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15 Best Houston Food Blogs in 2022

If you’re looking for Houston food inspiration, here are 15 blogs to get you started.

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Best Houston Food Blogs

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From tacos to barbecue to Whataburger (and more!), Houston is nothing if not a foodie city. But with so many options and so many types of cuisines, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for inspiration for the best food finds in Houston, these blogs can help you get started. 

Here are 15 great Houston foodie blogs to check out.

  1. HoustonPress

  2. Eater Houston 

  3. Houstonia 

  4. Houston Food Finder

  5. The Corkscrew Concierge 

  6. Black Allergy Mama

  7. Finding Inspiration in Food

  8. Black Girls Who Brunch

  9. Dash of Jazz 

  10. Wholly Plants 

  11. Mike Riccetti

  12. Hurried Hostess

  13. The Pancake Princess

  14. The Hungry Petite

  15. CopyKat Recipes

Most up-to-date: HoustonPress → Restaurants

HoustonPress is a go-to for discovering new restaurants and where to find the best food in Houston. Their restaurant guide is a searchable directory of recommended local restaurants, with a full review for each one, detailing the price range, hours, seating, parking, and more. Plus, they’re constantly updating on local food events, restaurant openings and closings, and more. 

Best city guides: Eater Houston

A classic for a reason! Eater Houston will always be the best spot to find up-to-date information on the local food scene. From wine bar recommendations to the best burger destinations, Eater Houston really covers it all.

Most likely to help you make weekend plans: Houstonia

If you don’t know what to do on a night out, Houstonia has you covered. With categories covering bars and nightclubs, cheap eats, food news and events, and more, Houstonia is always there to recommend something to do.

Best restaurant reviews: Houston Food Finder

With new restaurant reviews coming out every few days, it will be tough not to find your next fav on this blog. Houston Food Finder focuses on the best food and drinks in Houston, and the people who make them. From Tex-Mex to smash burgers, Houston Food Finder has it all. 

Best wine pairings: The Corkscrew Concierge

A corporate tax lawyer by day and a wine connoisseur by night, Kat is all about the wine experience. Check out the Corkscrew Concierge for all things wine, food, and the pairing of the two.

Most food allergy friendly: Black Allergy Mama

Creator Renia uses her blog to share allergy-friendly recipes and to spread awareness about food allergies and eczema. Her vegan and gluten-free banana bread looks especially amazing – you can check it out on her blog.

Best for stress relief: Finding Inspiration in Food

Finding Inspiration in Food is all about taking simple ingredients and making something delicious. Many people can find cooking stressful, but as the author says, “if you step back and take in all the sights, smells, and sounds, it’s relaxing and can clear your head after a stressful day.”

Best travel content: Black Girls Who Brunch

Erika started Black Girls Who Brunch as a blog for documenting her Houston food adventures but quickly evolved into posting about all things traveling, cooking, and local Houston happenings. Her city guides are also top-notch – you can check them out on her blog.

Best getaway guides: Dash of Jazz

Jazzmine Woodard started Dash of Jazz to spotlight easy delicious recipes, affordable travel, and lifestyle advice. Her getaway guides are especially thorough – from Cabo to Vegas, Jazzmine covers it all.

Most creative plant-based recipes: Wholly Plants

Sisters Natalie and Lexie are plant-based dieticians and started Wholly Plants to share recipes for a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods. They also specialize in making non-vegan recipes vegan, like queso and breakfast sandwiches.

Best at spotting real Italian food: Mike Riccetti

Houston guidebook author and former Zagat editor Mike Riccetti knows everything there is to know about authentic Italian cuisine. From his  “margherita pizza project” to a history of Italian food in America, his blog covers all things pizza and pasta in Houston.

Best at budgeting: Hurried Hostess

The Hurried Hostess is all about inspired eating and traveling on a budget. With weekly recipes (and some travel tips sprinkled in along the way!), Stacy aims to inspire her readers to explore new places, or at the very least, try a new recipe.  

Most “bake-offs”: The Pancake Princess

Wondering where you can find the best of the best recipes? Erika has you covered. Her bake-offs test anywhere from 8-16 recipes in one category, pit them against each other, and recruit taste testers to decide which is the best. From brownies to cheesecake, Erika has tested it all.

Prettiest photography: The Hungry Petite

Featured in The Dr. Oz Show, Travel + Leisure, Food Network, and more, The Hungry Petite’s content (and especially photography) is truly unmatched. Creators Iris and Paul use the Hungry Petite to spotlight food, travel, restaurants, and day-to-day life in Houston.

Best food dupes: CopyKat Recipes

Growing up in a rural area, Stephanie Manley didn’t always have access to her favorite restaurants. CopyKat Recipes focuses on creating your favorite restaurant recipes at home – from Olive Garden to Mcdonald's, Starbucks, and more.


And there you have it! 15 of our favorite blogs across Houston. Check them out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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