Best Restaurant Website Builders: Top 10 Restaurant Website Builders (2022)

Best Restaurant Website Builders

Build the restaurant website of your dreams with the best restaurant website builder out there.

Your restaurant’s website is the hinge of your digital marketing strategy – it’s where all paths from social media posts or digital ads should lead. 

Building a website for your restaurant has never been easier. However, the key to creating a successful website is having a basic web-building skill set and, most importantly, the right web builder. 

We’ve researched the best restaurant website hosts and builders to help you compare the options.

  • Bentobox
  • FlavorPlate
  • Upmenu
  • Zyro
  • Webflow
  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Bluehost
  • Wix
  • GoDaddy
Restaurant Website Checklist
This template will help you update and optimize your website, so guests can easily find and order from you.

Things to Know About Restaurant Websites

There are certain features that every restaurant website needs. Overall, the best restaurant website designs feel true to the brand and mission of the business.

No matter your mission, you’ll need a little education on websites. This knowledge will help you make the best decision for your business when investing in a restaurant website host, builder, and online marketplace.

Hosting your Website

Most of the products on this list offer website hosting and building, but it’s important to know the difference.

Web hosting refers to where your restaurant’s website “lives” on the internet – you pay a web host to keep a copy of your website that the public can access using web addresses. Web building, on the other hand, only refers to the actual construction of your site.

Website Builders

Website builders are the main focus of this list – they let you design a website for your business without having to code. In other words, web builder software makes designing impressive websites accessible – you don’t have to be a designer to build a great website. You build the design using their software. Then, they publish it to your domain.

Pay attention to who retains the rights to the code you produce with a web builder. You might want your restaurant to retain the intellectual property rights to those web designs.

Most web builders offer a free trial – try them all until you find the one that works best for your business! 

Restaurant Website Checklist
This template will help you update and optimize your website, so guests can easily find and order from you.

Best Website Builders for Restaurants

The website builder products in this section are designed with restaurants in mind. Build the restaurant website of your dreams with the design and programming teams behind these solutions. 



  • The line of products from BentoBox includes online ordering, website design, and analytics to empower your restaurant.

  • The team of designers at BentoBox works with you to develop a digital space to represent your brand.

  • Manage your website and online ordering in a single, intuitive dashboard.

  • Custom websites deliver a powerful impression on guests with little work or maintenance for the business.


  • Less control over the details of website design than competitors.

  • Since there's no access to the secure code, you can only make changes using the web builder. 

  • Your restaurant won’t own the web designs you and the Bentobox designer collaborate on – only Bentobox will.


Getting started with BentoBox costs $1000. The rest of their products and solutions can be purchased a la carte. For instance, the Essentials website package for 1 location is $119/month or $199/month for up to 9 locations.

In addition, BentoBox offers custom pricing for enterprise-scale solutions.


FlavorPlate offers a sustainable “farm-to-table-to-pixel” network for restaurants, 


  • Work with a team of in-house website and mobile site designers for a beautiful, simple restaurant website.

  • Search engine and social media marketing assistance to ensure your website is a top performer.

  • Intuitive online ordering platform that simplifies the experience for you and your guests.

  • Synchronizes with your Facebook Business page.


  • Menu software does not integrate with your restaurant’s point of sale system.

  • Less advanced website features and reporting than competitors.

  • FlavorPlate retains the right to the code that you produce with their web builder.


Get started with FlavorPlate’s full product for $500 and maintain your website for $39/month.


Upmenu offers a range of restaurant-focused solutions, including website building, online ordering, and reservation management.


  • Work with the team at Upmenu to design a mobile-friendly online menu.

  • Upmenu hosts simple, user-friendly restaurant website templates – design the perfect website without web design or software knowledge.

  • Receive marketing assistance for your website with search engine optimization and mobile sites.


  • Upmenu’s online menus are simple websites that integrate only with the company’s fixed range of solutions.

  • The website reporting and analytics tools offered by Upmenu are limited.

  • Upmenu owns the code you produce with their digital menu builder rather than your business.


All of Upwork’s pricing packages include web hosting and access to their builder. Get started with Upmenu’s Basic package for $49 per month per location.

The Standard and Premium packages offer upgrades to the number of online orders you can accept using Upmenu each month. 

Best Restaurant Website Builders for Designers


Wix is a full-service host and web builder that provides solutions optimized for restaurants and other food service businesses.


  • Wix offers a restaurant-focused web builder solution with menu templates, an integrated reservation system, and restaurant-specific marketing tools.

  • Get everything in one place with Wix hosting and website solutions that scale with your business.

  • Customer support ensures your restaurant’s website runs smoothly and stays up to date.


  • The Wix web builder comes with a learning curve and isn’t the most beginner-friendly option on this list.

  • Wix websites do not integrate with most of your restaurant’s other digital solutions.


The pricing of Wix's restaurant-specific website solutions matches the needs of each business. More specifically, Wix business unlimited package is $32/month and offers everything a restaurant would need to get started.


Webflow offers an advanced web builder platform that lets users create beautiful, advanced websites. Restaurants working with a dedicated webmaster will enjoy this design-focused builder.


