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Best Website Builder For Restaurants: 5 Features To Look For


Tessa ZuluagaAuthor

32% of diners always check restaurant websites before visiting, and 51% sometimes do. That means about 83% of people are likely to visit your website before stepping foot in your restaurant. These guests are searching for everything from your menu and online ordering to your merch and gift cards.

Needless to say, your restaurant business needs a strong website. But what if you aren’t very tech-savvy? No worries, there are plenty of website builder options that can make this process as simple as possible.

This article is your guide in selecting which website builder is best for your business. Let’s get started.


Opening a Restaurant Checklist

So many things go into opening a restaurant. Use this free PDF checklist to set your new restaurant up for success.


5 features of the best restaurant website builders

There are certain features that every restaurant website needs. Overall, the best restaurant website designs feel true to the brand and mission of the business. These restaurant websites go beyond mere aesthetics; they focus on creating a functional and user-centric online space that aligns with the restaurant's goals. By incorporating the following five features into your website your restaurant can find even in such a competitive industry.

When deciding which website builder to use first consider the following essential features:

1. Mobile-friendly capabilities

Many users are searching the internet on their smartphones. In fact, mobile devices take up 63% of organic search visits. This means you need a website that’s high-quality on both desktop and mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website ensures that your content is displayed optimally on screens of all sizes, providing a seamless experience for visitors. Google also prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in search rankings.

By incorporating a mobile-friendly design, you’re not only catering to the preferences of your audience but also enhancing your online presence.

2. Integrated menu and online ordering

Who doesn’t check a restaurant’s menu online before dining there? Guests want to scope out your tasty menu items and familiarize themselves with your prices. Make sure your website builder offers to integrate your menu.

In 2024, your online ordering system is a key feature to your restaurant site. 60% of US consumers partake in online food ordering at least once a week. Enable your potential customers to order takeout from your restaurant by including a link to your online ordering menu page.

3. Search engine optimization

Restaurant owners and operators need to take advantage of SEO tools. SEO stands for search engine optimization, the practice of making sure your website appears in the first few results of a search engine. For example, if you Google “Italian restaurant Tempe, Arizona”, a few articles about the industry come up but the third result is Vincitorio's Ristorante - Tempe. This is what that restaurant wants because you, as a searcher, are likely to click on it as a recommendation.

SEO enhances the visibility of your restaurant online. This makes it easier for potential customers to discover your establishment when searching for relevant keywords, such as cuisine types or dining locations. By optimizing your website's content you increase the likelihood of appearing in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to your site.

4.  Accept catering inquiries and sell items

Offering restaurant catering is a great way to expand your business. By providing a dedicated space for catering inquiries, you streamline the process. This is not only convenient for the customers, but it also positions your restaurant as a viable choice for different events. Catering can even expand your revenue streams by tapping into a new market, offering a valuable service beyond traditional dining.

E-commerce functionality is also essential if your restaurant sells merchandise and/or gift cards. This is a strategic move that not only boosts revenue but also enhances your brand's visibility and customer engagement. Gift cards, in particular, expand your customer base as recipients discover your restaurant.

Offering branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, mugs, or hats, not only fosters brand loyalty but also turns your customers into walking advertisements. Ultimately, offering gift cards and merchandise through your website is a smart business strategy for your brand.

5. Offer online reservations

Chances are, you already use an online reservation system. Enabling your customers to book table reservations through your website could increase your daily reservations. Online reservations are one of the restaurant-specific features users are constantly looking for, so make sure to include them.

16 best website builders for restaurants

1. Toast Websites

Toast Websites are optimized for SEO to help you get discovered by new guests. Toast Websites provides an intuitive and delightful experience that enables guests to find your restaurant’s menu, location, contact information and place online orders seamlessly. Toast provides an all-in-one solution so everything can integrate with your POS system for your convenient ease of use. Some top features include:

  • Easy to build - You can customize your websites with a library of beautifully designed templates, custom fonts, colors, and images.

  • Automatic updates - With Toast you can set it and forget it. Toast Websites offers a customizable and integrated website builder that allows for automatic, real-time updates across digital menus, online ordering, and POS & more.

  • Thoughtful design options - Toast features do it yourself features with drag-and-drop functionality. Or have our experts craft a professional site for you, from the ground up, as we can offer a range of design experiences tailored to your needs.

Start building your restaurant website dreams today here.

2. Popmenu

Popmenu is a restaurant marketing technology platform that offers website design. Check out their top restaurant website features:

  • Website builder is designed to be mobile-friendly and look good on every device

  • Users report great flexibility in customization as well as impressive customer service

  • Offer integrations with common restaurant tools, such as Doordash, OpenTable, Stripe, and Toast.

Popmenu Pro starts at $399 per month and offers an end-to-end solution for attracting new guests, commission-free online ordering, and a suite of automated marketing tools to keep guests coming back. They also offer additional add-ons which are charged on a per-location basis.

3. BentoBox

BentoBox is an all-in-one commerce engine delivering seamless diner experiences. Some of BentoBox’s top features include:

  • The line of products includes online ordering, website design, catering, gift cards, merchandise store, event ticketing, and analytics.

  • In-house design experts who specialize in hospitality work with you to launch a new website in under 30 days.

  • Each website is digitally accessible and offers responsive design to display its best on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • Provides SEO setup, training, and dedicated support along with 50+ integrations across reservations, delivery, POS, social media, and payments.

BentoBox has flexible plans to fit your restaurant needs. For example, their Essentials website package for 1 location is $149/month plus a $500 set up fee and their Plus website package for 1 location is $249/month plus a $1000 set up fee. The rest of their products and solutions can be purchased a la carte.

