On the Line / Industry News / 10 Relatable Restaurant Memes That Scream "This Is My Life"

10 Relatable Restaurant Memes That Scream "This Is My Life"

Looking for a laugh after a long shift? Here’s ten memes that scream “this is my life” for everyone who has ever worked in a restaurant.


It feels like just overnight when memes became an online sensation. The concept is simple - funny photos with hilarious captions. 

The best part? How relatable memes can be. Sometimes it feels like the caption perfectly describes how you feel in a situation. 

This viral trend has spread across all industries, from reality TV stars to restaurants. We could all use a laugh after a long shift, so here’s ten server memes and restaurant memes that scream “this is my life” for everyone who has worked in a restaurant.

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1. A Misconception of Priorities

server memes

It’s common for customers to assume that orders come out in the order of who’s seated first. But when they take half an hour to order and ask for a steak well done, it’s difficult to bring out their food before the table that ordered a grilled cheese and water. 

Though the customer might be annoyed by the wait, being asked "where's my food" every ten seconds isn't totally ideal either.

2. The Inevitable Screaming Child

restaurant memes

A family walks into the restaurant with their child who doesn’t even have enough teeth to eat any of the meals listed on your menu. Just when you think that ten hour shift couldn’t get any longer, a two-year-old’s cry is now the soundtrack to the remainder of your night.

3. The Curse of 86'ing a Menu Item

server memes

No matter how many times you 86 a menu item, there is almost always one person who rings in the item anyway - unless you’re taking orders on a tablet. Thanks to restaurant technologies with quick menu edit mode, managers can easily 86 an item and prevent servers from being able to select that item. Talk about a preemptive headache medication.

4. Who Pays The Check?

restaurant memes

I think that everyone has experienced that awkward moment when the check is placed on the table, and you wait to see who will pick it up first. Eyes dart back and forth between the table, and you can cut the tension with the one butter knife that was left on the table. Suddenly, someone picks up the check in a panic and becomes the delegated accountant at the table, telling everyone how much they owe.

From a server's perspective, most times its more stressful to try and split a check twenty ways between debit, credit, and cash. Cross your fingers, and hope that your archaic POS can handle the stress you're about to put it on. Or maybe if you're lucky the old clunker will finally give out, and your manager will finally invest in a more modern POS.

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5. To-Go Troubles

server memes

To-go orders can be nice, for the customer that is. For restaurants, it’s not always easy to explain the entire menu over the phone during rush hour. The last thing a server wants to do is list the 20 different salad dressings that come with the side salad. Meanwhile, a line is building up outside the door and those who took the time to come in and read the menu have to wait even longer. It’s enough to make you want to finally cave in and register your restaurant on an online ordering site, or even get an in-house software to do the job in a more cost-effective way.

6. Rush Hour Madness

restaurant memes

Restaurant rush hour gets the best of us. It starts off with two friendly tables just looking for a quick bite to eat. Next think you know, the restaurant is packed from head to toe, there’s a line out the door, and four out of seven of your tables are asking for the only 2 ketchup bottles left.

At times like this, the best you can do is take a deep breath and think about that post-shift drink you’ll enjoy in 5 hours.

7. Do You Really Need All Those Lemons?

server memes

Sometimes a customer needs a full lemon’s worth of lemon for their iced tea. It’s not ideal for the restaurant, but as we say “the customer is always right”. Times like this can really eat into your inventory costs. Most restaurant owners hate using busy Excel spreadsheets to manage their inventory, so using an inventory management system to track your costs in these situations can make sure everything’s accounted for.

8. #ServerStats

restaurant memes

Let’s admit it - whether you’re a server or a customer, we’ve all been in this situation. When you’re told not to touch a hot plate, your immediate instinct is to see how hot the plate really is. But one thing is for sure - you can’t blame the server for not warning you!

9. A Closing Shift Horror Story

server memes

It’s 9:55, half of the tables are turned over, and you’ve already closed down one of the registers for the night. Then you hear the chime of the bells coming from the door, and a chill goes down your neck. A horde of hungry college students storm in, and want to eat whatever pizza they can get their hands on. Unfortunately this isn’t a Stephen King movie.

This is real. 

This is your life.

10. The Chain of Blame

kitchen mees

If you think your memory is better than writing down an order - you’re wrong. But do you know how you can be even more efficient? Take orders using a tablet-based POS. This way you can minimize errors, and your tickets are sent directly to the kitchen. Now you’ll never forget to ring in a ticket again!

Don't Tell Yourself These Memes Aren't Your Life

Who knew that memes could so accurately describe your life at the restaurant? And more importantly, who would have thought that restaurant technology could help save some of these problems? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that this is the end of restaurant memes. In the ever-evolving restaurant tech scene, there’s always room for some after hour laughs. 

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