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10 Pizzeria Decor Ideas for 2024

Tyler MartinezAuthor

Pizza is one of America’s most popular shared meals. Design a unique space where guests feel welcome and want to gather. Start imagining decor as you write your pizzeria’s business plan.

Make design choices that are smart for your business. Use the vibe of your restaurant, as well as the location, the building’s history, and the community as inspiration for creating a unique and memorable pizzeria.

The best decor is authentic to your vision and brand, so imagine your spot’s full potential with these 10 pizzeria-focused decor ideas. 

10 Decor Ideas for Your Pizzeria

Lead With Your Brand and Theme

Brands that grab attention and stick in the memory have staying power.

Establish a unique overall vision. What makes it different from all the other pizza joints in town? With your pizzeria’s floor plan in mind, build an experience that your guests will remember for years.

Find Unique Wall Decor

Wall decor is your opportunity to infuse the character of your pizzeria into the space. Commission an artist or designer to cover the walls in a mural. Or search pawn shops and thrift stores for interesting pieces with local flair. This mural at Pieology Pizzeria is sure to grab and keep attention.

Use Basic Color Psychology

It’s no secret that colors trigger emotional responses in people. That’s why brands can use color communication to get customers in the right mood. Everyone has different emotional responses to colors, but tones communicate across cultures. Bold colors and bright tones are sure to keep the energy flowing. The play of bright and bold colors brings intrigue into Pizzeria Bianco.

Keep the Energy Up

Make intuitive use of your pizzeria’s space by minding how energy flows through it, with the help of the Chinese art of feng shui. It's tempting to divvy up large spaces. Keep dining areas open so that everyone in the room feels like part of the same community. The open top level of Stellina Pizzeria keeps the energy moving. 

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is a key consideration for design, and light fixtures can define the character of a space. Choose lighting that is both practical and fun. Place fixtures strategically so that guests can navigate the space easily. The practical light fixtures at Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse make the space feel rustic and homey.

Let Your Customers Experience the Kitchen

Create a window into your pizzeria’s kitchen. Guests will appreciate insight into the care and creativity that your staff puts into their work. Pizzana understands the assignment.

Select Tables, Chairs, and Stools

Furniture like tables and booths are a huge driver of the guest experience. Choose chairs and stools that are comfortable and stylish. Unique tabletops are a chance to infuse your brand into each visit. Above all, choose durable pieces that can withstand constant handling. The booths, tables, and chairs at Ella’s Wood Fired Kitchen are simple and cozy.

Party on the Patio

A patio can make your pizzeria stand out from the competition. Make it feel like part of your restaurant by extending the interior vision outdoors. Choose furniture and art that are suited for outdoor exposure. The patio at Pizza Delicious is the perfect place to share a pie outdoors.

Go Fresh and Green

Bring vibrant color and a fresh atmosphere into your pizzeria with live or faux plants. Vining plants, pothos, philodendrons, and snake plants are easy to maintain and infuse life into any area. The hanging ferns at Pizzeria Ruby add bright pops of fresh color to the dining room.

Imagine Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathrooms might not seem like a big deal, but they can be the reason customers decide to return to your restaurant (or not). Customers love bathrooms that have a surprising design feature, like a funky light fixture or bold wallpaper. Bathrooms should be well-lit and accessible for all your guests.

Pizzeria Perfection

Your pizzeria brings people together over delicious shared meals. Make families, friends, and newcomers alike feel welcome in your pizzeria with lighting, furniture, and art that combine to make the experience – and your brand – memorable.

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