  • Design a user-friendly website that perfectly captures your brand with Webflow’s intuitive web builder – great for beginners or design experts.

  • E-commerce allows you to build and update digital menus with ease.

  • Webflow helps you optimize your webpages to perform in search engines and on mobile browsers.

  • The option to work with Webflow’s team for design guidance and website maintenance

  • Advanced accessibility checking to ensure your sites are friendly for all guests.


  • Businesses must host their Webflow designs on a separate domain service, adding another step to the process.

  • Webflow is not a restaurant-focused product. It doesn't have solutions specifically tailored for restaurants like some competitors.


While there’s an option to get started on Webflow for free, the best plan for restaurants is the CMS plan at $16/month, allowing users to upload up to 2,000 files (such as menu photos) at a time. Larger restaurants might opt for the Business plan to handle more traffic, which costs $36/month.


Square empowers its attractive website designs with e-commerce features through Weebly. It is great for restaurant/storefront hybrids.


  • Weebly’s design team has created customizable themes for any business’s needs.

  • An intuitive web builder that is great for beginners but empowers experts to customize every pixel.

  • Powerful data and analytics on sales completed on your website.

  • Customer support so that you don’t have to troubleshoot alone.


  • Does not offer a restaurant-focused website solution, so there you cannot track inventory, labor, or sales for your restaurant.

  • Difficult to upload files such as photos, which is inconvenient for building digital menus.

  • There is not a team of designers to help you build your website, making it not a practical option for those with little design experience.


Weebly’s best plan for restaurants is the Professional plan for $12/month, as it includes unlimited storage for photos and the full range of marketing and e-commerce products. For $26/month, the Performance package offers access to advanced sales reporting for your online store.


WordPress has come a long way from its roots as a personal blog builder. Today, some of the most popular websites are hosted and built with WordPress.


  • Host and build your website in the same place.

  • Get only the plugins and add-ons you need to optimize the WordPress builder for your restaurant’s website design. 

  • Receive help starting and maintaining your website from the customer support team.


  • The plugins, add-ons, and themes that make WordPress great often come at an additional cost.

  • Does not offer restaurant-focused website solutions.


For access to all of the WordPress features your restaurant will need, the Pro plan is $15/month, billed yearly. It gives you access to unlimited uploads, analytics, and support that will help your restaurant website succeed.


Bluehost is a powerful web builder utilizing Wordpress’s strong foundation of hosting and web-building platforms.


  • Unlimited uploads so that you can feature all of your restaurant’s best dishes and angles.

  • Optimized with templates for restaurants and other food service businesses.

  • 24/7 customer support so that you never have to troubleshoot alone and can keep your online business running smoothly.


  • Offers dedicated hosting for websites as an additional product rather than including hosting in their web builder product.

  • Bluehost is a WordPress management service offering advanced features and support for WordPress websites at additional costs.


Access to the full range of e-commerce products from Bluehost with the Online Store package is $12.95/month billed annually.


GoDaddy is a simple, straightforward web builder and host service that is a solid option for restaurant websites.


  • Simple web builder and hosting service, easy to use at all skill levels with web design.

  • A standard range of analytics and insights into your website’s performance.

  • Integrate your online and brick-and-mortar storefronts with GoDaddy point of sale systems.


  • Does not offer specific restaurant website solutions.

  • Has few advanced features and themes that competitors offer.

  • No premium service to connect you with a designer to help you build your restaurant’s website.


Get started with GoDaddy’s Commerce package with all the features you’ll need to build a website and digital menu for your restaurant for $14.99/month.


Zyro is a popular international web builder with bold templates and a list of unique services.


  • Unique AI products can help you to build branding and marketing content designed to succeed online.

  • E-commerce products and website templates that adapt to the needs of your business.

  • An easy-to-use web builder great for beginners or experienced designers.

  • Host your website with Zyro to keep things simple.


  • Does not offer restaurant-specific templates or product packages.

  • A new service with some reports of bugs in the builder.

  • Limited customizability and advanced features.


Zyro’s Business package with hosting, marketing assistance, and customer support for your restaurant’s website is $14.99/month.

Choosing a Website Builder for Restaurants

Now that you’ve reviewed your options, it's time to decide which features are necessary for your restaurant’s website and choose the builder that works best for your business. 

Here are a few key features to consider when assessing what you need for your restaurant website:

  • How many pictures does the web builder/host allow you to upload? You’ll probably want at least one picture per menu item plus a few featured images.

  • Contact forms so your guests can get in touch with you from all of your pages.

  • E-commerce store that accepts online or contactless payments.

  • Marketing tools to increase customer engagement and boost the website’s performance in search engines.

  • Accessibility checker – ensure that your website is accessible to all visitors with accessibility checking tools, which come built into many web builders.

Once you know precisely what you need for your website, you’re ready to choose the builder to set you up for online success. With this guide to the best restaurant web builders for 2022 at your side, we know you’ll make the best decision for your business.

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Restaurant Website Checklist
This template will help you update and optimize your website, so guests can easily find and order from you.