Toast POS Reviews (2022)

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How does the Toast POS compare to other restaurant software platforms? Here are third-party reviews to help you choose the POS with all the right features for your business.

Toast POS for Restaurants Reviews

It’s easy for a restaurant software company to claim that their product is the best, but the real truth lies in unbiased customer reviews. Based on information from the software review platform G2, Toast POS ranks as the #1 POS system for restaurants in both market presence and customer satisfaction. 

G2 collects real-time data to assess products and vendors, so business owners can make well-informed decisions about how to run their businesses. Once G2 collects data from user reviews, online sources, and social networks, its algorithm quickly works to calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores. The platform updates all collected data in real-time to consistently provide business owners with the most current and accurate information.

Choosing the best POS system helps restaurant and bar managers keep all day-to-day processes running smoothly, organize finances, keep track of inventory, help manage guests and employees, and perform other functions that are crucial for business success.  

To help you review POS options and explore benefits and features, we’ve compiled perspectives from real business owners’ Toast reviews that will help guide your decision.

How does Toast compare to other restaurant & bar POS systems on third-party review sites?

Once G2 collects and aggregates restaurant POS data, they present it on their G2 Scoring Grid, which is available for several industries, software platform types, and solutions. The G2 Scoring Grid allows business owners to see which software system is the highest-rated with a single glance. For more information on each product, users can navigate to each one, click on it, and read hundreds to thousands of real, unbiased customer reviews. They can also search using specific keywords like “outdoor patio” or “busy bar” to find their exact pain points or needs.

G2’s data finds that Toast reviews rank the software as #1 in the Restaurant POS System category, which includes 19 total competitors. The G2 Scoring System uses a specific and detailed methodology to organize each product.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.

How Does the G2 Scoring System Work?

The G2 Scoring Grid has two axes – the X-axis measures customer satisfaction and the Y-axis measures market performance. 

Next, there are four quadrants:

Top Right: Leaders - Strong satisfaction, strong market presence

Top Left: Contenders - Weak satisfaction, strong market presence

Bottom Right: High Performers - Strong satisfaction, weak market presence

Bottom Left: Niche - Weak satisfaction, weak market presence

All data points on the G2 Scoring Grid are based on the following information:

  • How recent the review is

  • Amount of feedback provided in the review

  • Attribution (did the reviewer keep their name and company public)

  • Whether the reviewer is a current user of the solution (included a screenshot)

  • Community engagement with the review

Users can alter their grid view based on Market Segments, Star Rating, Pricing Options, Trending Products, and Company Size. These filters allow users to compare products that are used in markets similar to their own. 

As you can see on the grid above, Toast is the leading restaurant POS system. There are 198 Toast reviews on G2 with an average 4.5/5 star rating — and the G2 review page details the pricing system, includes screenshots of the software, and provides free downloads offered by Toast to help decision makers.

Furthermore, when each customer leaves a review, they’re asked to detail what they like and dislike about the product. 

While G2 gives a broad view of how a platform performs, business owners can get a more complete view of product reviews by looking at multiple third-party review sites. Although all reviews on G2 are real and unbiased, a higher volume of reviews will lead to a better-informed decision. Then, you can confidently choose a restaurant POS system that will improve your restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.

Toast Reviews and Third-Party Customer Ratings from Real Restaurant and Bar Owners

The best way to evaluate a new software is to find something that a similar business owner has had a successful experience with, and really get into the nitty gritty details of the features available, as well as functionality, performance, ease of use, durability and more.

Toast is the leading POS in the restaurant category on G2 with 4.5/5 stars, and has a TrustRadius score of 8.4/10. On Capterra, there are 300+ Toast reviews with an average rating of 4.1/5 stars, and GetApp also has over 300 reviews with the same average. On the whole, restaurant reviews for the Toast POS are positive, citing the benefits of using Toast’s reporting and analytics tools, online ordering, integrations and built-in features like email marketing, as well as the hands-on customer support. One 

Toast review from a small business operations manager on G2 even says, “There is no downside with Toast! I would highly recommend any business owner make the switch. Toast always has a solution for everything, no matter the size of the business”.

Toast POS Reviews: Strengths

User Friendly

Daniela H says Toast is “Very easy to navigate, easy to learn and teach other people how to use it.” Many reviews mention how Toast has a simple user interface that helped them onboard and start using Toast right away. Haley W writes that Toast is “user friendly and affordable,” and that the “hardware is ideal”. 

And Toast being accessible from anywhere is a big pro for many restaurant and bar managers. Jayelynn W., a GM in the F&B industry says, “I’m grateful that Toast is not only cloud-based, but allows me to access the backend from my laptop or smartphone so I don’t have to come onsite to make changes”. 

Best-in-class Handheld POS Device for Restaurants

The Toast Go® 2 Handheld POS is a favorite amongst reviewers. User Haley W says, “Toast Go has been a miracle for our restaurant/bar. The portable POS system has been the best product we could have purchased — it has increased our service times two-fold.” And Daniela, a restaurant manager, says, “The ability to take orders at the table was and continues to be a game changer in our restaurant, especially on busy days or with lack of staff. The handhelds are a great help and taking orders and payment at the table is a great investment.” 

Great Customer Support, Onboarding, + Training

A 20+ year restaurant industry vet says, “Toast has shown itself to be the best on the market. In training new teams they offer a great program and support team.” 


Elizabeth Hyman, Director of Operations at Kome Sushi Kitchen, writes, “You can customize reports or even views such as advanced properties in the menu section. You can add different areas to view and make edits to them quickly. If we didn’t have Toast POS we would be out of business right now. Adding modifications is a breeze”. 

Toast POS Reviews: Weaknesses

Frequent Software Updates

A G2 review mentions that although the updates are necessary, they have occasionally caused integration issues, but that it’s “an easy fix” and it “doesn’t happen often.” 

Time Required for Onboarding and Training

One user says in their Toast review, “If you do not set aside enough time to train, it will be challenging to understand.” We recommend giving new employees the chance to train on new software, and giving your management team plenty of time for migrating to a new system or setting one up. 

Toast vs. Competitors in the Restaurant POS Space

When compared to other POS software options available for restaurants and bars, Toast is a leader in the category. Toast’s proprietary Mobile Order & Pay™ solution, restaurant and bar-specific POS features, and 24/7/365 Customer Care are standalone options specific to the Toast POS.

Additionally, Toast offers a national in-person sales and training team as well as onsite support, and is the only option on the market that offers reliable wireless and ethernet connectivity for both iOS and Android devices. Did we mention that the Toast Go® 2 is the only handheld restaurant ordering and payment device that’s restaurant-grade, drop-proof, spill-proof, and dust-proof, has a 24 hour battery life, and processes 3X faster than the previous leading technology? 

And along with all of that, it fits right in your pocket. Jayelynn W, restaurant GM says, “Although they look bulky, their handhelds fit right in your back pocket and allow us to close tabs out tableside. They are shock and water resistant, plus you can log into more than one device at the same time.”

Toast stands out against competitors like Square with employee scheduling and tip management features, and is processor-agnostic, unlike Micros. 

With a full suite of restaurant management tools, including online ordering, delivery management, a takeout & delivery app, customer loyalty programs, kiosks, and integrated credit card processing, Toast offers everything you need to run your restaurant business and gather useful data and insights, all in one place.

Find out how Toast can help your restaurant or bar grow with a personalized demo, or do some more of your own research with the guide to choosing the best POS for your restaurant or bar.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.