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15 Best San Francisco Food Blogs in 2023

Here is a list of 15 of the best San Francisco Food Bloggers to help you navigate all the different cuisines San Francisco has to offer.

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San Francisco Food Blogs

DISCLAIMER: This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, accounting, tax, HR, or other professional advice. You are responsible for your own compliance with laws and regulations. You should contact your attorney or other relevant advisor for advice specific to your circumstances.

San Francisco is known for attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Haight-Ashbury, but tourists also come just to get a taste of the restaurants (and we can’t blame them!). When it comes to food, San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, with people from around the world bringing different kinds of cuisines to the city.

From Fisherman’s Wharf for clam chowder, Chinatown for Dim Sum, Mission District for Mexican favorites, and North Beach for pasta, there is no shortage of delicious restaurants to choose from. Here are 15 food blogs to help you discover new options.  

  1. Eater SF

  2. 7x7 Bay Area

  3. tablehopper

  4. Edible San Francisco

  5. Food Gal

  6. Kitchen Confidante

  7. Eat The Love

  8. FoodNut

  9. Dessert First

  10. Cyn Eats

  11. My San Francisco Kitchen

  12. InsideHook: San Francisco

  13. The Bizerkeley Vegan

  14. Ketchup with Linda

  15. A Side of Sweet

Most likely to replace Google Maps with food maps - Eater SF

This blog gives visuals on a map of San Francisco so you can find the best restaurant for any area. Eater SF makes it easy for you to plan out your day in the city.

Best experience - 7x7 Bay Area 

Looking for dinner and a show? 7x7 Bay Area gives you the ins and out of more than just food, they specialize in activities to do around San Francisco. Check out this blog to become a San Francisco expert in food & drink, travel, neighborhoods, outdoor adventures, and culture.

Best place to keep up to date with trendy restaurants - tablehopper  

Love going to the newest, most Insta-worthy restaurants in the city? tablehopper’s newsletter will do the trick. This website will also quench your “tea” thirst with its "chatterbox" Gossip & Events category that stays up to date with the word on San Francisco’s streets.

Best Food StoryTeller - Edible San Francisco 

Do you enjoy learning about the history of the recipes you cook? If so, click that subscribe button on Edible’s website. This food blog goes in-depth on the origins of some of the best dishes and how to perfect them in a modern kitchen. Check out their article on a summery vegetarian green borshch from Ukraine. 

Most likely to convince you to cook duck - Food Gal

Want to cook something new but don’t know where to start? Food Gal might be the right blog for you. Carolyn Jung, an award-winning food and wine writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, walks you through each step in her recipe for roast duck with quince and brussels sprouts. 

Most likely to convert you to a plant-based diet - Kitchen Confidante

This blog not only holds a variety of recipes but also offers many plant-based recipes. The writer, Liren, even published her own vegetarian cookbook.  

Most likely to teach you to be a great chef and baker - Eat The Love

This food blogger, Irin Lin, is breaking the norm of being a baker or a chef, not both. These recipes encourage creativity, not just precision. Lin likes discovering the why in precise recipes and the science behind your favorite baked goods.

Best pizza reviews - FoodNut

Who doesn’t love pizza? FoodNut is a huge pizza fan and has found the best pizza in San Francisco. This blog compiled a list of Top 10 Pizza. Spoiler – most of the locations are located in the Mission District!

Most likely to satisfy your sweet tooth - Dessert First 

This blog writer is a Bay Area native who is addicted to sweets and we can’t blame her. She not only discovers the best spots in San Francisco, but she also bakes her own goodies. This blog is filled with recipes for cakes, candy, custards, and more.

Most organized blog - Cyn Eats

Cyn Eats has made choosing a San Francisco restaurant easy. This blog is organized by price range and filled with aesthetically pleasing photography. You can even choose between daytime and nighttime restaurants. 

They wrote a great piece on Farmhouse Kitchen, their pick for the best Thai Restaurant in San Francisco. This restaurant falls in the $20-$50 category and has all the spice your heart could desire. 

Best at meal prepping - My San Francisco Kitchen

Most food blogs have sections of restaurant recommendations and recipes. However, this San Francisco blog also specializes in meal planning. Kristianne includes her audience in a week of healthy meal planning with full recipes and tips. Follow her along for more healthy recipes. 

Best Industry Stories- InsideHook: San Francisco

Restaurant owners are doing amazing things every day for their customers, staff, and communities. This blog shares incredible industry stories such as a piece by Emily Monaco about a pizzeria that uses offcuts, or “trash” to make their pizzas as a stand against food waste. 

Best vegan opinions - The Bizerkeley Vegan

If you’ve thought about becoming a vegan but don’t want to spend money trying vegan recipes/restaurants, Erika Hazel has the blog for you. She tries new vegan options so you don’t have to and reviews them. This is how we found out about vegan bottomless mimosa Bay Area brunch. Uh, yes, please!

Most colorful recipes - Ketchup with Linda

This food blog has every recipe category you’ve ever dreamed of: keto, 30 min, air fryer, and so much more. Linda does a phenomenal job incorporating lots of food groups and colors into her beautiful dishes. Her page is filled with colorful dishes that we can’t wait to try.

Best for snackin’ - A Side of Sweet

This blog is written by Kelly Huibregtse, who currently resides in San Francisco and loves decadent desserts. This is the blog to visit if you’re looking for quick, delicious snacking options. Kelly has countless snack options that range from vegan popsicles to dessert pizza.

Hungry yet? There you have 15 incredible food blogs to check out before your next night out in San Francisco. Dig in!

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