Clover POS for Restaurants Reviews (2022)

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How does the Clover POS compare to other restaurant software systems? We put together a collection of reviews to determine how this system performs.

With hundreds of POS software platforms to choose from, it’s hard to know which is the perfect POS for your restaurant or bar. Clover, a top-rated POS system, definitely is one to come up in your search. So, how does it compare to other software systems? 

Clover offers hardware devices that serve businesses in the food and beverage, retail, and service industries. This POS system has several third-party integrations to support modern restaurant experiences, such as ordering online and integrating with Google. Like other top-rated restaurant POS systems, Clover has a visual data dashboard to help businesses track their transactions, employee management, inventory, and more.

To understand how restaurants and bars just like yours feel about Clover, we compiled reviews to help you explore the strengths and weaknesses of this popular POS system.

How does Clover compare to the top restaurant POS platforms on third-party review sites?

Before you decide on your POS system, it's best to discover what systems restaurants or bars similar to yours found success using. Restaurant-specific POS reviews can provide you with firsthand experiences of how the product or system performed for other restaurant businesses.

G2 is a reliable software review platform available. Previously known as G2 Crowd, it remains one of the leading software review websites due to its popularity and specificity. G2's proprietary algorithm ranks software categories in real-time, giving you a comprehensive look into what POS system would be best for your particular type of business.

Clover is ranked competitively on the G2 Restaurant POS Grid, which currently holds Toast as the #1 restaurant point of sale choice based on user reviews and experiences. To understand Clover's performance, we need to look at how this POS ranks for specific types of restaurants.

To do this, we’ll first explain how the G2 Grid® scoring system works. Then, we’ll take a look at a few Clover reviews to learn more about the pros and cons of this popular POS pick.

How does the G2 Grid restaurant scoring system work?

G2 specializes in business software reviews. It is a helpful tool for researching and comparing software options before purchasing. 

Let’s be real - finding the software that will best support your business isn’t always easy. You’re not alone in your pursuit of the perfect product. Recent research on the software purchasing process showed that:

  • Almost 83% of software buyers require a security assessment by their organization before purchasing

  • Most research for software purchases includes peer reviews

  • 74% of companies with 1,000+ employees will purchase 5+ software tools each year

  • More than half of buyers that purchase products costing $20,000+ make software decisions in less than three months G2's job is to alleviate these kinds of consumer concerns by providing helpful filtering of product reviews. This organization of POS reviews helps users find exactly what they’re searching for. 

Here’s a glimpse at the G2 Grid® Restaurant POS scoring grid:

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.

The G2 scoring system above relies on satisfaction (X-axis) and market presence (Y-axis,) which is based on user reviews, feedback, usage data, and third-party data. 

To further understand the grid, let’s review each quadrant.

  • Top right quadrant — Leaders: These products have strong customer satisfaction ratings and a strong market presence.

  • Ex. Toast, Clover, Revel Systems

  • Top left quadrant — Contenders: Platforms with weak satisfaction scores and a strong market presence. 

  • Ex. NCR Aloha POS

  • Bottom right quadrant — High performers: POS systems with strong satisfaction scores, but a weak market presence.

  • Ex. HungerRush, MYR POS

  • Bottom left quadrant — Niche: These restaurant POS platforms have weak satisfaction scores and a weak market presence.

  • Ex. Silverware, Lavu

Clover Reviews and Third-Party Customer Ratings

To better analyze how Clover’s POS system compares with other platforms on the market, let’s explore firsthand experiences with the software. 

Overall, Clover has good ratings across third-party review sites. The POS system maintains 3.9/5 stars on G2, 3.9/5 stars on Capterra, and 3.9/5 stars on Software Advice. The remarks vary on the software, though. Some find Clover “sleek and modern,’ while others report that Clover is not the ideal choice for busy establishments due to lag times.

To help you gain more third-party insight on Clover, here are complete reviews from restaurant and bar owners on this software system from G2 and Capterra.

Source: G2

Source: G2

Source: Capterra

Source: Capterra

Source: Capterra

Source: Capterra

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.

Clover POS Strengths

Easy to use

From reviews, it’s clear that Clover prioritizes simplicity. Chenna C., a restaurant CEO, notes in their review on Capterra, that Clover is “Extremely easy to configure, change, and train.”

Clover’s tablet is also a popular feature that lends convenience to the restaurant experience. On G2, a restaurant industry professional says, “Clover offers a handy tablet where you can take orders remotely.’ Additionally, Morgan B, a restaurant hostess, mentions “It is easy to modify the buttons and selections on the screen”.

Sleek, modern design

The design was a desirable aspect of the Clover POS. One G2 review reads, “[Clover’s] design is very sleek, modern, compact”. 

Can work for small restaurants and food trucks

Clover’s design has supported unique operations, like food trucks. Kelly P. says, “Ideal POS system for a food truck, the interface is clear, easily navigated, and editable. This has been ideal for our coffee truck”.

Clover POS Weaknesses

Poor customer support availability

In the reviews, there was concern about Clover’s customer service reliability. One user review on G2 reports, “Customer support is useful but usually takes a very long time to pick up”.

Glitchy and laggy

Some users face technical difficulties with Clover’s systems. G2 user reviews say, “Bar authentication is complicated and not very convenient in a busy setting. Not very useful for a busy bar,” and, “Sometimes it lags and the flow with the credit cards isn’t natural compared to other systems”.  Food truck operator Kelly P.  confronted a similar glitchy situation. “Waking up the system is a slow process…Most days we have to do a full reboot in order to get things operational,” says Kelly. 

Insufficient customization for receipts, tipping, and menu items

For some customers, the Clover POS is faulty in the details. Chenna C. says, “The system automatically prints receipts even though we [chose] the no receipt printed option. In [other] POS systems you can print the bill and the customer adds the tip manually on paper”. Other users comment that custom items are not part of the standard package. This problem makes it challenging to create or update custom menu items and communicate between front and back of house staff.

Certain key functionality is lacking or requires paid upgrades

One G2 review reads, “Offers interesting apps but they are not free”. Another Capterra review reads, “How does a POS not include photos on the online menu? Customers are expected to read through the menu like a newspaper.” 

Clover vs. Toast: How do they compare?

Toast and Clover are highly-rated restaurant POS systems, scoring in the leading categories in G2’s analysis. But, how does Clover compare to Toast, the #1 choice of POS software and hardware for restaurants and bars? 

Toast and Clover provide many of the same features. Each offers POS hardware and software systems, including handy things like handheld devices for tableside, curbside, drive-through, or other ordering formats. While Toast Go® 2 handheld POS device has a 24-hour battery life, Clover’s handheld device only retains an 8-hour battery life. This means Toast Go® 2 lasts 3x longer during service. 

Toast and Clover also have contactless ordering and payment options. But, where they differ is in each software’s support and accessibility. Toast’s online ordering app has more visual menu capabilities. The POS also has customer support readily available 24/7, 365 days a year. On the other hand, Clover’s visuals are more basic. In addition, this POS system’s customer assistance is less personalized and more limited.

As you can see, both Toast and Clover are competitive POS systems. They each work to bring more efficiency and convenience to your restaurant or bar. Which one you chose will be ultimately up to you. Either way, we hope that this review of Clover POS reviews shines more light on this software and how it plays into your search for the perfect POS system.

Curious to learn more about POS systems? See how Toast compares to the top restaurant POS systems on the market or discover our guide to choosing the best POS for your restaurant or bar.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.