Spoton POS System Reviews (2022)

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How does the SpotOn restaurant POS compare to other software options? Here are reviews from the F&B industry to help you learn how this system performs.

Researching the best restaurant POS system for your business? SpotOn’s cloud-based Restaurant solution is a fully-integrated restaurant management system that offers an end-to-end solution including everything from customized software to hardware to online ordering with POS integration. 

SpotOn’s features are attractive, especially for food truck owners. With the current rise in popularity of food truck ventures across the globe, SpotOn’s custom Sidekick for Food Trucks solution is designed specifically for mobile dining businesses. This software includes unique capabilities such as making payments from multiple locations and an online ordering portal with contactless payment features.

To help you understand how bars and restaurants are using SpotOn and how it works as a POS system, we put together industry reviews highlighting its strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities.

How Does SpotOn Compare to the Best Restaurant POS Systems?

Choosing the right restaurant POS System for your business is essential to the success of your establishment. The right POS will help you better manage your staff and systems, growing your overall revenue. 

The best POS systems will be customizable to your unique needs, saving you time and money while increasing your business’s efficiency. When you research restaurant POS systems, compare features thoroughly and look into other similar users' first-hand experiences with the solution.

To get a comprehensive idea of SpotOn's position in the market, we've analyzed SpotOn reviews from G2, the largest tech marketplace. 

G2 uses a unique algorithm (v3.0) that considers multiple factors. This platform incorporates verified restaurant POS system reviews from their user community (boasting almost 1.7 million reviews) and data from online sources and social networks to calculate the customer satisfaction and market presence scores for technology products and services. These products and services span hundreds of categories from CRM and Marketing to Cloud Computing, HR, and POS Systems. 

Their G2 Restaurant POS Grid displays the collated data in a digestible format, as shown below:

As seen in the grid above, Toast ranks #1 in G2's Restaurant POS Systems category while SpotOn does not even appear as part of G2's consideration grid. This is based on the G2 Research Scoring Methodologies. Here, customer satisfaction scores are generated from G2 consumer reviews that take a range of considerations into account, including but not limited to statistical significance, quality of reviews, and age of reviews. 

Market presence is calculated using 15 different metrics. These are measured using various criteria including the number of employees, reviews, web presence, social presence, growth, vendor age, net promoter scores (NPS), and employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.

How does the G2 Grid restaurant scoring system work?

G2 specializes in business software reviews. It is a helpful tool for researching and comparing software options before purchasing. 

Let’s be real - finding the software that will best support your business isn’t always easy. You’re not alone in your pursuit of the perfect product. Recent research on the software purchasing process showed that:

  • Almost 83% of software buyers require a security assessment by their organization before purchasing

  • Most research for software purchases includes peer reviews

  • 74% of companies with 1,000+ employees will purchase 5+ software tools each year

  • More than half of buyers that purchase products costing $20,000+ make software decisions in less than three months G2's job is to alleviate these kinds of consumer concerns by providing helpful filtering of product reviews. This organization of POS reviews helps users find exactly what they’re searching for. 

The G2 scoring system above relies on satisfaction (X-axis) and market presence (Y-axis,) which is based on user reviews, feedback, usage data, and third-party data. 

To further understand the grid, let’s review each quadrant.

  • Top right quadrant — Leaders: These products have strong customer satisfaction ratings and a strong market presence.

  • Ex. Toast, Clover, Revel Systems

  • Top left quadrant — Contenders: Platforms with weak satisfaction scores and a strong market presence. 

  • Ex. NCR Aloha POS

  • Bottom right quadrant — High performers: POS systems with strong satisfaction scores, but a weak market presence.

  • Ex. HungerRush, MYR POS

  • Bottom left quadrant — Niche: These restaurant POS platforms have weak satisfaction scores and a weak market presence.

  • Ex. Silverware, Lavu

Third-Party SpotOn Reviews and Ratings

SpotOn has been evaluated by multiple third-party sites, with altogether positive reviews. The POS system has a consistent rating across many of the leading sites. 

Capterra, a software review site part of the Gartner Group, has over 100 SpotOn reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Software Advice, another trusted software review site, has almost 150 SpotOn reviews with an average rating of 4.68 out of 5 stars. GetApp, a leading software review discovery platform, shows similar results, with a 4.7 out of 5-star average from almost 150 SpotOn reviews.

Generally, SpotOn reviews show that the solution is easy to use with a relatively short learning curve. The software is also seen as highly customizable by many users, which is important for those restaurateurs who want to tailor the solution to their specific needs. 

Value for money ranks Good to Excellent across most SpotOn reviews. But, many reviewers report that costs can escalate quickly with added charges for features and integrations. Multiple SpotOn reviews note that refund functionality is a complex and time-consuming process. System upgrades during working hours are also mentioned as an inconvenience for some users.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.

