Restaurant Gift Cards for POS Systems

Restaurant gift cards are an integrated feature of Toast's all-in-one restaurant management software.
Gift cards are tied right to the cloud POS system and make it extremely easy for Toast partners to sell, track, and complete transactions using both physical and digital restaurant gift cards.

Traditional & Digital Restaurant Gift Cards

Toast provides restaurants the option to offer both digital and branded physical gift cards. For traditional plastic gift cards, Toast will completely customize, print, and program the cards to integrate with your system. Digital gift cards simply require guests to provide their email or phone number (which is automatically stored in the Toast Restaurant CRM) and select the amount they want to purchase. The digital gift card will be emailed or texted to the intended recipient.



Selling Gift Cards

To sell a gift card, your servers simply have to select the gift card option as they would any regular menu item. Branded gift cards can be swiped just like any normal credit card to load the selected value and activate the card. With Toast, guests can purchase digital gift cards in-store and online from the webpage Toast creates for your restaurant when you become a customer. When purchasing digital gift cards, your customers can select the amount, include a personalized message, and choose if they want the gift card emailed or texted to the recipient immediately or at a later date and time. 





Easy to Use

Since all restaurant gift cards are integrated into Toast, it is very easy for guests to pay with both digital and physical cards. Physical gift cards can be swiped just like a regular debit or credit card. Customers can use their smartphones to pay with digital gift cards. The camera on Toast tablets scans the code guests receive via text or email when they purchase a digital gift card. Gift card balances can be printed on guest receipts and guests with digital gift cards can check their balance anytime using the link stored on their phones.

Just watch to see how easy it is to use gift cards with Toast


Cloud POS Reporting

Track and Adjust Gift Card Balances

Gift card balances are automatically tracked and updated in Toast. Guests who have opted in to your loyalty program can also receive rewards points when they pay with gift cards. If a balance needs to be adjusted or a guest wants to add additional value to their card, employees with the appropriate user permissions can easily adjust the balance of any gift card in seconds.

Gift Card Reporting

Toast reporting provides an in-depth look at all gift cards sold and transactions processed. These reports allow you to see the breakdown of all active cards, including purchased date, initial value, most recent transaction date, the server who processed the last transaction, and the remaining balance of all gift cards digital and physical cards. broken down by card number or account ID.

For restaurants with multiple locations, Toast reporting provides a gift card liabilities report that makes tracking of gift card usage where gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at different stores. 



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