Self-Ordering Restaurant Kiosk System

Toast self-ordering kiosks simplify the guest ordering. Used alongside in-person order takers or as a restaurant's only option, Toast kiosks improve order times in high-volume restaurants.

Simplify Guest Ordering With Kiosks

Empower Your Customers with Self-Service

Give your guests control over their restaurant experience with the choice to order at a self-order kiosk or counter.

Toast kiosks allow customers to place orders through a touch screen, customize their selections and route their orders directly to the kitchen. 

Improve Speed of Service for High Volume

Reduce wait times with self-ordering kiosks that customers can place orders through directly.

Toast restaurants kiosks are ideal for fast casual concepts where speed of service during their busiest times is a bottleneck, driving away potential customers.

Improved throughput with self-ordering kiosks help to increase the total number of customers you can serve at any given time.


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Front of the House Success Simplified 

Improve Order Accuracy

With Toast restaurant kiosks, your customers are able to order exactly what they want. The kiosk interface allows guest to customize their order to their exact specifications, as they would be able to with a server.

Plus, now your former order-taking staff are freed up to focus on customer happiness, food production, and other mission-critical business functions.

Give Guests What They Want, When They Want

Upselling is built in to Toast self-service kiosks. With an intuitive layout and sleek, branded design, you can customize your menu categories, pictures, and product descriptions. 

Customers can easily edit their order as they checkout.  Take advantage of upselling by prominently featuring high-margin items your guests may want to try on the kiosk screen. 

Access Your Secure Info From Anywhere

All Toast kiosks are PCI compliant, meaning every credit card payment is safe, secure, and immediately encrypted.

Plus, all reports of kiosk activity are integrated into your restaurant POS reports, so you can view your data anywhere, anytime in the cloud.

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"With the Toast kiosks, there’s more interaction between the staff and our customers because they’re out there talking to them without the barrier of a counter. We’re seeing a higher average ticket size because people buy with their eyes. They’re adding more items to their kiosk basket than they would at the counter. "
– Jon Arbitman, Protein Bar