SpotOn POS Reviews: Strengths

High Tech Equipment with Good Ease of Use

Various users praise this solution for being user-friendly, with an interface that is easy to navigate. It is noted that while the system is high-tech, users report a quick learning curve and feel that the system is intuitive. 

A SpotOn review on Capterra reads, "The system is very high tech and has many features that allows good restaurant management and has many features that helps with reporting." In addition, Rick J's SpotOn review reads, "...We are a company that is passionate about serving our clients with great technology coupled with phenomenal service. SpotOn Restaurant allows us to bring real value to our clients on the technology front, while enabling us to offer a high level of support due to the cloud infrastructure."

Customizable to User Needs

SpotOn receives applause for its level of customization. Many users state that the software can be tailored to their specific needs. Brian B writes in his SpotOn review, "Its complete customizable dash allows you to have it your way. The ability to set reporting is also a huge plus. Once set up the way you want it, it becomes second nature and its ease of use is superb." Similarly, Katie K's SpotOn review notes, "Easy to use, modifications are easy, wide range of variables built in to customize to your restaurant's needs."

SpotOn POS Reviews: Weaknesses

Lacking Customer Support

While most SpotOn reviews are positive, several users complain about customer support. 

Robin writes on Software Advice that return calls are slow and, while she gives 5/5 stars for the solution, she notes that she is unhappy with "customer support not resolving issues". Heidi G. echoes this sentiment, leading her 1-star SpotOn Review with "Customer service is typically easy to get ahold of. They try but sometimes it is beyond them and they send you up the chain and that is where I found that I got really nowhere... ". SpotOn’s customer service is not all grim, though. Chad V reflects a more neutral response - "Overall support has been prompt with only a few glitches". To be fair, many customers rate SpotOn's customer service well too but it is an issue to note when considering your needs.

Upgrades and Interruptions

It has been noted in multiple reviews that software upgrades during working hours can be disruptive for businesses. Chad V emphasizes, "We have had a few interruptions in service due to upgrade issues. I think [management] took note that upgrades during midday rush was not a good time to upgrade systems". Tori W's SpotOn review states that "Menu items can easily be changed or added and updated instantly." This might be seen as a pro but, as another user notes, instant updates without a 'confirm changes' option means that accidental changes can easily be made and go live without notice. 

Another potential downside, mentioned in a few SpotOn reviews, is that the system can become glitchy if there are internet connection issues. Tori W goes on to say, "Internet is a huge issue. If you do not have great internet it is a problem. If there is a spotty connection you can not use the program at all. It usually goes out during critical and busy times." Mike C is also quick to warn users to "Make sure your internet service is compliant with equipment requirements prior to purchase."

Pricing Surprises

Some customers have been unpleasantly surprised by pricing after signing up with SpotOn. In her SpotOn review, Andria A writes, "Since the start of using this software, the company has repeatedly taken "additional" money from our account." DaNorris S's Spoton review felt similarly, "I will not use the service again. It took money out of my account multiple times with no explanation [and] never got refunded the money."

How SpotOn Compares to Toast, the Leading Restaurant POS

While SpotOn boasts competitive review scores, Toast remains the #1 on the G2 Crowd Grid for Restaurant POS System software. 

When it comes to customer service, Toast stands out. The system offers 24/7/365 customer care, reflective of Toast’s Silver Stevie award-winning customer support. Toast also has a national in-person sales team with an outstanding customer satisfaction rating. 

Toast also offers reliable ethernet connection and automatic cloud backups, so that you won't have to worry about losing any data. Their integrated offline payment functionality is designed to keep your restaurant running even during power or internet outages. Offline printing also allows for receipts to be printed even if the network is down. With restaurant-grade POS hardware that is IP54 spill-proof rated, Toast's POS system is built to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant environment. 

SpotOn extends competitive mobile and contactless options. Toast does as well, with POS features including a range of tableside service options, online ordering, third-party delivery integration, advanced analytics and reporting, and multi-location management capabilities. xtraCHEF by Toast allows you to automate invoice processing, monitor costs across recipes, and maximize your inventory. Then, Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ allows guests to simply scan a QR code to browse the menu, order, and pay from their mobile device - a true necessity in a post-pandemic market.

Toast POS system and SpotOn both have competitive pricing plans. In particular, Toast commits to no hidden fees or additional markups. This commitment gives users peace of mind that they won't end up overspending. Toast's full suite of features shows you how they can help streamline service, increase efficiency, and improve your guests' experience.

So, which POS is for you?

There are a lot of POS systems on the market. You need to think critically about the features and support you need. It’s the details that make the difference in your business’s performance. Whether you choose Toast, SpotOn, or another system, real-life reviews from folks like you can help you decide on the perfect POS for your restaurant or bar.

Curious to learn more about Toast? Compare all of this POS system’s products and features on our site.

The Restaurant POS Comparison Tool
A free, customizable Restaurant POS Comparison Tool to research and compare point of sale systems in one Excel spreadsheet or editable PDF.