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"Toast’s commitment to user satisfaction and

practical customer service is unmatched in the industry."
- Julie Titterington, Merchant Maverick

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Ensure Everything is 
Running Smoothly
Anywhere, Any Time

Toast automatically tracks your menu sales, inventory, and labor, and organizes that information into detailed reports you can access from any internet-connected device, any time.

A Better Customer
Experience & Better
Tips With Tablets

With POS tablets, servers can fire orders immediately, streamlining the ordering experience and improving throughput by over 15% .

Simplified Workflows
Between the Front and
Back of the House

Customize your entire kitchen workflow and keep chefs organized with an intuitive KDS. Simply press a button to alert servers when an item is ready; voila, communication is no longer one-sided.



Investing in the Future

"With Toast, we’re subscribing to a system that evolves over time. We look forward to a constantly improving system with a collective group of people weighing in. We’re part of a community and we like that we can participate in that evolution.” - Sam Slattery, Managing Partner, Buccan

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