How to Highlight Online Ordering on Your Website

Online ordering

Is your restaurant's online ordering optimized for customers? See how you can highlight online ordering on your website for higher customer conversions today!

Your restaurant’s website is the perfect homebase for your business’s digital presence. And online ordering, which has proven to be one of the most valuable revenue streams for restaurants, should be a key feature.

By highlighting online ordering on your website, you can divert customer traffic (and ordering trends) to your first-party online ordering system — like Toast Online Ordering — and away from the third-party delivery companies that can charge 15-30% commission.

Because while over 50% of guests have ordered directly from a restaurant's website in the past month, the percentage should and could be much higher. 

See below for five steps that will help you optimize your restaurant online ordering system directly from your website. To learn more about restaurant website management, check out our guide below.

Restaurant Website Checklist
This template will help you update and optimize your website, so guests can easily find and order from you.

1. Add an "Order Online" Button 

Successful digital platforms are straightforward and easy to navigate. No one has time for complexity, especially not hungry guests. Make sure your online ordering button is front and center: easy to see, and easy to use.

Once it’s live, try the link to ensure each step of the experience works. Don’t be afraid to test a few different locations for your online ordering button - the more traffic you can capture, the better. 

It might also be worth adding a pop-up outlining the various ways to order from you, including a link to your online ordering platform.

2. Include Images for Each Dish 

There's no better way to appeal to guests than with pictures of eye-catching food. Provide pictures of each of your dishes on your online ordering page, so guests can get excited about what to expect. 

Also include images throughout your site to entice guests as they scroll, highlighting fan favorites or seasonal specials. Make sure your online ordering link is prominently displayed so customers know where to go to get these offerings.     

3. Optimize Your Menu 

An organized and clear menu is crucial for a successful online ordering experience. Simplify navigation for your guests by creating categories for different types of foods. Whether you're organizing by starters and mains or soups and salads, clear groupings will ensure your guests will be able to easily find what they’re looking for. 

This is another perfect opportunity to highlight seasonal menu items and fan favorites. A dish made from local seasonal ingredients? A pizza that has been your top seller for 10 years? Sold! 

To learn more about menu engineering, check out our free online course below and the accompanying menu engineering worksheet.

Menu Engineering Course
Take this course to make the most of your menu. Learn about menu psychology and design, managing your menu online, and adapting your menu to increase sales.

4. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly 

Nowadays, the expectation is that everything can be done on the go. Over 40% of traffic is online, so make sure you’re capturing these guests with a website and online ordering system that is compatible with mobile devices.

Test your website and online ordering platform on different types of phones, tablets, and laptops to ensure the experience is consistent, smooth, and accurate. Confirm your online ordering link is bold and central across every device. 

5. Market Your Website Online Ordering

Your restaurant online ordering platform is now ready for guests. But you can’t forget the most important step. It’s time to market your website! Leverage your social media accounts to funnel guests to your website. 

Offer promo codes or bonus items for those who order directly from your site. Post on social media during key times - whether it's to capture the lunch rush or customers looking for a place to spend Sunday night dinner with the family. Add your website link to every channel you can. 

Whether it's your Google My Business profile or your Facebook page, the more guests you can attract, the better. 

Also add a voice message on your restaurant phone, to encourage guests to go directly to your website for online ordering. 

These tips will motivate guests to turn to your website, instead of third party channels. 


Online ordering isn’t going anywhere. Take control of traffic and drive customers to the one digital avenue you have complete control over: your website. Show guests that this is your preferred online ordering method and that it’s easy for them to use. Utilize your marketing channels so patrons know that your website is their new go-to place to order.

To learn more about optimizing off premise dining, check out the Toast video course on online ordering & delivery.

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