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How to Choose a Juice Bar Name + 28 Juice Bar Name Ideas to Inspire You


Caroline PriceAuthor

Juice Bar Name Ideas

The juice bar industry is thriving – currently, there are over 5,300 juice and smoothie bars across the United States, a number that continues to grow each coming year. If you’re a health nut with a serious love of fresh fruits and vegetables, then this might be the business for you.

One of the first steps in building your juice bar is picking a restaurant name. It’s the name that will be part of every aspect of your business, from your branding to your marketing. Your juice bar’s name needs to stick in the minds of customers, attracting them to your business. This means it has to be one that you like and, most importantly, one that memorably portrays your business. 

Here are the four major steps you need to pick the perfect name for your juice bar, along with ideas to inspire your exciting new business venture.

How do I choose a juice bar name?

The first step in selecting a name for your juice bar is brainstorming. Here's a quick outline of steps that will help get the name generating going! 

  • Write down your vision for your juice bar

  • Make sure your juice bar name isn’t already taken

  • Play around with a name generator to spark new ideas

  • Reach out to your community for juice bar name ideas

We’ll dive further into detail about each shortly. But, first, let’s talk about what’s in a successful juice bar name.

What are good juice bar names?

Generally speaking, a great business name exclusively reflects the business it represents. The name stands out and puts the business on the map by conveying its unique brand personality clearly and concisely.

This means that a good juice bar name tells potential patrons what the business is about. Also, the name should be easy to spell and remember so that curious customers can readily find you on Google. 

Now, let’s dig deeper into each step of choosing the right name for your new juice spot.

1. Write down your vision for your juice bar

Your vision will be the driving force behind your business. If you know your vision, you’ll be able to write out your core mission and values. Try to write down a strong mission statement. This should describe who you are, why you’re here, and what you plan to accomplish as a member of your community. This will help you understand the tone your name should have.

There is much more to a juice bar name than just your mission statement, of course! Let’s do a little exercise. Grab a pen and paper and write down the following:

  • Your juice bar’s core values and mission

  • The type of food and drinks you’ll be serving

  • The intended personality and vibe of your juice bar

  • Adjectives you’d use to describe your juice bar

  • Your name (and the name of your business partners, if any) 

  • Any family names that are important to you

  • The neighborhood or town where it’ll be located

So, what’s the purpose of this exercise? As you go through each, you’ll be able to pull out words and phrases that best describe your juice bar. These can make up some or all of your final name. Plus, this list will also come in handy when you make your juice bar’s business plan

When you can’t think of anything else to add, go back and read back over your list, circling your favorite words and phrases. These will be the building blocks for your juice bar name.


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2. Choose a name that isn’t already taken

To avoid costly copyright issues or accidentally sending your customers to the wrong business, make sure your juice bar’s name is 100 percent unique. Once you've settled on a handful of contenders, search each of your potential names through the following online resources:

  • Google search

  • Google My Business

  • The Yellow Pages 

  • The Better Business Bureau

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark database search

You must be thorough with your research. Copyright infringement can be very costly - something a new business cannot afford to deal with. To learn more about copyright infringement, visit

3. Use a juice bar name generator to spark new ideas. 

Sometimes, your creativity can get stuck. That’s when name generators come in handy. They can help you with writer’s block and inspire you to try new word combinations you hadn’t considered. 

There are a few kinds of name generators out there. Some ask for guidance in the form of keywords, while others assemble random combinations of words. No matter which generator you use, it’s good to have your keyword shortlist on hand. 

Without a doubt, some of the suggested names and combos will be unusable. But, remember - they are still useful! These words can help you determine what you like and what you don’t. Plus, you may just find the perfect juice bar name in the name generator results.

Juice Bar Name Generators to Try Out

4. Ask your community for juice bar name ideas

Most people who start juice bars do so because they want to build something special for their community. So, why not involve your community members from day one by asking for input on your business’s name? 

There are a few ways to invite your community to contribute ideas. First, you can start by telling your friends and family about your new venture. Sharing your juice bar vision will make it easier for them to brainstorm creative and unique business names.

Another effective way to reach your community is through social media. With the various platforms available, you can reach numerous community members through strategic posts and engagement. You can use your posts to create a community poll, asking your members to vote on which name(s) they like best.

To foster more engagement around your social media post, you can create exciting incentives for those who participate in your poll. Things like giveaways, raffles, or future discounts will build excitement around your post and, most importantly, your future business.


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28 Real Juice Bar Name Ideas to Inspire You

As we know, there are many successful juice bars across the country. It is never a bad idea to take inspiration from the names of these juice bars. These names can help you understand the tone you want your name to have, sparking new name ideas for your juice bar business. 

Here are 28 of the best juice bar names around the country: 

Cute Juice Bar Names

  1. Mother Juice – Boston, MA 

  2. Under the Mango Tree – Miami, FL 

  3. Juicygreens – Boston, MA 

  4. Upbeet – Atlanta, GA 

  5. Lottafrutta – Atlanta, GA 

  6. Beaming – La Jolla, CA 

Unique Juice Bar Names 

  1. Pick & Mix Juice Bar – Burbank, CA 

  2. Fruit Gallery – Venice, CA 

  3. Root of Life Juicery – Huntington Park, CA 

  4. The WaterHole – Mount Rainier, MD 

  5. Soul Fresh Juice & Fruit Bar – Miami, FL 

  6. Fresh Rootz Detroit – Detroit, MI

  7. Kwench Juice Cafe – Boston, MA 

  8. Nekter Juice Bar – Austin, TX

Rhyming or Alliterative Juice Bar Names

  1. Joe and the Juice – multiple locations across the U.S. and Europe

  2. Bar and Bean DC – Washington, DC

  3. Juice and Java – Miami, FL 

  4. Blenders and Bowls – Austin, TX 

  5. Cool Cravings – San Francisco, CA 

  6. Drought Detroit – Detroit, MI

Funny Juice Bar Names

  1. Naked Lunch – Washington, DC 

  2. Rawish – Washington, DC 

  3. Enerjuicer – Miami, FL 

  4. Mr. Natural – Austin, TX

  5. Kale Me Crazy – Smyrna, GA 

  6. Rawesome Juicery – Atlanta, GA 

  7. HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe – Seattle, WA 

  8. Jujubeet – Bellevue, WA 

Juice Bar Name? Check.

Once you’ve chosen the juice bar name that suits your style, it’s time to move on to the next step of your juice bar venture: your business plan. Once that’s nailed down, you’ll be pressing juice and blending smoothies for everyone in town in no time.

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