Bar POS System

Fast, durable and intuitive. Toast bar POS system is designed to handle high-stress times with ease and allow bartenders to spend more time with customers instead of in front of a screen.


Preauthorization of Credit & Debit Cards

Preauthorization is built into the Toast bar POS system.

Bartenders can swipe a customer's credit card, securely save that information as their bar tab, and verify that the card is real and has a preconfigured amount of funds on it.

This limits fraud due to fake or stolen cards, reduces the risk of unpaid tabs at the end of the night, and speeds up service so bartenders can spend less time in front of a screen. 

How Toast PreAuth works. Watch the video now!

Make Quick Changes to Bar Inventory 

When liquor demand is high, sometimes you need to make a quick menu change on the point of sale. With Toast, you can add new drinks or ‘86 others with the tap of a button.

Track Liquor Cost Percentage

As a bar, it’s important that you can track food costs and liquor costs so you can measure the profitability of your items and properly track inventory.

Toast's product mix reports track which drinks are most popular, and Toast's inventory management software tracks which drinks are most profitable. 


Improve Throughput & Efficiency


Move & Split Checks Without the Fuss

Your servers no longer need to cringe when a guest at the bar moves to a table. With Toast, moving a check from one table to another and even splitting checks by item or person is as easy as one tap.

Reward Your Best Bartenders

With advanced bar software, you can identify the bartenders that are driving revenue and the bartenders that might need some extra training.

Don’t Worry About High Volume

Even a crowded bar on a Saturday, with hundreds of orders an hour, is no problem for Toast, a POS system trusted by more nightclubs and bars across the U.S.




Keep Tabs On Your Bar or Nightclub


Your Personal Bar Sales Trends

On your POS dashboard, see how bar menu and liquor sales are trending over time, including the days and times that you bring in the most customers and revenue.

Prevent Theft With Safeguards in Place

At the end of the night, lock down the cash drawer and make the closeout process comprehensive. Plus, watch bar inventory to see if people are over-pouring for their friends or even pouring for themselves.

Be On a First-Name Basis With Your Customers

Bartenders can get quick access to customer data, collected from digital receipts and loyalty programs, to know detailed order history.

Toast Restaurant Reporting>

"With Toast, I can get in and switch out a beer without shutting down the whole system. The ability to do that in seconds, not minutes or hours, is crucial."

– Jeremiah Wallis, Lakewood Brewing Company

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Improve Bar Sales In Exciting New Ways

Get Bar Customers to Come Back, Every Week

With loyalty prompts integrated into the payment process, your signup rate will increase by 10x. Toast will recognize the credit card on swipe, so loyalty accumulation and redemption is easy.

Sell & Accept Digital Gift Cards from Terminal or Tablet

Easily sell gift cards on the tablet, text gift cards to the recipient, track gift card sales, and accept digital or physical gift cards as payment.

Happy Hours & Specials As Unique as Your Venue

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Customize your happy hour deals by item, day, and time, and even offer half price pitchers or other discounts with ease.

"Before Toast, I'd never had my expectations completely met when it came to the type of support we received. The level of ownership that Toast has taken over our success is something I've never seen from any other restaurant technology company."

– Ben Kaplan, Director of Operations, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

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When We Say “Partnership,”
We Mean It

Never Stop Service

There’s no point in running a restaurant if you can’t take cards. Toast works even if the internet drops, so you never have to interrupt service.

Our 24/7 Support Team Is Here For You

We work around the clock to make sure your restaurant is running smoothly. That means 24/7/365 support… Or 366 on leap years.

Your Success Is Our Success

When you partner with Toast, you partner with a knowledgeable, committed, and forward-thinking team, always brainstorming ways to help your restaurant grow.


POS Hardware Built for Your Bar Needs

bar pos hardware


Terminal Bundle

With a large screen, your bartenders can see everything they need to take an order immediately, meaning less taps and faster orders.

Handheld Tablet

These tablets fire orders instantly to the kitchen or bar and allow guests to pay, sign, and tip on the tablet. They’re perfect if you have a patio or a giant establishment.

APG Cash Drawer

Cash management is a breeze with Toast. The Toast system keeps track of all the cash that passes through the cash drawer and offers “blind closeout” capabilities.

Secure Connection

Multiple floors? Outdoor patio? Beer garden? Don’t worry; you can use Toast in any venue. Meraki routers allow you to access the internet anywhere within the bar.

"I love the fact that Toast was so easily picked up by our staff. There was no rigorous training process because it’s so user-friendly. Our menu was constructed in a way that makes it super easy to find things. I gave it to one of my bartenders, and he had mastered it in two minutes. I can easily go into Toast and adjust the price, section, item and publish immediately. it’ll branch up to all terminals in a matter of seconds. My biggest priorities revolve around training and tracking people. Toast has given me everything I need to do that well."

- Ryan Howard, Managing Partner, Elm City Social