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20 Best New York City Food Blogs in 2024


Tessa ZuluagaAuthor

What food comes to mind when you think of New York City food? Is it a bagel with cream cheese and lox? Or do you immediately think of New York style pizza? Maybe you’re thinking of their street food like hot dogs or any of the authentic Asian dishes Chinatown has to offer. This city has no shortage of incredible dishes and exceptional restaurants. New York is home to 22,000+ eating establishments, so we compiled a list of 20 of the best NYC food bloggers to help you organize your cravings in your kitchen or in the city. Bon appetit!

  1. Grub Street

  2. New York Street Food

  3. Skinnytaste


  5. Brooklyn Farm Girl

  6. Edible Manhattan

  7. Brooklyn Active Mama

  8. Fifteen Spatulas

  9. Food Tank

  10. Feed Me Phoebe

  11. The Mom 100

  12. Best of Vegan

  13. Apple Eats

  14. Eat Your World

  15. The Skinny Pig

  16. Female Foodie

  17. Brooklyn Based

  18. Secret NYC

  19. NYC BBQ

  20. Smitten Kitchen

Best Thanksgiving pie recommendations - Grub Street

Grub Street is a brand of New York Magazine that covers food news and authoritative restaurant criticism. This newsletter is organized into categories including:

  • Scenes 

  • The Grub Street Diet 

  • Openings 

  • The Year I Ate New York 

  • Rememberances 

  • RIP

  • Design 

  • Street Fights 

And much, much more. Check out one of their most viewed stories on Thanksgiving pies; you won’t be disappointed. 

Most credible street food critic - New York Street Food 

This website is your guide if you’re looking for the best street food in NYC. Started in 2009, by Perry Resnick, a food-loving Accountant living and working in NYC, this website is authentic and credible. A food blog that started well before fancy foodies gained popularity? Yes, please

Most likely to include all the food groups - Skinnytaste

Now on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have Skinnytaste, a blog that focuses on real, nutritious food. The author, Gina Homolka, a Long Island native, believes in clean eating and portion control. Our favorite detail about this blog is that you can filter recipes by season to ensure your ingredients are at their best.

Most likely to get you a little tipsy - Saveur

Immediately what caught our attention about this website is its beautiful photography. These recipes, such as the pear cake with honey and spelt look so beautiful. But our favorite part about this website is the cocktails! They feature recipes for watermelon gin punch, hibiscus tequila mule, and so much more.

Best urban gardener - Brooklyn Farm Girl

Are you looking for some home-grown recipes? Brooklyn Farm Girl is the answer. If you think you can’t grow a garden in the middle of a city you’re mistaken – follow Brooklyn Farm Girl along as she gives tips on gardening, composting, and seeds.

Most diverse industry stories - Edible Manhattan 

Edible Manhattan celebrates the people who are building the diverse food culture we love. This is the place to read about all the amazing individuals behind your favorite New York City restaurants.  

Best air fryer recipes - Brooklyn Active Mama

Air fryers are all the hype nowadays and this NYC mother of 3 knows all the quick recipes. Check out this delicious recipe for air fryer Thanksgiving Leftover Pies and you’ll be all set for the post-holiday season.

Best quick meals - Fifteen Spatulas

When you need dinner in a hurry, Fifteen Spatulas has you covered. Check out this blog for quick weeknight recipes such as ground pork stir fry, chicken spinach tortellini soup, and eggplant parmesan sandwiches. The author, Joanne Ozug, has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the TODAY show, Home & Family, the Cooking Channel, The Dr. Oz Show, and more.

Most up-to-date with food industry news - Food Tank

Food Tank is building a global community for safe, healthy, and nourished eaters. They focus on environmentally friendly ways of solving food-related problems in our society. We recommend this blog if you want to learn more about where your food comes from and ways vendors are bettering (or harming) the food system. Check out their article on New York City Street Vendors.

Most relatable bio - Feed Me Phoebe

There are a lot of great things about this blog, from gluten-free recipes to travel recommendations, but we had to give Feed Me Pheobe the most relatable bio superlative. The author, Phoebe Lapine describes her childhood with her “original gangster of crunchy healthy food” mother and her addiction to Fruit-By-The-Foot at her friends’ house. Beyond her relatable humor, Phoebe has some incredible gluten-free recipes, check out this eggplant casserole inspired by a trip to Greece.

Smartest kitchen tips - The Mom 100

One of the beauties of cooking is you’re constantly learning. The list of ingredients is endless and you never know what might make a good recipe a great one. This blog has a category of “kitchen smarts” that teaches you about non-basic ingredients, kitchen hacks, and cooking tips. For example, check out this article on 7 ways to use leftover roasted vegetables.

Most likely to convince you to become vegan - Best of Vegan

Since January 2014, Best of Vegan’s main goal has been to showcase all that vegan food has to offer and show people that you don’t have to sacrifice taste when you adopt a vegan lifestyle. This digital culinary publication has vegan recipes for every dish you can imagine, as well as vegan restaurant discoveries.

Best of the boroughs - Apple Eats

There are enough restaurants in Manhattan to keep a blogger busy, but Apple Eats does a great job incorporating restaurants and food news from all 5 New York boroughs. We currently love their read about a wine shop located in Queens by and for women.

Best bagel recommendations - Eat Your World

We trust Eat Your World with all our tastebuds as they’ve been around since 2011 and have been a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe founded on the principle that what you eat depends on where you are. New York is known for its bagels, check out their blog on the New York bagel.

Easiest pasta recipe - The Skinny Pig

Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest ones. The Skinny Pig NYC is a food blog born in 2008, covering recipes, restaurants, and rants. This blog features a pantry pasta recipe that is so delicious and easy to make we had to feature it- enjoy!

Best for your sweet tooth - Female Foodie

When thinking of New York it’s easy to get caught up in all the savory flavors, but we can’t forget about dessert! Female Foodie does a phenomenal job in their article on the top 20 desserts in New York City. We’ll take some cookie dough in a cone, please!

Most likely to give you the best experience - Brooklyn Based

This was such a fun website to explore! Brooklyn Based made us feel like we were flipping through a real magazine with its photography, color scheme, and different topics. We particularly loved the “explore” section where we discovered the many unique experiences you can have in New York, such as where to go glamping within driving distance of Brooklyn. Another honorable mention is their article on how street vendors still need New Yorkers’ support.

Most trendy - Secret NYC

It can be tough keeping up with all the new restaurants and bars in the city but Secret NYC seems to always have the insider scoop! Check out their online guide to news, events, and things to do in New York City.

Best comfort food - NYC BBQ

There's nothing more comforting than some good BBQ, and NYC BBQ has compiled all the best BBQ spots in the city. You can subscribe to their weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date with all the top BBQ news and events happening in the NYC metro area.

Best for discovering new recipes - Smitten Kitchen

Our favorite thing about this food blog is the “surprise” category. Sometimes you get in a funk of cooking the same few dishes and need some inspo. This blog has an entire section dedicated to “surprises”, random recipes for you to follow. We love this idea and highly recommend checking it out. 

Whether you're recreating these recipes in your kitchen or planning your itinerary to NYC, we hope this guide to NY food blog helps. For more information on New York restaurants, check out our list here.

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