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1894 Lodge Increases Efficiency and Doubles Sales With Toast Restaurant POS

The 1894 Lodge creates an enjoyable restaurant experience for locals with a reliable ordering system, fast service, and a rewards program that incentivizes customer loyalty.

The 1894 Lodge got its name after the original building that was hand made in 1894. Since its founding, the Lodge has served as the local watering hole in New Washington, Indiana.

Switching to Toast Doubled Monthly Sales

With the historic lodge’s legacy POS system, it was never guaranteed that the ticketing system would function properly, which left the staff feeling like they were playing a game of Russian roulette each time they sent a ticket to the kitchen.

“Our old system was outdated and unreliable,” says general manager, Logan Hostettler. “We never knew if a ticket would actually print, so servers had to take time to run to the kitchen to assure that their order went through.”

The Lodge’s previous restaurant POS system sometimes left tickets to hang in limbo for up to 90 minutes. This hurt not only efficiency, but also the customer experience. After switching to Toast, the Lodge’s staff easily adjusted to the new system as they were able to effortlessly track orders and control ticket times.

“Switching to Toast has doubled our monthly sales," Logan says. "Faster turn times and the reliability and accuracy of orders has really contributed to revenue. Everything is being accounted for and I no longer have to worry about losing money from missing orders that were put in incorrectly."

Table Times in Half the Time

The 1894 Lodge implemented kitchen display screens to improve table turn times and improve communication. Servers are confident knowing that their tickets are sent directly to the KDS and managers can relax knowing they’re not losing money from untracked sides and modifications.

“I no longer have to worry about miscommunications between the front and back of house,” says Logan. “With Toast, I can watch the KDS to see orders going through and being fulfilled in real time.”

Toast makes it easier for managers to track every order that comes into the kitchen. With their legacy system, the Lodge was constantly facing issues with lost or incorrect orders.

“We saw our ticket times go from over an hour and a half, to only 40 minutes. This has helped improve our table turn times by 50%!" says Logan. "Everyone in our restaurant - from the servers to the guests - has benefited from Toast’s reliable system." 

A Surge in Customer Loyalty

With Toast's integrated loyalty module, the 1894 Lodge has made their guest rewards program an integral part of their business. As a town staple, the Lodge has used loyalty to keep customers coming back and reward them for repeat visits.

“In a town of less than 1,000 people, we had 65 customers sign up within the first weekend of launching our rewards program. That’s 6% of the population!" Logan says. "Customers were so crazy to earn points that they were buying the entire bar a round so they can redeem the rewards. They love how the loyalty program offers a gamified restaurant experience.”

With the help of Toast's all-in-one system, the 1894 Lodge has taken their customer service to the next level. Their modern POS system has helped decrease table times by 50% and doubled monthly sales within the first year.

“Toast is helping us do big things," says Logan. "We’re expanding the restaurant and adding more staff and terminals. Toast’s ease of use and seamless rewards program is what helps us drive success.”

“We saw our ticket times go from over an hour and a half, to only 40 minutes. This has helped improve our table turn times by 50%! Everyone in our restaurant - from the servers to the guests - has benefited from Toast’s reliable system."

Logan Hostettler

General Manager

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