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New Study Finds Restaurant Food Waste Amounts to $2 Billion in Lost Profits


Hiba AminAuthor

Food waste is a huge problem in America.

With the restaurant industry shedding $162 billion annually in food waste costs according to the USDA and 42 million Americans coping with food insecurity according to the USDA and Feeding America, something isn’t working.

For restaurants, food waste disrupts their bottom line in big ways.


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The team at ChefHero recently conducted a study to get at the core of food waste and it's impact on restaurants. The good news is that restaurants can really reduce their food waste footprint in ways that positively impact their customers, the environment, and their profit margins. With food costs estimated at 28-35 percent of restaurant sales according to ReFED, tackling food waste can make a difference.

Read on to learn about the food waste crisis, how it's impacting restaurant operations around the country, how inventory technology can help and ways restaurants can make a difference.

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How does your restaurant tackle food waste? Have you found an innovative solution not listed above? The right restaurant technology goes a long way helping here.

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