporting and analytics

Toast POS Reporting and Analytics platform gives you the practical insights you need to power your restaurant.

  • Live Data

  • Intuitive Visuals

  • Mobile Accessible

  • Comparative Reporting

  • Full Restaurant Assessment

  • Automated Nightly Email

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Toast payroll

Toast Payroll will enable your HR staff to focus on people, not paperwork.

  • Recruit, Onboard, Pay and Benefits

  • Payroll administration

  • Data Syncing to Reduce Reconciling

  • Calculate Tips and OT Across Locations

  • Schedule and Swap Shifts

  • HR and Legal Resources Available

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Toast Multi-Location Management

Standardize your operations with Toast Multi-Location Management.

  • All Your Locations in One Place

  • Global Reporting

  • Restaurant Framework Template

  • Multi-location Labor Permissions

  • Operational Configuration

  • Void, Payout, and Discount Parameters

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Success Stories

Running a restaurant requires the very best systems to help power it forward.

Save time
pulling reports.

“Toast gives me complete control to help out at the restaurant no matter where I am. I don’t have to drive to each location to make menu changes, turn on discounts, or pull reports."
Stuart Ward

Michael Pagana
Operations Director


Make data-driven

B.Good Burger
“Toast helps us use data to get ahead. Immediate access to this data enables us to address issues right away, which is crucial when you’re talking about the guest experience.”
Austin Brinson

Austin Brinson
VP of Analytics

B.Good Burger

Get real-time
business insights.

Taste of Belgium
“The time commitment for us after switching to Toast has decreased greatly. We're able to be more involved in the operations instead of locking ourselves in a room for a few days while we pull data together."
JT Riley

JT Riley
Director of Operations

Taste of Belgium
Why Toast

Operations are easier with Toast.

hardware bundle
  • Cloud-based reports accessible in real time

  • Powerful data visualization for insight-driven analysis

  • Fully integrated payroll and labor suite

  • Reduced time spent and errors from manual data entry

  • Configuration options to ensure consistency across locations

  • Cost control measures to protect your bottom line

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payroll ui

Payroll & Team Management

A payroll and team management platform built just for restaurants to help your team, and your business, thrive.

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