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How to Create a Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume (Skills, Examples)

Isabel ThottamAuthor

How to Create a Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume (Skills, Examples)

A restaurant assistant manager is an essential part of a restaurant's daily operations. With over 120,000 active restaurant assistant manager job openings in the United States, the need for great restaurant assistant managers is only growing. 

If you want to land a restaurant assistant manager position, now is a great time to get hired. Keep reading to learn how to make a restaurant assistant manager resume that will grab the hiring manager’s attention, and other tips for improving your chances of being hired as a restaurant assistant manager.


Manager Resume Template

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Writing About Your Professional Experience

When you apply for a restaurant assistant manager position, the restaurant manager will likely be the person to read your resume. This is why it’s important to write a clear, easy-to-read resume that serves as an introduction to the hiring manager, who will be checking to see if you meet their standards and understand the responsibilities of the job. 

Before you list your professional experience as a restaurant assistant manager, consider what is the most relevant and recent professional work experience you have. You do not need to include experience from ten years ago if you have more recent work experience. Try to keep your resume to one page, so you may have between 1 to 4 positions to list under your work experience, depending on how many jobs you have previously held. 

A hiring manager is looking for a long-term employee, so it’s important to indicate the date range of your time working somewhere, especially if you have held a position for longer than a year. A resume that shows you tend to stay at a company for a long time is typically a good sign to a restaurant that wants to retain an employee for multiple years.

Now, when you write about your professional experience as a restaurant assistant manager, it’s best to bullet points to explain your responsibilities, any significant milestones or accomplishments, and mention any specific data points if possible. The bullet points should be no longer than one or two sentences long and should include keywords that a hiring manager wants to see. You can find the keywords a hiring manager will look for if you read through their job description on their website. Use the same keywords that are used to describe the candidate they are seeking in the bullet points on your resume – this will help your resume stand out.

Including Personal Information

Getting hired as a restaurant assistant manager can be a competitive position to land. This means, depending on how much experience you have, you might need to add more information to your resume or include personal experiences that will further showcase your qualifications.

An easy way to add personal experience to a resume is to consider any other jobs, volunteer gigs, or other experiences you’ve had that are not necessarily related to being a restaurant assistant manager but utilize similar skills. This might include other work experience, such as babysitting, being the captain of a sporting team, volunteering or tutoring work, or organizing an extracurricular group or event. These all showcase leadership, teamwork, and management skills, so they would be considered relevant for the position of a restaurant assistant manager. 

Add Your Skills

Some skills a restaurant assistant manager should include on their resume are:

  • Leadership and management

  • Training and onboarding new employees 

  • Team building

  • Verbal communication and public speaking

  • Operating Point of Sale Systems and cash handling

  • Organized and efficient

  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback

A restaurant assistant manager is a customer-facing and employee-management position, which often requires you to manage many different types of people. This means having good communication, public speaking, and leadership skills will increase your chances of getting hired. If you speak multiple languages, be sure to note those on your list of skills as well – it’s often useful to be able to communicate in multiple languages in a restaurant setting.

Moreover, as a restaurant assistant manager, you’ll be required to understand how to operate various point-of-sale systems and accounting software for inventory tracking and budget management. Adding your computer, software knowledge, and skills is another good skill to point out on your resume.

A strong restaurant assistant manager resume goes a long way for anyone seeking the position.  With a resume that communicates your qualifications, interest, and knowledge about the industry, you have a much higher chance of landing an interview and quite possibly the job. But to further increase your chance of becoming a restaurant assistant manager, there are a few other steps you can take to stand out.

Here's an example of a restaurant assistant manager's resume to help you get started:  



773-451-2670 | [email protected]


SUMMARY: I have 2+ years of experience as an assistant restaurant manager as well as 4+ years of experience in the restaurant industry. I am a reliable, friendly manager that enjoys improving employee training and strives to create a welcoming environment. I am seeking an assistant position in a large restaurant with room to grow. 


Restaurant Assistant Manager

Murray’s Restaurant & Bar

July 2020  – Present

  • Helped maintain the restaurant during the pandemic by adjusting staffing and setting the business up to accept online ordering and delivery, and following state-mandated procedures.

  • Assisted with the hiring process of new employees and lead training and onboarding.

  • Mentored employees on customer service skills, food safety procedures, and food knowledge.

  • Set up the new Point of Sale system and trained employees on using the software.

Team Manager

Chicago Catering Company

December 2019 – March 2020

  • Created a cross-training program to help all employees learn more efficiently.

  • Packed and drove company vehicle to events and worked directly with the event organizer to ensure a quality experience for guests.

  • Assigned employees tasks and supervised their work while assisting the event manager and double-checked that all food and beverage displays were ready before the event started.

Shift Lead

Gulliver’s Restaurant & Bar

January 2018 – December 2019

  • Managed day-time shift employees and supervised daily opening and closing tasks
  • Created a new time-off request form that made it easier for creating shift changes.
  • Greeted guests with an excellent attitude, responded to requests or concerns in a prompt manner, maintained a positive work environment, and always showed up on time.

If you want to further increase your chances of getting hired as a bartender, consider these other options:

Apply in person and ask to speak with the restaurant manager. Since the job you are applying for is to be the restaurant assistant manager, you can show initiative by showing up in person and handing your resume directly to the restaurant manager. This shows confidence and sets a tone that you are ready to work.

Network with other restaurant managers and ask for an introduction. Whether you have been working in the restaurant industry or are just breaking in, don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues to introduce you to their restaurant manager if you want to work for them, or simply learn more about what it takes to be a good restaurant assistant manager. You can simply send an e-mail, text, or make a phone call to someone you’ve worked with before to ask if they know anyone who works at the restaurant you are applying to. Networking with any restaurant managers you know or can get connected to will only help increase your chances of getting hired as a restaurant assistant manager.

Write a cover letter addressed to the restaurant manager. Write a cover letter that is customized to the restaurant you are applying to and address it to the current restaurant manager. If you do not know their name, you can likely find it listed on the company website, LinkedIn, or by calling the restaurant and asking. 

If you want to be a restaurant assistant manager and have the right qualifications, you will be able to land a job with a resume that communicates that you are the right assistant for the restaurant manager.

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