10 Free Restaurant Menu Templates [By Restaurant Type]

Download print-ready templates in any format you like to build out your restaurant brand.

10 Free Sheets

How Restaurant Menu Templates Save You Time & Money

Do you look at your restaurant menu with disdain? Have you ever tried, in vain, to design a better restaurant menu in Word or InDesign? If you're not a designer, and you have nothing to work off of, this is not an easy feat.

That's where our free menu templates come in. We've asked the best Toast designers to create restaurant menu templates that adhere to menu design, menu engineering, and menu development best practices.

Download your restaurant menu template in Word, Powerpoint, or PDF files, and use it as a starting point for your restaurant menu design. We believe every restaurant menu should be stunning, so guests are inspired to try everything on the menu.

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Powered by Froala Editor

Powered by Froala Editor

With this exclusive restaurant metrics calculator, you will be able to easily determine:

  • Fine Dining Menu

  • Breakfast Menu

  • Holiday Menu

  • Bar Drink Menu

  • Brewery Menu

  • Daily Special Menu

  • Cafe/Bakery Menu

  • New Year's Menu

  • Ice Cream Menu