4. UpMenu

UpMenu offers a range of restaurant-focused solutions. Some top features of their website builder include:

  • Online menu design capabilities

  • Simple, user-friendly restaurant website templates

  • Marketing assistance with search engine optimization and mobile sites

All of UpMenu’s pricing packages include web hosting and access to their builder. Get started with UpMenu’s Basic package for $49 per month per location.

The Standard and Premium packages offer upgrades to the number of online orders you can accept using UpMenu each month. 

5. Weebly

Weebly is a standard website builder with e-commerce capabilities through Square. This is especially a good option for you if you use Square POS. Some top features include:

  • Customizable themes

  • An intuitive web builder

  • Powerful data and analytics

  • Customer support

Weebly’s best plan for restaurants is the Professional plan for $12/month, as it includes unlimited storage for photos and the full range of marketing and e-commerce products. For $26/month, the Performance package offers access to advanced sales reporting for your online store.


You might know from blogging world, but they can also build your restaurant website. You can start growing your website with today. Here are some top features:

  • You can host and build your website in the same place

  • Get only the plugins and add-ons you need to optimize the builder for your restaurant’s website design

  • Strong customer support team

For access to all of the features your restaurant will need, the Pro plan is $15/month, billed yearly. It gives you access to unlimited uploads, analytics, and support that will help your restaurant website succeed.

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder that provides an abundance of templates for your convenience. Some of their top features include:

  • Award-winning website designs

  • Strong customer support

  • Al-in-one platform for website designing

Squarespace for a business starts at $23/month and offers a free trial. If you’re looking for a more advanced option for your restaurant merchandise, consider their $49/month advanced option.

8. Wix

Wix is a full-service host and web builder that provides solutions optimized for restaurants. Check out their top features:

  • Offers a restaurant-focused web builder solution with menu templates, an integrated reservation system, and restaurant-specific marketing tools

  • Everything is in one place with Wix hosting and website solutions that scale with your business

  • Offers strong customer support

The pricing of Wix's restaurant-specific website solutions matches the needs of each business. More specifically, Wix business unlimited package is $32/month and offers everything a restaurant would need to get started.

9. Shopify

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you grow and manage your business. You can create and customize an online store, so this is the best option for restaurants that have high merch sales. Some of Shopify’s top features include:

  • Management of products, inventory, payments, and shipping

  • Online store builder and themes

  • Customizable features and functionality

Shopify offers a free plan to start a trial and then moves up in price from $1/month and increases depending on the size of your business.

10. Square Online

Similar to Shopify, Square Online is an e-commerce platform that’s made-to-order. This is another great option for hybrid businesses. Some top features include:

  • Customizable website builder with SEO tools

  • Pickup, local delivery & shipping

  • Sync with Square POS

Pricing for Square Online starts at $0 with a 2.9% + 30¢ fee per transaction and goes up to a premium plan of $79/month.

11. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a simple, straightforward web builder and host service that is a solid option for restaurant websites. Some top features include:

  • Simple web builder and hosting service, easy to use at all skill levels with web design.

  • Standard range of analytics and insights into your website’s performance

  • Integration option for your online and brick-and-mortar storefronts

You can get started with GoDaddy’s Commerce package with all the features you’ll need to build a website and digital menu for your restaurant for $14.99/month.

12. Jimdo

Jimdo helps small businesses build their websites. If you’re an independently owned restaurant this might be the website builder for you. Some top features include:

  • Customizable website design options

  • Option to add your own domain name

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Access to copyright-free photography

You can try Jimdo for free, start your website for $9 per month, and then grow your business for $14 per month.

13. Flavor Plate

Flavor Plate is an affordable and comprehensive website solution created just for restaurants. Their top features include:

  • One pricing plan includes access to built-in online ordering and gift card sales

  • Complimentary design setup

  • Mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, and ADA-tested templates

  • Includes options for multiple restaurant locations

Flavor Plate offers a single, all-inclusive plan for $39/month. A complete website setup is available for $399.

14. Zyro

Zyro is a popular international web builder with bold templates and a list of unique services. Check out some of Zyro’s features:

  • Unique AI products can help you build branding and marketing content

  • E-commerce products and website templates that adapt to the needs of your business

  • Easy-to-use web builder great for both beginners and experienced designers

Zyro’s Business package with hosting, marketing assistance, and customer support for your restaurant’s website is $14.99/month.

15. Bluehost

Bluehost is a powerful web builder utilizing Wordpress’ strong foundation of hosting and web-building platforms. Some of Bluehost’s features include:

  • Unlimited uploads

  • Optimized with templates for restaurants and other food service businesses

  • 24/7 customer support so that you never have to troubleshoot alone

Access to the full range of e-commerce products from Bluehost with the Online Store package is $12.95/month billed annually.

16. Restaurant Website Builder by GloriaFood

GloriaFood's Restaurant Website Builder is an affordable solution for small restaurants that want to increase their visibility in search engines and boost online sales. Here are some key features:

  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Personalized SEO optimization based on your cuisine
  • Built-in online ordering and table reservations
  • Responsive design
  • Built-in marketing features to help you increase sales

The website builder costs $9/month with no hidden fees or extra charges.


SOPs Template

This template will help you create SOPs for your entire business, so you can create consistency and easily train employees.


Choose the right website builder for your business

The process of establishing a strong online presence for your restaurant business begins with choosing a suitable website builder. Remember that your website is often the first impression your potential customers have of your restaurant. Making the investment in a reliable and user-friendly builder is well worth it. Choose the option that’s best for you.

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