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15 Best Chicago Food Blogs in 2024


Caroline PriceAuthor

While Chicago is known for its hotdogs and deep dish pizza, there’s more to the food scene in the Windy City. But with so many options, and such expansive neighborhoods, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for inspiration for the best food finds in Chicago, these are some go-to options.

Here are 15 great Chicago foodie blogs to check out. 

  1. Eater Chicago

  2. Chicago Loves Panini

  3. The Chicago Good Life 

  4. Del’s Cooking Twist 

  5. Plant-Based Tamika 

  6. The Chopping Block 

  7. 312 Food

  8. Chicago Food Authority

  9. Lake Shore Lady 

  10. Plus Size in Chicago 

  11. Eat the Burbs

  12. Here Here Market

  13. The Infatuation: Chicago Guide

  14. Veg Out Chicago 

  15. Chicago Reader: The Food Issue

Best recommendations: Eater Chicago

A classic for a reason, Eater really covers it all when it comes to the Chicago food scene. From sandwiches to cocktails, Eater has a recommendation for anything you might be looking for. 

Best storytelling: Chicago Loves Panini

If you love all things recipes, events, and food trends, Chicago Loves Panini is the blog for you. Creator Michaela digs into the details of just about every lunch, dinner, and dessert topic there is – from recipes, to reviews, to Chicago events, and everything in between. 

Best lifestyle blog: The Chicago Good Life

Blogger, mom, and restaurant-goer Christine Zwolinski rounds up the best places to eat in Chicago on The Chicago Good Life. From family-friendly road trips to the best date night spots, Christine knows all the best places in the city for any day or activity. 

Most likely to see on Pinterest: Del’s Cooking Twist

This one you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest. Creator Delphine Fortin started Del’s Cooking Twist in 2013 and has been going strong ever since – sharing everything from decadent desserts to plant-based and vegan recipes. 

Most likely to make you see plants as food and friends: Plant-Based Tamika

Another plant-based friend, Plant-Based Tamika is a go-to for all things vegan. Creator Tamika Maria knows all there is to know about vegan Chicago restaurants, and you can’t miss it. 

Best cooking classes: The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block has been running a recreational cooking school for over 25 years – and they have a great blog to match. If you’re looking for unique recipes (cold cherry soup, anyone?) or the latest food trends (hello, butter boards), The Chopping Block is your go-to resource. 

Most likely to help you get a last-minute dinner reservation: 312 Food

Creator Erin Byrne’s 312 Food covers all things Chicago restaurants, local food and travel guides, gift guides, and more. From waitlist hacks to the best brunch spots by neighborhood, 312 Food covers it all. 

Puts the authority in Chicago food: Chicago Food Authority

Chicago Food Authority aims to secure Chicago as the premier food destination. Founder Sam Roby covers everything from top delivery picks, to St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans, and everything in between. 

Best marriage of food & fitness: Lake Shore Lady

If you’re fit and a foodie, Lauren is your gal. With a focus on style, wellness, and of course, Chicago, Lauren Nolan shares her favorite recipes, restaurant recommendations, volunteering opportunities, and more. 

Most inclusive recommendations: Plus Size in Chicago 

Originally created to help plus-sized people navigate Chicago, Angela Vaughn spotlights foods and drinks at popular restaurants and shares recipes of her favorite meals – hoping to encourage others to visit her favs for themselves. And, she’s active across basically all social media platforms – make sure to check out her blog. 

Best at proving the burbs are way more than Applebees: Eat the Burbs

Eat the Burbs is a food and lifestyle blog focused on the suburbs of Chicago. Creator Rachell Eates covers all things in the outskirts of Chicago – with a guide for every town in the surrounding area.   

Best chef spotlights: Here Here Market 

Here Here Market is an online marketplace for foodies of all kinds. Their blog covers chef spotlights and interviews, restaurant recommendations, recipe and ingredient ideas, and so much more – make sure to check it out. 

Best insider secrets of Chi town: The Infatuation

From restaurant openings to reviews and events, The Infatuation: Chicago Guide readers can sort by neighborhood, occasion, and cuisine to find the best spot for any occasion. Don’t miss out next time you’re making your weekend plans. 

Best vegan guide to the city: VegOut Chicago

VegOut Chicago is the go-to plant-based food and culture magazine. From vegan sushi recommendations, to ice cream and empanadas, VegOut has it all. Check out their Chicago guide here. 

Happiest celebration of under-celebrated communities: Chicago Reader

Also known as Chicago’s alternative nonprofit newsroom, Chicago Reader makes a point to highlight the food communities commonly underrepresented in other publications. From local spirit-free drinks brands to the best places to find coconut paletas, The Food Issue is a must-read for anyone in the area. 

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