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12 Catering Decor Ideas for 2024

Tyler MartinezAuthor

Your catering company is center stage for celebrations. The challenge is in designing memorable spaces in a number of different places. 

Make smart design choices for your business. Instead of extending your budget, be creative with what’s available to you and be true to your brand and the communities you serve.

Catering design presents a unique opportunity to create a new display with every job. Take your aesthetic on the road with these 12 catering decor ideas.


Restaurant Banquet Event Order (BEO) Template

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12 Decor Ideas For Your Catering Business

Be Consistent Yet Flexible

Catering design is all about delivering on the customer’s vision. To start, invest in banquet table decor that you like and create a few design options you can offer customers during consultations. 

Make a portfolio that showcases your design vision in a range of styles. Don’t forget that the customer hired your company! Infuse your vision and aesthetic into each of your catering display designs.

Display Food Station Backdrops

Set the scene with backdrops for your food stations to create a focal point. Construct backdrops that you can set up anywhere using lightweight materials. These dessert table ideas showcase the range of catering backdrop possibilities. 

Follow the 80/20 Rule

When designing buffet tables, use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the display features food while the other 20% showcases creative design elements. The food will still be the main feature of the display, but it won’t feel cluttered. And reserving 20% of the space for design ensures that you have room to create exciting, memorable displays. These displays from Dolce Catering showcase the principle beautifully.

Get Creative With Food Presentation

Displaying bites, small plates, and family-style dishes on your table requires a bit of creativity. Use non-traditional serviceware. Or try disposable textiles such as butcher’s paper.

Think about the flow of service, your customer’s vision, and the best way to present the food for easy maneuverability. For instance, these salads are served in small, disposable wine goblets for the perfect hand held appetizer.

Utilize Rows and Levels

When setting banquet tables, use ordered rows and multi-leveled displays to keep courses organized and make the most of the space. The canapes in this multi-level display are attractive and grab attention.

Mind the Energy

Avoid separating large spaces, so that the entire party feels like part of the same group.

Go Fresh and Green

Plants can add bursts of color and life to any display. Use faux plants and flowers to spruce up your banquet displays without lots of upkeep. The wall behind this charcuterie board looks bright and fresh.

Light Your Displays

Lighting is a designer’s best friend. Use battery-powered lamps, candles, or string lights to brighten your catering displays. The candlesticks in this banquet add unique flair.

Think of Menus and Labels

Create handwritten labels (or use handwritten fonts) for a more intimate feel. Or use simple scripts that elevate the aesthetic. 

Mind the Details

With limited space, all the details matter. Each table tent, centerpiece, and garnish is an opportunity to infuse your design aesthetic into the experience. These perfect rows of equally sized desserts show lots of TLC.

Create an Experience

Don’t just serve food, create an exciting, interactive experience. Perhaps your chefs can grill steaks to order. Or set up a custom cupcake station and let guests choose their favorite flavors and toppings. 

Decor for Every Occasion

Caterers have the privilege of creating custom spreads for life’s biggest celebrations. Design impressive and unique catering decor displays that make each event – and your brand – memorable.

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SOPs Template

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