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The Top 5 Juice Bar Menu Design Ideas (2024)

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Justin GuinnAuthor

How do you get your juice bar to stand out, when menus across the country all look the same? Well, you make your juice bar menu look different!

Inserting innovation into any restaurant menu is easier said than done — especially for a juice bar. It’s just fruit, veg, juice, repeat, right? Not so fast.

You’ve got the entire culinary world at your fingertips for ideating menu items. You can draw from all types of cuisine. Just make sure that, along with fitting your brand, your menu balances profitability and popularity. We’ve put together some ideas to help you nail your new juice bar ideas.

Engineer your juice bar menu to balance popularity with profitability

Try to strike a balance between offering something unique and delicious while boosting your bottom line.

Running a juice bar is pretty similar to operating a deli, pizzeria, or coffee shop. All these concepts are essentially built on serving variations of a single product.

The trick is finding the best ingredients and juicing them better than your competitors. That creates a foundation you can build on with non-juice menu items.

Here are a few ideas to help you strike a balance, while injecting some fun and creativity into your juice bar menu items:

1. Master the basics

If you’re going to be a juice bar, it goes without saying that you have to make juice well.

It starts with sourcing the best produce, then properly prepping and storing it. If you’re not excelling at these steps, there’s nowhere else to go. Ensure consistency by standardizing preparations for your menu items.


Restaurant Cost Control Guide

Use this guide to learn more about your restaurant costs, how to track them, and steps you can take to help maximize your profitability.


2. Build customizations into your menu

Your ability to squeeze larger margins out of each menu item is critical. Customizations can be a great tool to help you achieve this, while also enabling patrons to order exactly what they want.

Supplements, powders, and additional add-ins can help you extend your margins. You just need to price each add-on accordingly, and then encourage your customers to make the customizations.

It’s critical to strike a balance here though. If you’re offering customizations, they should be fairly priced so that you don’t seem greedy. 

3. Calculate your costs

Whether you’re just making apple juice or juicing blends of exotic produce, profitability has to be top of mind. It requires you to take control of your costs by consistently calculating them.

Your focus on costs doesn’t mean you need to switch to lesser-grade ingredients. Again, you have to balance quality with your pricing.

All this talk about costing and profitability requires a strong data foundation around your ingredient costs. Your ingredient prices reside in your restaurant supplier invoices, and the ability to consistently and efficiently capture these prices requires invoice processing automation. Automated invoice processing tools, such as xtraCHEF by Toast, digitize your invoices and capture critical pricing details from your invoices.

Effective juice bar menu design examples 

Partner up with local purveyors

If you’re looking to expand your menu, remember that you don’t have to go at it alone. You can set up partnerships with local purveyors in your areas to bring coffee, pastries, grab-and-go foods, and other staples into your operation.

Here’s Zest Juice Co. out of Ohio partnering with some Ohio purveyors for both local ingredients and items to sell.

Turn the juice into a boost

Nutrient-rich mini juices can be a great way to boost your profits without adding anything to your inventory catalog. It’s logical to reason that folks are more likely to consume a 2oz ginger shooter and a juice rather than two juices. Plus, you likely have all the ingredients in stock.

Clean Juice has rolled out different wellness shots that aim to support a healthy body.

Add some protein 

There are so many great nutrients that juices can provide — yet protein is rarely one of them. You can supplement your juice bar menu with a protein-packed smoothie or accompanying protein snacks. It could be a way to offer a more well-rounded meal, to folks that crave juice but feel they need additional protein too.

Harper’s Juice, in Miami, FL offers multiple protein shakes that are loaded with vegan protein powder and peanut butter.

Bring the juice to the people

If you’re a new juice bar, taking your goods to the street can be a great way to attract new customers. There are weekly farmers markets in cities big and small across the country. And there’s festivals and other outdoor events you can explore. These events can be great for testing new juice recipes and other menu items.

Juice Champs, located just outside of Atlanta, GA, takes their juice to the people via multiple pop-ups and outdoor events around the city.

Thinks outside the juicer

It’s never too late to expand your business to include more than just juice. But you have to make sure it’s practical to launch sandwiches, salads, baked goods, etc., both operationally and financially. Do you have room for the ingredients? Can you afford another employee to prep these items? Will you be able to turn a profit given the food costs? If you can answer these questions, then the sky's the limit for your juice bar menu.

Juice is just part of the deliciously comprehensive menu at Angelina’s Eatery and Cafe, also in Miami, FL.

Make it your own 

Juice bars have the potential to become neighborhood institutions, just like bars and coffee shops. 

If you’re looking to supplement your menu, you must take control of your costs along the way. Nail the pricing and the flavors, and your juice bar menu could be juicing more green if you know what we mean.

Looking for more support with your juice bar? Don’t miss On the Line’s article on how to start a juice bar, which has tons of ideas for nailing your new business from the get-go.

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