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Top 20 Brunch Restaurants in the US in 2024

Isabel ThottamAuthor

One of the best activities people do during the weekends is meeting friends and family for a late morning, or early afternoon meal widely known as “brunch.” While the origin of the term brunch dates back to Britain in the late 1800s, the concept of brunch first rose to popularity in America in the 1930s when people started to pick up mid-day eating habits. Brunch, as we now know and love it, is generally a meal consumed between 11 am and 3 pm on the weekends, usually consisting of a mix of breakfast and lunch foods paired with alcoholic beverages. 

For most brunch diners, the most important elements they look for in a brunch restaurant are the ambiance and setting, the drink menu, and of course, the food, which has to be mouth-watering and delicious. The best brunch restaurants in the United States meet those three requirements but often go over the top or add a special twist to their menu offerings that have landed them a spot on our top 20 best brunch restaurants in the United States in 2023. 

From fruity pebble pancakes and croissant French toast to a Jazz-themed Sunday brunch and a classic American bistro, these 20 restaurants are the top places to eat brunch this weekend.

  1. El Chorro - Paradise Valley, AZ

  2. Arnaud’s - New Orleans, LA

  3. Bubby’s - New York, NY

  4. Lincoln Tavern - Boston, MA

  5. Phuc Yea - Miami, FL

  6. Central Provisions - Portland, ME

  7. The Goat - Portsmouth, NH

  8. State of Grace - Houston, TX

  9. Halls Chophouse - Charleston, SC

  10. Buck and Rider - Phoenix, AZ

  11. Fork - Philadelphia, PA

  12. Malibu Farm - Malibu, CA

  13. Plow - San Francisco, CA

  14. Primrose - Washington, DC

  15. Tavern on the Green - New York, NY

  16. Backstreet Cafe - Houston, TX

  17. Irene’s - Chicago, IL

  18. Vintage - Vail, CO

  19. Oxford Exchange - Tampa, FL

  20. Le Diplomate - Washington, DC

El Chorro - Paradise Valley, AZ

Nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona, El Chorro is the quintessential patio spot for food, drinks, and desert views. The atmosphere alone draws guests into their restaurant, but the delicious comfort foods and flavorful drinks make customers want to stay all day. From beef stroganoff to seafood entrees and sweet, homemade delights such as sticky buns and apple pie, El Chorro perfectly balances food and atmosphere for a true, relaxing brunch experience.

Arnaud’s - New Orleans, LA

In the heart of the French Quarter, Arnaud’s Restaurant offers Cajun and Creole cuisine paired with Jazz musicians for their Jazz brunch experience. But what really brings customers to their restaurant are the delicious sauces and soups that are unlike any other. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, their French-inspired New Orleans-style bar, The French 75 Bar is sure to impress you with their drinks, as their bar has recently won a James Beard award.

Bubby’s - New York, NY

Known for making their food by hand, from scratch, and using seasonal, fresh local produce, Bubby’s is a classic New York restaurant most famous for...pancakes. Their light, fluffy pancakes come in many different flavors. And if you can’t decide, you can do a “pancake flight” to sample more than one! With a menu packed with various, traditional American food fare, Bubby’s has all the food you’re craving for brunch so there is something for everyone.

Lincoln Tavern - Boston, MA

A brunch spot with a lively atmosphere, Lincoln Tavern in South Boston offers the classic, American-style food and drinks you look for on a brunch menu: oysters, loaded hashbrowns, bacon and eggs, burgers, salads and so much more. For cocktails, they offer their ever-popular espresso martini, LT iced (boozy) coffee, a sugar bowl (watermelon, cucumber, vodka beverage), and much more! But, their real claim to fame is their “fruity pebble pancakes” which look as good as it sounds. The desserts alone draw a crowd, especially because of their peanut butter and jelly cake and a snack cake packed with caramel sauce, pretzels, and buttered popcorn to only further prove that Lincoln Tavern is the brunch spot to secure a table at.

Phuc Yea - Miami, FL

Phuc Yea is a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant recognized for offering really good food at a moderate price point. With dishes influenced by Vietnamese, Cajun, Latin, and French cuisine, their brunch menu is surprisingly and refreshingly unique. Considering their menu offers a crispy croissant French toast or a breakfast banh mi, Phuc Yea is not your typical brunch spot in the best way.

Central Provisions - Portland, ME

One step into Central Provisions transports you back in time due to the care put into restoring the building and the commitment to preserving its history. Complete with hand-crafted chairs, stools, and tables by local craftsmen, it’s immediately easy to believe the restaurant owners put just as much effort and dedication into crafting the food. With a simple menu inspired by international fare, the brunch food offered at Central Provisions is both comforting and exotic.

The Goat - Portsmouth, NH

Looking for the best mimosas in the United States? Look no further than The Goat, with four total locations in New Hampshire. The Goat has an extravagant, mouth-watering brunch selection featuring "Marg-Mosas", poutine homefries or tots, and bacon buckets. This place has a lively, booming atmosphere and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Check out their website for daily specials like 2-for-1 burgers all day and 10-cent wings. This place is, quite literally, the GOAT! 

State of Grace - Houston, TX

The Gulf Coast region heavily inspires the cuisine at State of Grace with dishes such as butter biscuits with ham, beignets, hushpuppies, griddlecakes, cheese grits, and a crawfish benedict. Paired with a wine, beer, and cocktail menu, State of Grace transports you to the coast without having to leave downtown Houston.

