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20 Best Food Blogs

Food bloggers have taken over the internet – and how did we ever live without them?

Food bloggers have taken over the internet – and how did we ever live without them? Although places like Food Network and Bon Appétit are always great resources, the best recipes and reviews sometimes come from bloggers and influencers. These creators provide relatable stories and commentary, and build trust and relationships with their audiences to share their recipes far and wide. 

If you’re looking for inspiration to level up your cooking game, these food bloggers and influencers are some of the best of the best. Here are 20 great ones to start with.

20 Best Food Blogs to Follow in 2023

1. Most Likely to Make Butter a Food Group: @butterbeready

Who doesn’t love butter? Quin, the creator of Butter Be Ready, shares recipes rich in both Caribbean and Southern-inspired flavors. From Biscoff cheesecake to crispy chorizo empanadas, her recipes are nothing short of mouth-watering deliciousness. 

2. Best Bread Braider: @nomadbakery

Named one of the top ten bread bakers in North America, Cheryl is a New Hampshire-based baker and teacher, with a special talent for intricate bread weaving. Challah is her specialty, and she teaches classes sharing her best techniques for creating exceptionally beautiful (and sometimes colorful!) challah loaves. 

3. Most Likely to Convince you that Maybe you Should be Vegan: @thefoodietakesflight

Jeeca is creating dishes based on her favorite childhood recipes – but making them vegan. Jeeca grew up in the Philippines with a Chinese background and focuses on a mix of East and Southeast Asian recipes. She aims to help others adopt a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, swapping in vegan alternatives for her childhood favorites wherever possible. 

4. Best at Cooking for a Crowd: @dianemorrisey

Looking to make dinner for a group? Diane is your go-to gal. As a mom of 6, she’s used to cooking for a crowd. And, she doesn’t skimp on creativity. Her fig caprese salad and blueberry ricotta olive oil cake are to die for – with more recipes coming every day on her platforms. 

5. Most Creative Desserts: @mikebakesnyc

Cookies ‘n cream babka? Sign me up. Mike Johnson is a NYC-based baker, recipe developer, author, photographer, and lawyer, who started his Instagram and blog back in 2016 to share his favorite comfort foods and desserts. From homemade versions of grocery store classics to chocolate peanut butter pretzel macarons, Mike is a must-follow for all those with a sweet tooth.  

6. Trendiest Cakes: @saintstreetcakes

Morgan, the artist behind Saint Street Cakes, is a Boston-based college student and baker, making boring birthday cakes a thing of the past. Pastel colors, trendy phrases, and pop-culture references are abundant on Morgan’s page – from Taylor Swift to Kacey Musgraves

7. Best Video Commentary: @chungeats

Joanna is a NYC-based blogger who started in 2020, documenting her experience learning how to cook. Along with beautiful photography, Joanna takes full advantage of video content (through TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram reels), adding extra detail and context to many of her recipes. 

8. Most Likely to Convince You Never to Buy Grocery Store Pie Crust Again: @chefsusaninvt

Chef, writer, and former King Arthur Flour baker, Susan is the queen of all things pastry. From pies and tarts to homemade hot dog buns, Susan doesn’t skimp on the quality – and you won’t want to either after checking out her page. 

9. Best Sense of Humor: @drakeoncake

The name truly says it all. New Orleans-based Joy Wilson takes advantage of her baking chops to frost her favorite Drake lyrics on her sugary creations. A few standouts include “no new friends” and “24-hour champagne diet”, but you can choose your fave here

10. Best Way to Try New Foods: @emmymade

Emmy’s content can best be described as adventurous. The Rhode Island-based blogger doesn’t shy away from trying out new foods and cuisines from around the world on her YouTube channel and sharing recipes on her blog. From Korean Moon Snail Salad to “The TikTok Salmon Bowl”, Emmy tries it all. 

11. Most Stylish Photographs: @karimichelleyoung

Kari is a Portland-based blogger, photographer, writer, and stylist – and you can tell by the artistry of her Instagram. Kari focuses on fresh, simple, vegetarian recipes, and photographs each recipe expertly. This fresh mozzarella and roasted cherry tomatoes dish is one of our favorites, where Kari adds a fish sauce-honey vinaigrette for that extra oomph. 

12. Best cooking sidekick: @cookieandkate

Kate, and canine sous-chef Cookie, focus on whole, fresh, and local ingredients to build their Rolodex of vegetarian recipes. From nachos to stuffed peppers, Kate’s recipes will convince you that meat is not an essential ingredient in these classics. 

13. Spiciest Recipes: @chilipeppercooks

Shihan Chowdhury is a Maryland-based cook who often uses, you guessed it, Thai chili peppers. Using his blog, TikTok, and Instagram Shihan adds the spice – whether he’s up-leveling Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi or loading a baked potato up with masala shrimp

14. Fanciest Cocktails: @gastronomista_

Looking to level up your cocktail game? Check out Emily Arden Wells. Emily’s cocktails are practically a work of art – with fresh ingredients, creative recipes, and incredible garnishes, you’ll be sure to find one for your next night out. 

15. Best Vintage Desserts: @jessiesheehanbakes

Jessie is bringing vintage desserts into the 21st century. The queen of the icebox cake, Jessie focuses on “unfussy” sweets and desserts. The buttermilk bar doughnuts and chocolate mousse are two of our favorites – check out the rest of her recipes here

16. Most Innovative: @sandwichesofhistory

Sticking with the vintage theme, Barry’s recipes take it way back. Almost daily, Barry tries out popular sandwiches from throughout history – from the normal cold cuts and cheese varieties of today to the cinnamon sandwich of the 1940s

17. Best Blogger-Slash-Chef-Slash-Activist: @oliahercules

Olia proves that food blogs can go far beyond recipes. An incredible writer, Olia is a London-based Ukrainian chef with experience in both journalism and cooking. Recently, Olia established the #CookForUkraine initiative, working to raise money for UNICEF by inspiring other individuals and businesses to cook Ukrainian cuisine.

18. Most Colorful: @whatsgabycookin 

A Los Angeles-based private chef, Gaby Dalkin’s recipes are nothing short of incredible. Winning the award for most-colorful photography, Gaby takes advantage of local California ingredients to make beautiful watermelon feta salads, healthy smoothies, and more.

19. Biggest on Pinterest: @halfbakedharvest

One scroll on Pinterest and you’re sure to find the Half Baked Harvest watermark. Creator Tieghan Gerard started Half Baked Harvest in 2016 and has since been seen all over the internet – from Food Network to HGTV. 

20. Cheesiest: @grilledcheesesocial 

Of course, we have to end with cheese. MacKenzie Smith, the brains behind Grilled Cheese Social, infuses dairy goodness in all of her recipes. Keep Lactaid on hand while enjoying her amazing recipes – from ham and swiss sliders to jalapeño cheddar pretzels

And there you have it! 20 of our favorite food bloggers sharing delicious recipes across the internet. Check them out for yourself and try out some recipes – you won’t be disappointed. 

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