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The Top 20 Restaurant Groups in 2024


Tessa ZuluagaAuthor

“Being a part of a restaurant group has distinct advantages over owning a singular restaurant,” says Pat Light, the owner of The Light Group. “For example, if you think economies of scale, you are able to order in larger quantities to help mitigate the cost of goods, you then are able to leverage those big orders with companies for them to help your business by driving sales for you, etc.” 

Pat speaks the truth, opening and operating one restaurant is a lot of work but if you’re capable of expanding, it’s worth it. This article features a diverse list of successful restaurant groups in different cities, sourced through recommendations, review sites, and other openly available data sources. Let’s get into it.


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What is a restaurant group?

A restaurant group is a collection of individual restaurants operating under one common management structure. The restaurant group business idea differs from restaurant chains because each concept is unique, whereas chains are multiple locations of the same concept. When you find success in one restaurant, it can enable you to do it again. This structure allows restaurateurs to capitalize on the success of one establishment and replicate it across multiple locations.

The restaurants within a group may share organizational structure, staffing, and more. Replicating a proven concept can minimize some of the risks associated with new restaurant openings and provide a solid foundation for expansion.

The top 20 restaurant groups

Cohn Restaurant Group

Starting strong, the Cohn Restaurant Group began with one small diner in 1981 and now includes 25 unique dining concepts throughout San Diego, Long Beach, and Maui. This group prides itself on being family-owned and operated. What truly makes this giant restaurant group work is, regardless of menu or location, each restaurant emphasizes an “obsession with hospitality”. Customers notice quality, and the Cohn Restaurant Group consistently gives high-quality dining experiences.

Check out the Cohn Restaurant Group’s website to view all 25 of their unique concepts.

Consortium Holdings

This San Diego-based restaurant group is not interested in trends or becoming the “next big thing”. Instead, Consortium Holdings is focused on contributing to the culture of the city, elevating communication, and cultivating memorable experiences. This restaurant group’s concepts are beautiful and all very unique.

Major Food Group

Chances are you’ve heard of at least one of Major Food Group’s restaurants. Major Food Group is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative and successful restaurant groups in the industry. Founded over a decade ago, this group has curated a variety of restaurants, private clubs, bars, and more. From Carbone in NYC to Villa Miami, this group stands out.

Boka Restaurant Group

Founded by Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm in 2002, Boka Restaurant Group is one of the premier chef-driven restaurant groups in the country. The group’s many accolades and accomplishments include 18 James Beard Award nominations, two Food & Wine Best New Chefs, 13 consecutive Michelin Guide stars for Boka, and 6 Boka Restaurant Group restaurants on Chicago Tribune’s Top 50 list.  Boka is Chicago-based but has opened locations in both Los Angeles and New York.

Ciccio Restaurant Group

Ciccio Restaurant Group began its journey in New York City over 25 years ago with James Lanza. This is a Florida-based restaurant group that saw the market to be a land of opportunity. Today they have 10 locations. At Ciccio, they focus on creating repeat customers and curating a strong team culture.

Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Ethan Stowell Restaurants are about simple recipes and rich flavors. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients mixed with an un-fussy, attentive service make for a stellar dining experience. Ethan Stowell has restaurants located in Washington, Idaho, and New York. From a cafe concept to an Italian kitchen, this restaurant group does it all.

MINA Group

Founded by James Beard Award-Winning Chef Michael Mina, MINA Group, is a San Francisco-based restaurant management company that specializes in developing and operating innovative full-service dining concepts. With over 30 different concepts, this group showcases fine-dining experiences that are chef-driven. Check out their locations in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Wyoming, New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Dubai here.

FB Society

At FB Society, they believe that experience is everything. They have a diverse array of concepts from a food hall to a Mexican cantina. Each of FB Society’s concepts has its own unique brand and includes an immersive experience for its guests. Guests leave their restaurants with a lasting impression.


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Indigo Road Hospitality Group

Indigo Road employs more than 1500 workers across its business locations who are led by managers and chefs who are among the finest in the hospitality industry today. The Indigo Road Hospitality Group is an award-winning, high-end establishment that focuses on its local communities. They have many different restaurant concepts located in different cities from Washington, D.C to Jacksonville Beach. You can check them out here.

