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Stay on top of your restaurant's finances (without a finance degree)

Use this free, customizable restaurant balance sheet template to help forecast short and long-term cash flow and assess the overall financial health of your restaurant.

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What's Inside? Insights into:

  • The value behind a balance sheet
  • Explanations and definitions for financial terms
  • Clear instructions on how to use your balance sheet
  • Calculations for current sales and income, property and equipment, food and labor costs, and cash flow

The average restaurant profit margin is between 3-5%. 

The phrase "razor-thin margins" has become synonymous with owning a restaurant. 

To improve your margins and take home more money at the end of the night, it’s important to maintain a restaurant balance sheet. A balance sheet is a financial statement that provides valuable information to your business that can help you with decision-making, performance evaluation, investor and lender relations, compliance and reporting, and benchmarking.

This customizable Excel spreadsheet template is designed so you can work step by step through each tab and each cell. Use it to forecast short- and long-term cash flow and assess the overall financial health of your restaurant.

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