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How to Create a Hostess Resume (Skills, Examples)

Isabel ThottamAuthor

How to Create a Hostess Resume

The restaurant industry has an especially high demand for hostess jobs, employing 288,360 hostess employees compared to the travel, hospitality and amusement or recreation industries. 

There is always a need for a hostess to greet customers, seat them, and manage seating arrangements in order to maintain a smooth workflow for servers. The hostess is also responsible for creating a first impression for customers; so hiring managers often take a lot into consideration when evaluating a hostess resume. 

If you want to be hired as a hostess at your favorite restaurant, you need to make your application stand out with a strong resume. Learn how to create a hostess resume sure to grab a hiring manager’s attention, and read on for tips and advice towards improving your chances of being hired as a hostess.

Professional Experience

When creating a hostess resume, use your professional experience to your advantage. If you’ve served as a hostess for many years, highlight the total amount of years of experience in the summary section of your resume. You can use bullet points later to explain in further detail.

If you haven’t been a hostess before but have worked as a cashier or server, this experience is still relevant. Use bullet points when describing your work to showcase how it relates to the hostess position. The same goes if you’ve hosted anywhere other than at a restaurant. 

Focus on the last two or three positions you’ve held that showcase your knowledge and strengths as a hostess. Indicate the timeframe of your work experience.

Personal Information

If you don’t have enough work experience to put on your resume, think about personal experiences that may be relevant. Hiring managers like to see a well-rounded resume, and life experience that utilizes the skills you would use as a hostess can certainly help make your resume stand out.

For example, if you’ve served as an usher or valet, this can be used to showcase your ability to greet and help customers. Any opportunity you’ve had to work directly with customers or utilize public speaking skills counts as excellent personal experience. 


Some skills a hostess should include on their resume are:

  • Friendly and professional attitude

  • Verbal communication and public speaking

  • Organizational skills and workflow optimization

  • Reservation software management

  • Dinner service planning and dining room management

  • Positive, approachable demeanor

  • Staff leadership

  • Ability to work in fast-paced environments

A restaurant hostess generally builds a rapport with customers, and often sets the tone for the evening, so having strong public speaking and customer engagement skills are desirable.  




[email protected]

121 N La Salle St

Chicago, IL 60602


Customer-focused, energetic hostess with 3 years of experience in providing high-quality service at upscale restaurants. A friendly, positive hostess that enjoys interacting with customers and giving each individual a personalized experience. 



Rosewood | January 2020  – December 2022

  • Provided excellent customer service with a friendly attitude when greeting customers and escorting them to dining area.
  • Communicated dining details or guests concerns in a prompt manner to kitchen staff, servers and management.
  • Mastered table management software to decrease wait times and maintain efficiency for scheduling reservations and assigning tables.
  • Answered phone calls, booked reservations, and assisted with event planning for corporate events, special events, and parties.
  • Maintained the dining room by consistently inspecting for cleanliness, necessary staffing, and supply levels.


Kali’s Kitchen

January 2019 – January 2020

  • Provided excellent, friendly service when greeting customers. Escorted them to their tables, and took drink orders to kick off their dining experience. 

  • Memorized all menu offerings in order to recommend dishes or ably answer questions.

  • Addressed any customer complaints or concerns in a timely manner and communicated to supervisor when necessary.

Final Steps

By creating a resume that showcases your hostess experience and passion for working in a customer-oriented role, you can likely land an interview and quite possibly the hostess job. If you highlight your strengths, skills, and knowledge of the industry, hiring managers will take note. 

If you want to further increase your chances of becoming a hostess, consider networking within the restaurant community. It can help get your foot in the door at a restaurant, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your current or previous co-workers to see if anyone can introduce you to the hiring manager. 

You may also consider showing up in person to fill out an application or to turn yours in. Meeting in person and directly informing the hiring manager, general manager, or current hostess about your interest in the position will increase the chances of your resume being seen. If you have a friendly attitude and can build a rapport with the staff, it will effectively put a face to the name when your resume is being reviewed.

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