5 Awesome Benefits of a Restaurant Employee Management System

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Struggling to find time in your day for employee scheduling and management? A restaurant employee management system can help.

Running a restaurant is hectic enough as it is, so why not make the day-to-day processes easier by having a system that will help ease the workload for you? There are so many day-to-day processes that restaurants have to deal with. These can range from scheduling in employees, managing HR, monitoring employee attendance to preparing for payroll.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a restaurant would need an employee management system.

No one wants to have to manage these processes manually - it takes up way too much time and can get quite frustrating for whoever is appointed to do it. Restaurant employee management systems are turning these burdens on their heads by making it a lot more simple to manage. Your employees and managers will be a lot happier when they can focus on their jobs rather than wasting time on these processes.

If you think you need to make improvements to the overall running of your restaurant, check out these 5 reasons which we think will convince you to invest in an employee management system.

Payroll & Team Management
Learn how a better payroll system can save you time and make your staff happy.

1. Quick & Easy Scheduling

Making a schedule that balances employee availability, maintains labor law compliance, prevents “clopens” (when a restaurant staff member closes the restaurant, then opens it the next morning), and ensures your top performers are working on your most popular shifts can make you want to pull your hair out.

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned manual process of using spreadsheets and taking up hours of your week trying to accommodate employee shift requests. With an employee management system, you can schedule in your employees with a click of a button and easily edit it if need be. You can then send out these schedules to your employees via email so that they can easily keep track of their hours worked and future shifts.

Simple employee management systems are cloud-based, so you can manage your employees by using a laptop, computer, tablet, or a smartphone. A simple and easy to use interface is also essential to make this task intuitive rather than a burden on your time.

The Restaurant Staff Scheduling Template
Use this online template to schedule your restaurant staff's shifts. It's responsive and can be updated on the go.

2. Reduce Costs & Stay On Budget

By using an employee management system, you can easily compare your predicted costs to your actual costs. Also, by seeing what hours your employees actually worked, you are paying them accurately and reducing labor costs.

By using a system which simplifies the overall staff management process, you save on both valuable management time and save money. Sounds good, right?

Well, if I haven't convinced you yet, I'm sure the next three reasons will.

3. Keep on Top of Any Issues With Your Staff

In any organization, issues may arise with your staff. These can relate to requirements for positive staff recognition in reward for a job well done, as well as the need to alert staff of areas that they need to improve in (for example, timekeeping).

To help you to keep on top of these issues, a good restaurant employee management system enables easy recording, updating, and tracking of such issues and is very important for ongoing employee motivation and performance management.

4. Keep Staff Up-To-Date

A cloud-based employee management system allows your staff to access their schedules from the comfort of their own home or on the move through a variety of smart devices.

It also means that you can keep them up-to-date with any upcoming events, for example, a big order coming in or a party so that they can be aware in advance and prepare if they need to. This means that your staff will always feel in the loop and well informed.

5. Share Staff Between Multiple Locations

Do you have multiple restaurant locations and struggle with finding the right employees to work in each location?

Well, you guessed it, an employee management system will fix it.

As I said before, most employee management systems are cloud-based so it makes it extremely easy to change employees locations and schedules. Both managers and staff can easily keep up-to-date with any changes made so there is no confusion or mistakes. This keeps the right people in the right place at the right time – vital for your demanding restaurant environment.

Managing Your Restaurant Employees Effortlessly

These 5 reasons are only a few of the many benefits of an employee management system. Whether you are starting a new restaurant or you just want to improve your current restaurant, an employee management system is the way to go. Throw out the pen and paper and invest in a system that will not only save you time but will also save you money.