Restaurant Business Plan Template

Ready to open your next restaurant and impress investors? Free template for developing a custom business plan for your restaurant.

Restaurant Business Plan Sheet

What is the Purpose of a Restaurant Business Plan?

Creating a business plan is a critical step in the process of opening a restaurant, whether you're opening a brand new restaurant or adding to a restaurant group. The restaurant business plan is a blueprint that outlines your entire vision.

A restaurant business plan explains in detail how the restaurant will operate once doors are open, allowing you to organize your vision and ensure that nothing is overlooked. The plan will act as a roadmap and help you stay focused when you're in the weeds.

In most cases, opening a new restaurant or building upon your restaurant empire requires outside capital from hospitality investors. Before investors contribute money to your dream, they need to buy into your vision. The business plan provides them with a complete description of your strategy.

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Powered by Froala Editor

Key Sections of the Restaurant Business Plan Template

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Overview

  • Industry Analysis

  • Marketing Plan

  • Operations Plan

  • Financial Analysis