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Ready to open your dream restaurant? Here's what it'll cost.

This free calculator lays out some of the fundamental financial costs of opening a restaurant, so you can start planning and bring your dream restaurant to life.

What's Inside?

  • A customizable calculator to help you understand all of the financial costs that go into opening a restaurant — and to help you determine your restaurant startup costs
  • Estimated low and high restaurant opening costs, based on restaurant concept and size, food type, and number of employees
  • Information on a number of categories including location, equipment, technology, and more

restaurant opening calculator

How much does it cost to open a restaurant? There are a lot of startup costs to consider, which makes it a challenging question to answer.

That’s why we created this Restaurant Opening Calculator, to help you understand all the costs you’ll need to consider to bring your dream restaurant to life.

The calculator includes estimated low and high restaurant opening costs for a number of categories, including location, technology, and more. Edit line item costs based on your own business needs, and the graphs will update with your information.

Ready? Time to get calculating.