Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Keep customers coming back and earning restaurant rewards with Toast's built-in restaurant loyalty program.
Get more customers to opt in by integrating loyalty signup during payment on Toast handhelds.

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Simplify Loyalty Program Management

Intuitive Loyalty Opt-in

Toast makes it easy for customers to opt in to restaurant loyalty programs right at the table or counter, as the program is integrated in the  Toast system. 

When they pay and sign for their meal on the Toast handheld, they can simply opt in to your loyalty program. 

Easy Access to Restaurant Loyalty Points

Upon signing up for your loyalty program, customers will receive an email containing a unique code and rewards account number, which they can use to check their rewards balance at any time after signing up.

How Toast Works for Restaurants >

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Restaurant guests who use Toast

loyalty programs spend 

39% more than non-loyalty guests.

Easy to Use: Cash Compatible

Since loyalty programs are an integrated feature of the Toast platform, it is very easy for guests to earn and use their rewards points.

By using their Toast rewards card number, scanning a digital QR code, or entering their email address (as this information is all stored securely in the Toast CRM), guests can still receive rewards even when they pay with cash or check.

Customizable Loyalty Rewards

With Toast, you have the freedom to completely customize the loyalty program to your specific preferences.

You can choose the dollar to points exchange, the points milestones, and even which specific menu items or groups are redeemable with rewards cards. You can even set up a birthday rewards program for your guest, and give customers signup bonuses to further incentivize loyalty opt ins.