Landry’s Restaurant Corp

With its multiple-concept approach, Landry's appeals to customers of all ages, backgrounds, income brackets, and interests. The Company seeks to set industry standards, not follow them. Here they believe that location is key and have many different locations and concepts. From steakhouses to crab shacks and even some fast-casual options, Landry’s does it all.

STARR Restaurant Group

STARR Restaurants is a group of unique restaurants with a proven commitment to excellence. Stephen Starr is the visionary and creative force behind STARR Restaurants, and he’s built up a strong reputation in the industry. From French bistros to a burrito joint, STARR has a diverse range of restaurant concepts that do not disappoint.

The José Andrés Group

The José Andrés Group of restaurants has a singular mission: To change the world through the power of food. The diverse array of restaurants that make up José Andrés Group spans cuisines and cultures, price points, and service styles. From two 2-Michelin-starred restaurants to game-changing small plates restaurants to fast-casual eateries and a food hall, the company offers unparalleled culinary experiences for every taste. The concepts are all uniquely beautiful and you can check them out here.

The Dinex Group

Originally from Lyon, Chef Daniel Boulud is widely celebrated as one of America’s leading culinary authorities. His culinary empire is made up of restaurants all over the world, with impressive concepts in NYC, Miami, Singapore, Dubai, and much more! Although this group is made up of different cuisines, Chef Daniel Boulud signature remains the contemporary appeal he brings to soulful dishes rooted in the French tradition. You can discover all their New York locations here.

Union Square Hospitality Group

Founded by Danny Meyer with the opening of Union Square Cafe in 1985, Union Square Hospitality Group now extends beyond the walls of its eateries, offering events, consulting, and professional development. From neighborhood cafes and fine dining to waterfront taco stands and local watering holes, Union Square Hospitality Group has truly built up some of New York's most beloved restaurants and bars. If you’re in the city, you have to check out at least one of their amazing concepts – you won’t be let down!

Atlas Restaurant Group

Atlas Restaurant Group is a lifestyle hospitality group that focuses on the integrity of products, impeccable service, and an unparalleled entertainment experience that has redefined the traditional dining experience. The group offers private events, gift cards, and even has a loyalty app. With 34 different properties, Atlas has locations in Houston, Boca Raton, and more! You can find one near you here.

Patina Restaurant Group

Patina Restaurant Group was built on the belief that “culinary excellence is an art form and that a superb visit to a cultural venue should be matched with equally inspired cuisine.” Established in 1989, The Patina Hospitality Group has proudly offered stellar restaurants, catering, events, and more. They have a variety of different concepts from Hub Hall located in Boston’s TD Garden to restaurants inside Walt Disney World in Florida! Check ‘em out here.

Cunningham Restaurant Group

Established in 1997 with its first restaurant, Boulder Creek, the Cunningham Restaurant Group focuses on community, guest connection, and diverse concepts. Their mission statement is, “In the communities we serve, we will be the restaurant of choice for delighting our guests.” The majority of the group resides in Indiana, but they’ve expanded into Ohio and Kentucky as well. Take a look at their different concepts here.

Hillstone Restaurant Group

Since 1977, Hillstone has created restaurants that seek to enliven the senses through inspired settings, graceful service, and cuisine that simply tastes delicious. Each of their restaurants complements the unique character of its locale, seeking to be a place of relaxation, enjoyment, and excitement for their guests. Today they have 15 different locations that all have their own personalities, from Arizona to New York. Check them out here!

Lettuce Entertain You

“Lettuce Entertain You started because of ideas. We are a school for entrepreneurs and it’s our culture of caring that bonds us: Caring about the food, the service, our people, and our guests.” – Rich Melman, Founder. Lettuce Entertain You is a massive group that’s been around since 1971. They have a wide variety of offerings, from restaurants, markets, catering, and more. Check out their different options here.

Selland’s Family Restaurants

Selland’s Family Restaurants is a small Sacramento restaurant group with a big culture. The Selland family has been running local restaurants for over 30 years, and is committed to the community. These restaurants focus on the principles of Farm-to-Fork cuisine. Many of their ingredients are sourced locally and are always of the highest quality. Learn more about their market and cafe here.

Start working toward restaurant expansion today

The restaurant industry is competitive and requires a lot of work. However, if you can find success in one concept, you might want to consider opening another. Don’t worry, Toast has the resources to help you expand. Check out these related resources to grow your restaurant business or develop a restaurant group:

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