Halls Chophouse - Charleston, SC

Locals will let you in on the secret that the place to be for brunch on a Sunday in Charleston, South Carolina is Halls Chophouse. An elegant steakhouse, you can expect to find a variety of different meats and cuts on the menu, but the side dishes, malted Belgian waffle or sweet potato pancakes, and their famous Bloody Mary cocktail are also just as noteworthy.

Buck and Rider - Phoenix, AZ

The best place to find fresh, sustainably sourced seafood is at Buck and Rider, who bring the flavors from the sea into Phoenix, Arizona. Their weekend brunch menu is a seafood lovers' dream, complete with sushi, fresh crab and fish served in a variety of different ways. They even offer a few twists on some classic foods, such as beignets, Dutch baby pancakes, and their famous fish sandwich.

Fork - Philadelphia, PA

Located in the heart of Philadelphia’s old city, Fork offers a classic New American menu that defines culinary excellence. Part of what makes Fork a worthwhile dining experience is the hospitality served by its staff, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. With smaller plates and an extensive drink menu, Fork is a modern American restaurant with old-world charm that makes for a relaxing, ideal brunch spot.

Malibu Farm - Malibu, CA

If you want a quintessential Southern California brunch right on the ocean, Malibu Farm is the place to visit. If the setting and location perched on a dock in the Pacific Ocean are not enough to start your brunch dining experience, the farm-to-table food will only add to the refreshing service. Whether you want an acai bowl or a poblano lobster burrito, Malibu Farm’s eclectic menu makes for an incredibly fun brunch, especially when paired with a rainbow mimosa flight and the ocean view.

Plow - San Francisco, CA

Located in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, Plow turned a vacant architect studio into a minimalist brunch spot serving timeless recipes using ingredients sourced from various local California farmers. For a comforting, sweet, and filling brunch, Plow has a wealth of options for the foodie in search of an elevated home-style fare. From lemon ricotta pancakes and custard French toast to porchetta sandwiches and Hong Kong-style toast, Plow will fill you up.

Primrose - Washington, DC

In the Brookland community of Northeast Washington, D.C., Primrose is a French-inspired wine bar. The wine selections make this a special dining experience and they even offer the opportunity to try a natural or raw wine. Specialty drinks combined with popular French-style foods, such as a Croquet Madame, Latkes, or French toast, make Primrose a classic brunch spot.

Tavern on the Green - New York, NY

An iconic landmark restaurant in Central Park, Tavern on the Green offers a hearty, rustic menu with fresh, local, and seasonal foods. The vibrant location captures the energy of the city and makes you feel as though you are simply having an elegant picnic in the park. Its classic American fare adds to the ambiance, which is what really makes Tavern on the Green a perfect brunch restaurant to dine with friends or family.

Backstreet Cafe - Houston, TX

A Houston stable, Backstreet Café went from being a soup, salad, and sandwich shop to a critically acclaimed American bistro. The perfect communal setting for family celebrations, Backstreet Café has a diverse menu to capture the cuisine of different cultures in Houston, such as Creole, Hispanic, and Asian food. But, what makes this the place to be for Sunday brunch is its menu paired with live Jazz music and eye-popping creative cocktails.

Irene’s - Chicago, IL

A well-known neighborhood breakfast spot in Chicago’s North Center, Irene’s is a must for brunch. Often referred to as a “finer diner” the menu at Irene’s offers a twist on typical diner food using high-quality local ingredients. Some of their popular breakfast treats include carrot cake or cookies and cream pancakes, or a short rib grilled cheese. This paired with a laid-back atmosphere make it a fun, go-to spot for brunch with family and friends.

Vintage - Vail, CO

Next door to The Sebastian Hotel in beautiful Vail, Colorado, Vintage is a French brasserie-style restaurant with a fabulous Champagne brunch offering a variety of French and American classics. Their specialty cocktails add flair to your brunch whether you opt for a rhubarb bourbon sour, a pistachio dream, or a classic champagne cocktail. From fresh croissants, beignets, steak frites, and foie gras, to a chicken club sandwich and traditional American breakfast plates, there is a good mix of French and American fare to choose from.

Oxford Exchange - Tampa, FL

In sunny Tampa, Florida, the Oxford Exchange offers guests the option to choose whether they want to dine in an art-filled dining room, or inside their Conservatory space that is often sunlit and filled with vines and has a retractable, glass roof. Its American bistro-style menu elevates the dining experience with elegant food in a bright, airy, and relaxing atmosphere for a true Florida experience. With brunch classics such as stone ground grits, eggs benedict, and steak and eggs, Oxford Exchange has a good food menu and option for afternoon tea dining.

Le Diplomate - Washington, DC

Paying homage to French café culture, Le Diplomate is situated in Washington D.C.’s 14th Street corridor. It feels like a Parisian brasserie inside and out which makes for the perfect setting for a French brunch meal. The menu features Gallic classics, such as French onion soup, steak frites, escargot, bouillabaisse and cassoulet. Their wine and cocktail lists are curated alongside the menu to add to the experience of being abroad in Europe despite dining in America.

While there are many restaurants that offer brunch menus today, these 20 brunch restaurants have gone above and beyond to offer customers the best brunch dining experience in 2023. From great ambiance and friendly staff to delicious, Instagram-worthy foods that don’t disappoint, the top 20 brunch restaurants listed above have proved that brunch is always a good idea.

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