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How To Open A Nightclub With No Money

Nick PerryAuthor

How To Open A Nightclub With No Money

Who doesn’t like the idea of working in entertainment? Talk about getting to have fun at work! 

The idea of opening a bar or nightclub is an enticing one for many. With potential profits ranging from $1,000 to $50,000/night, it’s clear to see why entrepreneurs are drawn to the nightlife industry. However, like restaurants, they can be expensive investments with a discouragingly high fail rate

If you don’t have a big purse to pull from, you’re not necessarily completely out of luck. There are ways to open a nightclub with no money. You’ll need a lot of vision, work ethic, determination, and patience, but if you have a truly great idea, you’ll find a way.

In this article, you will learn how to open a nightclub with no money.

What do you need to open a nightclub with no money?

There are a lot of abstract things you’ll need to open a nightclub with no money, but there’s also a process to follow along the way.

  • Come up with a nightclub concept: The very first thing is probably also the easiest one. You need a great concept for your nightclub, which you’ve likely already figured out if you’re reading this article.

  • A nightclub business plan: An idea is one thing, but the next step is to put that idea into practical terms. That means writing a business plan. This comprehensive guide to your business will explain your business in real terms to potential investors and other stakeholders. It should cover your day-to-day operations, your marketing ideas, how you plan to maintain a healthy profit margin, and more.

  • Nightclub capital: We’ll cover this in greater detail later, but you will need money to start your nightclub.

  • Licenses and permits: States and even cities may have different licensing and permitting rules. Make sure you understand what’s needed in your location, and understand the timeline of getting everything done. Expect it to take longer when alcohol is involved.

  • Menu: You may have dreamed up a fun cocktail menu already, which is a great start. You may not want to serve food at your nightclub, which can save you money, but you’ll still need to understand how much it costs to make your cocktails and how much you’ll need to price things on your menu.

Bar Menu Templates

Use these bar menu templates as a starting point for your menu design or to give your menu a refresh.

  • Nightclub staff including FOH, BOH, managers: Hiring doesn’t need to start immediately, but it’s important to understand from early stages what kind of staff you’ll need to successfully operate your nightclub.
  • Nightclub technology: Over the past decade or so, restaurant technology has gotten better than ever. Giving your nightclub the best tools to streamline operations, finances, and more is important. But there’s a lot out there, so it can be hard to know what’s worth your time and money, and what isn’t. Check out our rundown of the 9 most important types of restaurant technology you need to run your business more efficiently if you’re in need of some guidance.

  • A marketing or promotional plan: The night life space is a hyper-competitive one. Your nightclub marketing plan communicates to investors what you’ll do differently to draw in customers, turn them into loyal returning ones, and make an impact in your community.

  • An opening date/launch plan: Part of a nightclub marketing plan should be an opening or launch plan. Nightclubs are all about hype and status, and building up excitement through some exclusive pre-opening events is a great way to state your presence on the night life scene. Then, you just have to keep that energy up after launch.

Restaurant Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan that'll drive repeat business with this customizable marketing playbook template and interactive calendar.


How much does it cost to open a nightclub?

Opening a nightclub is likely less expensive than opening a restaurant, but probably not by much. The average cost to open a nightclub in the US is $240,000 to $840,000. Some of the heftiest expenses are alcohol and an alcohol permit, nightly rates for entertainment, security and promoters, and sound and light equipment.

You can certainly save money by buying or renting a space that was already a club or large bar previously, allowing you to simply convert the space rather than building out a new one from scratch.

How to open a nightclub with no money?

Don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars just sitting around? Well then, let’s discuss how to open a nightclub with no money.

Apply for restaurant loans or explore capital opportunities

There are many financing options available to the food and beverage industry, including nightclubs. It’s important to explore them with a financial advisor, however, before putting pen to paper or pursuing a particular option.

Speaking in more general terms, aspiring nightclub owners may have access to business loans, community development loans, alternative lending programs, or even micro-lending programs like the US Small Business Administration’s (SBA) loan program. You may be able to find local resources and funding for nightlife initiatives.

In recent years, alternative lenders who specialize in the restaurant and nightlife industries have become more popular, too. These lenders know the specific challenges and unique circumstances under which nightclubs operate, and can help you get a loan with terms that make more sense for how you’re operating on a day-to-day basis.

Find an investor

As we touched on earlier, nightclubs have the potential for extraordinary profits. As such, they’re a little more of a target for investors than a restaurant. While finding a restaurant investor can be time-consuming, finding a nightclub investor is more about really nailing your pitch and understanding the numbers. A nightclub in the right location, with an attractive concept, and limited competition could be a great opportunity for an investor. You’ll just need to blow them away with your presentation.

Even better, angel investors are people who invest because they believe in an individual or project moreso than in the potential for monetary gain. This could be a family member, a friend, or a deep-pocketed member of your community who would act more like a mentor than a lender. Lean on your network to see who might be open to such an arrangement, or if anyone knows somebody in the community looking to invest in local talent or businesses.

Get creative with crowdfunding

Opening a nightclub with crowdfunding may seem a little farfetched, but it’s definitely possible. You can leverage sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and Wellfound to at least get seed money to get your nightclub off the ground.

The biggest challenge with crowdfunding a brick-and-mortar establishment, however, is that your funding audience is likely limited to your local area. Why would someone in North Dakota crowdfund a nightclub in Oregon? As such, you need to hyperlocalize your campaign, establish a deep connection with the community, and demonstrate that your nightclub will be a positive addition to the area. With great incentives to backers and an exciting pitch, you could go a long way with just 100 backers.

Start small

Think about it, what’s one of the coolest things about nightclubs? Exclusivity, right? Nothing makes a nightclub look cooler than when there’s a long line outside. So by starting small, in an exclusive space, with exclusive marketing that allows word to slowly get out about the existence of your little pop-up nightclub, you can build a strong affinity with your best customers that will creating an allure around your nightclub that can carry into the future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pop-up bars became especially popular ways to try out new ideas and provide proof of concepts to investors. Pop-up nightclubs follow the same idea. Just don’t take your intimate pop-up and make a gargantuan beach club that’s completely out of sync with your original concept.

A short-term rental in a cool space will help you find a proof of concept, test menu items, and learn about your customers without too much of an upfront investment. 

Reach out to your local restaurant association

While restaurant associations typically help food establishments more than nightlife ones, you may still be able to find useful resources. After all, you still need to find space and experienced individuals to guide your nightclub mission. Restaurant associations can help with that.

Some good resources include:

  • The National Restaurant Association, where you can find advice for small businesses and leverage events and webinars to make valuable connections.

  • Your state restaurant association may have specific programs or perks to help you get a nightclub off the ground in your area.

  • Local groups like Rotary encourage dialogue and idea exchange around the world, and although it isn’t exactly known for nightlife, you never know if you might find a good lead on a space or quality business advice.

Toast for nightclubs 

Nightclubs are a high-potential, high-risk business. With significant opening costs, you want to make sure you get your nightclub concept just right before launch. And if you don’t have any money to open a nightclub, take some time to hone your idea, prove your concept, and find capital to ensure you don’t go belly up. Just remember to lead with your passion because it’s contagious.

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