POS terminals that perform at restaurant speed, all the time.

Power your restaurant with hardware that won't let you down.

Toast Terminals

Hardware that can withstand the rigors of the restaurant industry.


A reliable and secure system that can handle the rush of service.

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Devices durable enough for the restaurant environment.

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Thoughtfully designed just for restaurants.

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Ensure you're always operating at restaurant speed with best-in-class security and system reliability measures.

Offline Mode
Take orders and process payments, even if your internet is out.

Hardwired connection
Reliably operate at top speed to meet peak demand in your restaurant.

Top of the line processor and memory
Fire orders on the spot without worrying that your POS will slow you down.


Our hardware can handle the spills, drops, and heat of the restaurant.

Durable touchscreens
Screens that won't crack, even with lots of use.

Devices that hold up to the heat of the kitchen.

Water Resistant
Our terminals can take a splash from a spilled drink (or two).


Technology that belongs in a restaurant, not in a museum.

Slim profile and small footprint
Modern tablets that seamlessly integrate into any restaurant.

Multiple screen sizes
10", 15", 22" options so you can always find the perfect fit.

White and Black color options
Match your brand's look and feel.

Success Stories

Why Restaurateurs Choose Toast

The House
“The fact that the Toast tablets are hardwired makes a big difference. We’re in an older building and sometimes the wireless connection is unreliable. A hardwired POS gives us much-needed consistency and system reliability.”
the house angela tse

Angela Tse

The House
"Guests don't stay at one bar; they move from space to space. With Toast, a guest can open a tab at any of our three bars and any bartender can enter information for them."
Drink Ezra Star

Ezra Star
General Manager

“Without Toast, it would be much harder to do the volume we see at lunch. We might do 100 to 200 tickets over the course of a couple hours. Kitchen display screens have helped us achieve that level of service."
Brad Gillis

Brad Gillis


Toast Point of Sale Platform

Everything you need to power your restaurant. Learn More

Why Toast

The Point of Sale Platform Powering the Most Successful Restaurants

hardware bundle
  • Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business

  • Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to grow your customer list

  • Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down

  • Simple, flat rate payment processing for all transactions

  • Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time

  • Beautifully designed hardware that withstands rigors of the restaurant environment

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