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Toast Products Built for Back of House

Eliminate the complexity of managing paper tickets, say goodbye to manual item counts, and increase speed of service in your kitchen with a suite of solutions built for the back of house.

Toast Products Built for Back of House

86 kitchen confusion and streamline operations.

From KDS to multi-location and inventory management Toast empowers your staff to deliver amazing dining experiences.

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Toast Kitchen Display System

A Kitchen Display System built for your restaurant and optimized for your kitchen.

  • Double Tap Fulfill, Single Recall

  • Fire by Prep Time

  • Route to Stations by Dine In or Out

  • Speed of Prep Reporting by Station

  • Restaurant grade hardware

  • Integrated with All Incoming Orders

  • Color-coded Modifiers

  • Texts Guests When the Order is Ready

  • Foreign Language Support

  • Integrates directly with Toast Go®

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Toast multi-location management

Easily configure menus across all of your restaurants with Multi-Location Management.

  • All Your Locations in One Place

  • Operational Configuration

  • Restaurant Framework Template

  • Void, Payout, and Discount Parameters

  • Global Reporting

  • Multi-location Labor Permissions

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Restaurant inventory management software

Toast Inventory gives you the data you need to control costs and drive menu profitability.

  • Centralized Inventory Data

  • Variance Reporting

  • Understand Inventory Value on Shelves

  • Capitalize Menu and Profitability

  • COGS Reporting

  • Waste Tracking for Over-Portioning

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Success Stories

Let your cooks focus on cooking, not counting.

Reduce Ticket Times


“It goes without saying that the combination of handhelds and KDS speeds up the guest experience. To have a guest's cocktail delivered while we're still taking their order is improving efficiency and delighting our customers. We've decreased ticket times by 20%.”
Brandon Hunt

Brandon Hunt


Comp Fewer Meals


“With Toast’s exceptions report and requiring staff to explain their discounts, comps have dropped 60%. It creates a culture of accountability that has saved us $600 per month.”
Nathan Riviera

Nathan Riviera
Director of Operations

Goat and Vine

Reduce paper costs


Park Burger
"The cost of paper is insane. At almost $50-60 a case, we were going through about a case a week, so it was a nobrainer for us to use kitchen display screens in the kitchen.”
Park Burger

Peter J. Newlin

Park Burger Logo
Why Toast

Get your kitchen firing on all cylinders.

hardware bundle
  • Never lose a ticket again

  • Seamlessly update your menu from anywhere, in real time

  • Control your food costs

  • Automated course firing by item prep time

  • Decrease ticket times

  • Improve order accuracy

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