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15 Best Miami Food Blogs in 2024


Tessa ZuluagaAuthor

Miami is a vibrant, diverse city with a cultural scene that ranges from traditional Cuban cuisine to fusion dishes that draw inspiration from all over the world. With so many delicious options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when exploring Miami's food scene. That's where food blogs come in. 

In this article, we'll take a look at the 15 best Miami food blogs of 2023, offering up recommendations and insights from some of the city's most passionate and knowledgeable foodies. Whether you're a Miami native or planning a trip to the Magic City, these blogs are sure to inspire your appetite and help you discover some new favorite eateries.

  1. MiamiCurated

  2. Dish Miami

  3. The Hungry Post

  4. The Rebel Chick

  5. What Now Miami

  6. Fatgirl Hedonist

  7. Miami Take

  8. The Whet Palette

  9. Miami Culinary Tours

  10. Miami Food Pug

  11. Eater Miami

  12. A Sassy Spoon

  13. MIAbites

  14. Sweet Portfolio

  15. Miami Magazine

Best dessert reviews - MiamiCurated

MiamiCurated’s author, Karen Escalara, has a taste for the luxurious things in life, including food. She enjoys the finer things, and her reviews and recommendations reflect this taste. We recommend checking out her best desserts of 2022 article to discover Miami's best chocolate, donuts, and flan. 

Most up-to-date with new restaurant openings - Dish Miami

Dish Miami is a digital media company that was founded to shed light on new and different restaurants. They share all sorts of important restaurant news with the public and keep them up to date with new restaurant openings. If you love to try new restaurants, Dish Miami has you covered. Check out their article on the best new restaurants in Miami.

Best for restaurant recommendations in Miami - The Hungry Post

If you’re looking for a blog that’s super easy to navigate, has great visuals, and includes an interactive map – this is the Miami blog for you. The team gives their own recommendations of where they love to eat. The Hungry Post includes Miami’s best-kept dining secrets, go-to spots, and new restaurants. Check out their website to discover local spots to eat and drink.

Top Miami Bachelorette ideas - The Rebel Chick

This blog is written by Jennifer, a Miami native, who shares recipes and Miami travel tips. Miami is a popular destination for all things bachelor/bachelorette, and Jennifer has you covered. From wine tours to cooking classes, The Rebel Chick has great recommendations (as well as great food stops) for you to check out on your special weekend.

Most relevant restaurant news - What Now Miami

In Miami, every time a chain restaurant expands, a restaurant closes or moves locations, What Now Miami lets you know. What Now has been keeping Miami residents informed about restaurants, retail, and realty happenings for years. To be the first to know about all food happenings in Miami, subscribe to their breaking news alerts.

Most mouth-watering Cuban recipes - Fatgirl Hedonist

As a proud Latina, Cari Garcia shares her Cuban recipes on her blog, Fatgirl Hedonist. Check it out for her delicious Cuban ropa vieja instant pot recipe. This is a classic Cuban dish made with shredded or pulled beef that is slow-cooked in a tomato-based sauce with onions, garlic, and bell peppers. The meat is typically flank steak or skirt steak, and it’s cooked until it’s tender enough to easily shred. The dish's name, "ropa vieja," means "old clothes" in Spanish, which is a reference to the shredded appearance of the meat that resembles rags or old clothing. A must-try!

Hottest takes - Miami Take

Morgan Overholt, the author of Miami Take, moved to Miami in 2018 and started this blog as a passion project. It’s now made up of her takes on the best places to eat, shop, and explore the Magic City. If you’re searching for honest reviews with real pictures of Miami restaurants, this is the blog for you. Visit her blog to check out her reviews!

Best Miami review podcast - The Whet Palette

We love reading a food blog as much as the next foodie. However, listening to a podcast about restaurant reviews can save time, and be done on the go. This food blog is run by a Cuban-American writer and podcaster who loves spotlighting chefs and sommeliers. Check out Brenda’s lists of her favorite restaurants, annual rankings, and different podcasts!

Best food tours - Miami Culinary Tours

Instead of spending your time planning and researching what food places to try, let Miami Culinary Tours do the work for you. Join them on a food tour to discover delicious places you might not have found on your own. They offer several different tours such as the Little Havana Food & Cultural Tour, South Beach Food & Art Deco Tour, and more! You can also check out their blog for more Miami inspo, like happy hour specials and events.

Most trustworthy food recommendations - Miami Food Pug

This food blog is written by two food (and pug) lovers, Geoff and Dianne. One great thing about this blog is that it only features restaurant reviews from places they’ve enjoyed. They don’t waste time posting about their not-so-favorite restaurants. They’re keeping it real over at Miami Food Pug and we respect it! Check out their blog to discover all the must-try spots in Miami.

Best Brazilian food guide - Eater Miami

You already know Eater has your back for your Miami trip! Miami is home to a significant number of Brazilian expatriates. The number has been growing steadily in recent years, driven by economic and political instability in Brazil, as well as the attraction of Miami's warm climate and business opportunities. Check out their article 10 Stellar Places to Eat Brazilian Food in South Florida to locate the best traditional Brazilian steakhouses, brigadeiro cake (a Brazilian chocolate truffle), and much more!

Best Cuban Christmas food recipes - A Sassy Spoon

Blog author Jamie might work in digital marketing, but her passion is all things food. She is a Miami native who was raised by Cuban parents. Jamie grew up watching her mom cook traditional Cuban food and now shares these recipes with her readers. Check out her Cuban Christmas food recipes to recreate a traditional Cuban holiday menu in your own home.

Best foodie photography - MIAbites

MIAbites is a web-based community that believes that life is too short to settle for bad food. This community is made up of different, local contributors who enjoy eating, chatting with chefs, and taking some awesome food photography. As you scroll through all their different restaurant reviews and recommendations, you’ll also find lots of beautiful visuals that will make you hungry. Check ‘em out!

Most likely to get you on foodie TikTok - Sweet Portfolio

Written by Miami-based Italian-Colombian food and lifestyle content creator Valentina Mussi, Sweet Portfolio was founded in 2017. Now in 2023, she has 1.4 million followers on TikTok. Valentina shares unique and delicious recipes such as fondue fries, pizza bagels, and Ferrero Rocher cake. You can also stay up to date with Miami’s best eats by subscribing to her email list.

Best cocktail recipes - Miami Magazine

Every great meal pairs with a tasty cocktail, and Miami Magazine has plenty of drink recipes. They also feature recommendations on different cocktail lounges and spots to kickstart your night out in the city. Check out their Oscar-themed cocktails article for some fun inspiration!


Miami's food scene is constantly evolving, with new restaurants and trends emerging all the time. With the help of the 15 best Miami food blogs of 2023, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest culinary happenings in the city and discover hidden gems that you may have otherwise missed. 

From mouth-watering food photography to thoughtful restaurant reviews, these blogs offer a wealth of information and inspiration for food lovers of all kinds. Be sure to check out these top food blogs for the inside scoop on Miami's delicious, diverse dining scene.

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