Menu Engineering Bootcamp:

Increase Restaurant Sales By 27% 

Save countless hours updating your menu with data-driven tips and tricks
on restaurant menu design and menu engineering.



How to Increase Restaurant Sales by 27% in 30 Days or Less 

Your restaurant revolves around your menu. What if you could create a menu that drastically increases sales at your restaurant? 

Enter menu engineering. By knowing food cost percentage, contribution margin, and item popularity, you can use menu design psychology to strategically suggest certain items to guests. 

Many restaurant industry experts suggest updating your menu at least four times a year. By identifying the menu items that are bringing in the most profit, you can use data to engineer the best menu for your restaurant. 

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Our comprehensive menu engineering course gives you: 


menu-design5 lessons and 50+ tips on menu engineering

menu-psychologyAssignments to keep you on track during the 30-day bootcamp



menu-engineeringRestaurant menu design strategies based on psychology

restaurant-menuFree, actionable takeaways to improve your restaurant menu now 


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