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Restaurant organizational chart

The Best Restaurant Organizational Chart Examples For Success

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Behind the scenes of any successful restaurant business is a well-designed and efficiently executed organizational structure. From the executive chef crafting the best back-of-house team to the front-of-house staff ensuring impeccable service, every role is important to serve excellence each night.

A restaurant organizational chart outlines the chain of command, delineates reporting relationships, and illustrates the distribution of responsibilities among the staff. This chart is essential for your staff members. 

With that said – it’s important to find the workflow that works best for your specific restaurant. The format of this chart is completely up to the restaurant owner or manager. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of restaurant organizational charts and give examples of how you can craft yours.

Ready? Let’s get organized.

What is a restaurant organizational chart?

A restaurant organizational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of a restaurant's staff and their roles. It outlines the hierarchy and relationships among different positions within the restaurant, from top management to frontline employees. This chart helps everyone in the restaurant understand their roles, responsibilities, and who they report to, promoting a clear and organized work environment.

Why do restaurants need organization charts?

A restaurant needs an organizational chart to show who does what and who is in charge. It helps everyone in the restaurant understand their roles and responsibilities, making it easier to work together and provide good service. The restaurant business can be chaotic enough- this flowchart can keep the hierarchy simple. Think of it like a map that guides the team on who to report to and how the different parts of the restaurant fit together. This way, things run more smoothly, and everyone knows their place in the kitchen (and beyond).

Restaurant roles and positions to include

To start crafting your chart, write out all the positions you’ll build into it. Depending on your restaurant type, here are some of the team members you might need to include in your restaurant organization chart.

Restaurant Organizational Chart Examples & Templates

Here are some examples of different restaurant types with different hierarchical structures.

Large restaurant organizational chart example

Small restaurant organizational chart example

A small restaurant org chart can be built in many different ways, but here’s one strong example.

Fast casual restaurant organizational chart example

Coffee shop organizational chart example

Set your restaurant up for success

An organized workflow will help everyone in the restaurant understand their roles and responsibilities, making it easier to work together and provide good service. Once you have your team organization chart ready to go, set your staff up on Toast Payroll & Team Management to make the onboarding process so much easier. For more information check out these related articles next: 

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