Toast’s Product Lifetime Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Product Lifetime Policy?

It provides clear and predictable guidelines for the availability of support throughout the life of a Toast Product (as defined below).

What is the Toast Product Lifetime Policy?

Toast Products are covered in accordance with the Toast Limited Hardware Warranty. Once the Warranty Period expires, Toast will continue to support the application software on your Toast Product for an additional three (3) years with support that may include: automated software, firmware, and security updates pushed directly to your Toast Product. The availability of support may be affected by the technical support provided by the manufacturer of the Toast Product and Toast will not be responsible for any support availability outside of Toast’s control.

This Product Lifetime Policy applies only to hardware products that are sold by Toast and which you purchased directly from Toast or an authorized Toast reseller (the “Toast Products”).

What happens at the end of my product's lifetime?

At the end of these three (3) years, you can still continue to use your Toast Product and access Toast Customer Care 24/7/365. However, your Toast Product may no longer be eligible for new feature enhancements and automatic software, firmware, security, and bug fix updates. At such time, we recommend you upgrade to one of our newer Toast Product offerings in order to ensure you have the best technology for your business.